LightTrack (EUNE)
: What? The Diplomat status was the most out of place thing she had all along. They just didn't have a good backstory to her as to how she got so powerful so they made her a diplomat who is "expected" to be able to fight, despite being a yordle, hence the Hammer's strenght. The Hammer itself was the sole reason her father got killed and why she fought for what she did. Right now she's just a dumb blonde who can't take a hint and the Hammer has a vague backstory too which i doubt we will ever uncover entirely.
_'The Hammer itself was the sole reason her father got killed'_ Really? The lore state it was the helmet he made that led to his death. And in a roster full of _'I'm a great hero'_s, '_This is my fate'_s and _'I'm evil, b*tch'_s, there Poppy and her 'I'm just an normal solider, sir.' outlook is something I like.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: And what the hell is this?
Nora from RWBY. It also worth mentioning that the pose is how she(Nora) move long distances, taking a moment to scope her path before triggering her hammer(which is also a grenade launcher) to fire her across the land. Since Poppy take the pose to also move great distances, this seem like a point toward it being a reference.
Rioter Comments
: i wonder why riot haven't placed a joke character yet, i dont think it is fair that Urgot, Zilean, Tom Kench and Bard get picked by trolls when we could have a champion designed exactly for it. i also want to see how low their pick rate is in comparison to actual champions capable of winning.
{{champion:29}} I have yet to see a team with this champion win recently.
: How does one kill that that has no life?
With my final fantasy's skillz, I know the answer to be... {{champion:16}}
Decrit (EUW)
: Probably a bug with the ghost. Who was your enemy? If it was somebody what could change its AP somehow then it might have tricked the calculation code and detracted from you too much AP. Or at least that is my guess. Maybe a Veigar ghost had his AP increased thanks to a kill you did and detracted it from your AP?
I don't remember with sureness, but I noticed this after my ghost dragon died. I know I had at least two Grave ghosts and a {{champion:26}} ghost before but the dragon and ghosts did not interact(battle) at anypoint. And I did tried and fight baron with it and failed so it may of died with the debuff actived, but I don't know how that would work.
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: Surprise party fidlesticks and another one but i don't know what the second one is (btw there are only 2 of them like that)
Ah, good, I'm not going mad(or at least not in this case).
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: Looks like something from puella magi madoka magica
Look at the girl's skirt. That Madoka's skirt.
ThePompf (EUW)
: Rito got 2 games though
*Check their wiki page* No...they still only have one game to their name(of Riot **Games**)
: Well I think you should have been smart enough to think that being able to parry tower shots would have been extremely unfair.
Rioter Comments
Bombardox (EUW)
: The funniest champion icon ?
{{champion:54}} Tell me that jinx hasn't simply vandalized a cliff with a happy face. {{champion:41}} And while not funny, is it just me or does gankplank's seem out of place to the others? The other champs are bright and popping and our's favorite pirate just seem muted.
: Gangplank will come back anyway. He will get a story explaining how the ship was blown up - and how he barely survived it.
I would put a link to tv tropes 'never found the body' page, but in my county, such an act is label an act of murder.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: {{champion:157}} will kill her and then find out that she wasn't the real killer and then commit sepuku because he will not be able to live with the shame of killing an innocent.
{{champion:40}} :Just as planned
True Sight (EUNE)
: I feel you as a support main... :/ The relic shield part is really annoying.. I had a game where I played Taric, and of course I bought a rs, and the guy that played the carry (Lucian), he said that I should stop "hitting" minions or he'll afk.. After 6 procs of relic, he went afk :/
I had one ADC who went on and on about how I was stealing their CS. I let them finish before saying "You do know how {{champion:429}} W works, right?"
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDelighted,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=Ge95AHrk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-07-14T06:17:18.129+0000) > > viktor's q on hit effect isn't a projectile, so there is your problem actually lasers have a travel time even tho its not seen with human eyes, therefore its a projectile same as lux ult :^^^^^) rito pls code lasers as projectiles
Quick question. How fast does wind need to be to stop light?
: > [{quoted}](name=Jens Cole,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fk9bv3Xq,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-06T18:47:17.722+0000) > > name and shame of course :^) Naming is no problem... It's just not allowed to shame. >**Reporting Other Players (aka Naming and Shaming)** Please don't report a potentially misbehaving player in these boards. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We’ll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly. >Moderators will be looking for the following: - Posts that accuse others of being toxic players in-game - Posts accusing others of malicious activity - Posts that accuse others of cheating or using illegal services - Posts accusing others of trolling in the boards (there’s a report button for that) This is taken directly from the [**rules**]( All he said was that the player was really nice. That's not gonna hurt anyone.
Guy was negative in game. If name was not censored, it would of been 'naming and shaming' even if the focus of the post was on the good action of the guy, thus OP was right to censor here.
: How to reach Challanger in LoL
Wait, does that mean Challanger is full of feeders because they want the enemy team(5 people) to succeeded over their team(only 4 people)? I've been playing wrong all this time...
: Hahaha that's awesome! But why is mf seasick though? I thought she was a pirate? Good job :)
She a mighty pirate...hunter. Get it right. She may just have a bad reaction to fish.
Eveninn (EUW)
: It find it odd if that's true... but then, brand passive does proc {{item:3151}} too...
Start custom match, farm till Luden, then walk to red buff and AA it only. it should trigger once(since AA don't stack Luden)
Petsho (EUW)
: Jinx's Q procs Luden's? It gets new stacks for ever spell cast... Q will add stacks rapidly, tons of Luden's procs? :o
Jinx's fishbone Q is a on-attack, on-hit AA with a spell effect AoE. Luden stacks with on-cast(other-wise cass's W would trigger it every second in a full minion wave.) so it would not work like that with fishbone.
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Malardor (EUNE)
: Its obvious that {{item:3075}} reduce more dmg than {{item:3143}} , but with {{item:3143}} you have extra 515 HP and its huge advantage. Simple math: at lvl 12 adc have something like 70 armor and 1400 HP. That make 2380 effective HP against phisical dmg. With thornmail you have 170 armor and 1400 HP, that give you 3783 effective HP against phisical dmg. With randuim omen you have 140 armor and 1915Hp so you have 4559 effective HP against phisical dmg. You have also more effective health agains magic dmg. So {{item:3143}} >>>>>{{item:3075}} . AND IRELIA HAS NOT 200 dmg per AA. She have max 160 reduced by armor (so its less than 100 without any armor items), while she has not armor pene items. Bladesurge does not 300 dmg , it can deal 270 dmg minus armor (160) and all Transcendent Blades can deal max 700 dmg reduced by armor (420). You can also add TF procs. That made Irelia tru dmg something like 30%+ dmg when you have any armor item. Its huge.
You are correct...barring one little fact which I shall now draw your attention to. Did you face the Irelia in my game? Did you click on her and looked at the info box in the upper left and read '23-somthing' AD? Did you play my Vayne, get AA by the Irelia and read the small red 200ish number that pop out? No? Good, every game is different along with the champions. Also, add 30% effective health vs AA for thornmail for all but true damage.
Malardor (EUNE)
: Still {{item:3143}} will give you more. And it give her 10sec not because how thornmail is strong (actually Irelia tru dmg laught at raw armor items) but because you and your team have more time to react. Any defensive item work these way, first defensive item give you something like 50-70% more tankiness and it increase greatly time enemy need to kill you.
I tried {{item:3143}} before, but it never reduced damage as greatly as {{item:3075}} for me. And Irelia 75 per AA true damage laughs at armour? More worried about her 200 per AA, her 300 Bladesurge and her 1000 Transcendent Blades(if all four hit) phy damage, mate and armour help with that.
: Thornmail is no good as a 3rd or 4th item as it only returns on basic attacks by the time your 3rd /4th item everyone is spamming their abilities, just saying :) I used to get this item as morgana, but stopped to rush zhonyas. Although my main, I won't play her since her recent nerf :(
Which is why I only get it if the enemy team are AA focused or if the AA one get really fed. Also, there are plenty of champs still using AA are their damage source in late game({{champion:39}}, any adc apart from {{champion:42}}, {{champion:102}}, {{champion:412}} (as hard as that is to believe(apart from full AP thresh)) and some more.)
: {{item:3075}} counters sustained AA damage, as adc, it's better to itemize vs burst damage if you have decent posittioning as adc, the enemy adc is no threat to you, since he's not gonna dive your backline the enemy assassin or bruiser however, is gonna dive to you, and burst you down. most of this burst (be it ap or ad) is going to come from abilities to counter this, {{item:3155}} ,{{item:3102}}, {{item:3140}} ,{{item:3026}} are much better items. even if they have an AA-based champ diving for you ( {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:23}} to name a few) most of them are going to kill you within 5 AA's, so it won't hurt them too much, or they have some innate sustain conclusion: I don't consider {{item:3075}} to be viable on an adc
Funny you should mention {{champion:39}} . I had a game as {{champion:67}} and {{champion:39}} was dashing to me, blew me up in twoish seconds and ran off before my team could do anything. Since I couldn't stop her jumping me, I bought {{item:3075}} and every time she attack, she took upward of 10 seconds, giving my team time to turn on her. She never got a kill from me then on(not for lack of trying). So in my view, {{item:3075}} can be very viable on an adc.
: in most of the games, I prefer to get {{item:3110}} before {{item:3075}} , since it gives mana and cdr, which are quitte usefull aswell. forgot who said it, but {{item:3075}} is only worth it if you have 2500+ hp to back it up. => {{item:3075}} is a good item, but as a 3rd-4th item
It also good on adc since you are lifestealing and thus effectually have more hp.
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Mr Mido (EUW)
: Is it new Meta to completely ignore retrat-pings?
If I get pinged to retreat, I always have one second to react to a five man gank. I never get the ping any earlier. It seem to be a rule of life to me, like if I pick sivler in blind pick, there is always a Cat or Vi on the enemy team, but never both.
: What should i build on the new ashe?
New ashe Q work as 5 on-attack hits and one on-hit attack so BC(on-hit) does not trigger 5 times an AA. Also Hurricane, while it does fire five times per AA, it only 'hit' once per target so -40 damage(it does +10 damage on-hit) plus -4 lots of whatever on-hits you got. On the bright side, be thankful for this. Imagine BotRK on Ashe if Q did 5 on-hits.
Falbindan (EUW)
: Chroma Packs
Garen already has a red skin. It called Sanguine Garen. Other then that, it £2.50 for 450 RP(Yes I live in GB so I benefited from the RP pricing change. I'm a horrible person.) and the chromas cost 590 RP so it cost...£3.28 for three of the lowest effort skins. Normally they cost 390 RP(£2.17). Make of that what you will for your 'expensive bundle', I don't know your earning to know if that too much.
Dame (EUW)
: The tribunal pointless anyway, most players just pres'd "punish" without even read what are they judging....
And how would you know this, unless you are doing it? In which case, read what you are judging.
Rioter Comments
: 49. 49%. On anindicator that is considered alarming when getting under 40 or over 60. The ones in the middle can be anything.
That seem rather dismisses. "Oh, this evidence that show the problem may not be as bad as everyone is making it seem? That could mean anything and should be completely ignored in the discussion." You're a creationist, ain't you?
: New patch! Oh boy I have high hopes for thi-
Would it help if I pointed out that riven has a 49.44% win rate or just fan the flames? And I can't see why people think her overpowered. Every damn game I've have with an enemy Riven she get CCed into the dust and every game I have an ally riven, the enemies blown all their CC, damage and defenses on the tank and complain about riven being OP. Buy some armour at least and then we talk. (Note: I don't play riven, I like tanks more)
Sasogwa (EUW)
: The Order is given {{champion:268}}
Okay, okay, I'll admit that drew out an actual out loud laugh from me.
: The Jungler doesn't need kills?
I had one game where I was jungle Vi and had a 100 hp left ally ezreal. I suggest he think about recalling when a foe Veigar appeared out the jungle, making a beeline for Ez. Thankfully, I was fed and the Veigar had no armour items so i managed to remove him in a moment. I felt great, managing to protect the adc so effectually. Then Ez opened his mouth with the words 'Hey, you stole my kill, Vi.'. I was going to say that veigar was a burst mage and etc, but then I noticed something on the map and just recalled. 5 seconds later and the most wonderfully words at that moment sounded 'An ally has been stain!'. I have no regrets about that moment.
Netavio (EUW)
: Everyone keeps telling me that, what is it specifically that is broken? Is it the damage or just what they can do? ^^
Passive: It a +10/15/20% buff to all attacks with no cooldown. The closest existing passive is Talon's no mercy which is a 10% buff to autoattacks only when the target slowed, stunned, immobilized or suppressed. Sure the damage is unfocused, but it still a huge buff. Q: Petty much Yasuo's Q with +55/60/65/70/75 more damage with drop off, longer cool down(but not by much) and no knock up. Oh, and a follow up heal almost as strong as Soraka's which can be cast on others. W: Seem to be the only balanced ability. Yes it strong, but has counterplay, seem to be ap for an ad champ and a okay cooldown. E: No cooldown Zhonya's that can be canceled anytime with a passthough dash dealing a fairly strong hit to each. This Ability is broken! Ult: Shadow has a stacking basic attack true damage? And Light has AoE healing basic attacks? Ever played against a Vayne? Her AA only proc every three hits for a reason. And Old Sion Ult lasted for 10? seconds for a reason. Fixing Passive: He seem to be aa focused. Limited the damage to aa. Q: Half the heals and remove healing others. Straight -15 damage nerf to the damage part. W: Nothing to do here. E: Think of something else. Ult: Light only heal him self and knock it down by 10%. Switch Shadow damage to physical or magic.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=scapheap,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RJ4ornej,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-03-14T20:48:06.603+0000) > > Is bard more of a mage then he is a tank? And beside, {{champion:5}} has spells, he must be a mage. Where is xin using magic? He's using normal skills.
Spear glows during Q, that heal effect on W and those spinning blades from nowhere on E. Oddly, his Ult has no effects beyond that wind which just simply be from spinning the spear real fast.
: He has long range spells that are utility/scale with AP. Therefor, mage. He uses magic, therefor, mage.
So does {{champion:266}} .
: im wondering how can you care about this .
Humans can care about pencils, let me care about neatness.
: Yeah I know, but still, Zed can spam abilities all day and can reduce a whole wave of minions to nothing in a matter of seconds. He's the most iconic assassin of LoL and he has not been really nerfed for a while now, unlike some other *cough Talon cough*
Not since season three. And Talon still strong, he just lack counter to most of the meta and get messed up.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: Mage doesn't mean only ap carry. Or maybe you're saying he's not a mage? And he have no spells right?
Is bard more of a mage then he is a tank? And beside, {{champion:5}} has spells, he must be a mage.
: Seriously the bard looks useless :)
Con rebuttal: 1: Before teamfight begin, put shime behind your team to help getaways if fight go poorly, toss Qs like there are going out of style, use tunnels to catch up to runners. Ult the damage dealer your team isn't going after while they remove the main target or save it to catch runners or aid your team escape. 2: Recommend items-see all those tanky items? get them! 3: Healing is sokra thang, sona's heals ain't great either, but I don't see you complaining. 4: Then don't put it there. Put it under tower or behind your teamline so they can use it when low. 5: Teammates move faster and it more for chasing or ambushing. If you are running away, one moment after leaving tunnel, toss Q at the exit, any foe following will be stunned because the exit count as a wall. 6: The second part can extend past the max range so punish that ADC that come in to last hit. 7: Are you the adc? No? Then just hasser with them, you are not looking for kill, support. 8: First rule of roaming, is it a good idea right now? Very close chimes(tribush, river bush), you can get away with a quick warding trip. Further away ones(red/blue buff-ish), is your adc close to full and was the enemy junger near top in the last 20 seconds? You can probable roam there. Far away ones(mid lane-ish), ADC full health or backed, jungler top last 20 seconds(not needed if ADC backed) and you may be able to help mid get a kill? Go, just be ready to make a u-turn if you see the enemy jungler walking past/your ADC overextending/other worrying things happen. Roaming will always need good map awareness and if you don't have that, don't play ranked unless you tan easily.
Rioter Comments
: "We nerfed Kassadin cause unparalleled mobility equipped with high damage" By reducing his ultimate cooldown to 1 second and increasing his range. We also buffed Veigar by lowering his damage screwing up his stun and ruining his Q ALSO fizz suffers from the removal of DFG, we will buff him by lowering his damage and buffing his W in such way that he is played AD more than AP
After reducing to half of it's range first... Kass's ult has been nerfed, just not in the right direction.
: I know right? Almost all assassins are getting nerfed, while Zed got a slight Attack Speed nerf, yeah that'll teach him. Really Riot?
That nerf was more aimed at his splitpushing, which it did rather well. His SOP remained unaffected.
: Yea youre right Q only applies on hit effects, such as sheen or lifesteal. anyway, W, E and R should still trigger spell effects am i right?
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