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Cawriel (EUW)
: So basically "bring back old items that Rito deleted 2/3/4 seasons ago but tweaked" ? :)
> [{quoted}](name=Aory,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Uq52kmE0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-15T18:27:38.317+0000) > > So basically > "bring back old items that Rito deleted 2/3/4 seasons ago but tweaked" ? :) Riot already have plans to bring back both Shurelya's Reverie/Talisman of Ascension and Twin Shadows/Frost Queen's Claim. I'm just showing my idea as to how those items should be returned.
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: Don't scrub whole Rune idea, just change it
_**No. Nidalee can use at minimum 4 keystones rather effectively(dft, thunderlord, windspeaker, stormraider).**_ _** Nidalee is an assassin. Using windspeaker is not good option. You can use it and even carry a game when using it but it is not good option. dft or thunderlord? it is always thunderlord, as a Nidalee it is easy to proc. Dft would be good if Nidalee was effective when only throwing spears. stormraider is good choice, cutting the viable key stones to two. _** _**Ashe can use 3 different keystones at minimum. All offensive keystones are effective and strong on her. And thunderlord is not too bad.**_ _** ADC can take either dft or Fervor of Battle as offensive keystone from ferocity master tree. One of them always being stronger than the other one depending on champion. Thunderlord isn't good choice for any adc. If you want to go for damage rather than sustain you should go for higher DPS, not higher burst. Ashe is using Fervor of Battle as offensive key stone. _** **_Lets not forget midlaners, who benefit from both dft and thunderlord._** _** {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:30}} Looking at champions and yeah.. half of them can use two different keystones. I shouldn't have said that there is almost always only one right way to build the mastery tree.
: Don't scrub whole Rune idea, just change it
_**I allways belived that runes are just not fun... if you know what i mean. when you start a new account you keep playing just to buy some basic runes to boost your early game..**_ _** I remember how boring it felt when i needed to farm IP for runes. Not getting any new champions because i needed runes so that i could climb up in ranked. Almost felt like pay to win at the time. Sure it is easier now since all tier 2 runes cost only 1 IP and basic tier 3 runes are permanent 50% off. Needing total of 7671 IP to buy basic runes. If riot were to change runes so that you would have multiple choices it would mean that you need more runes, meaning much.. much more IP put on buying runes. _For a new player this would definitely feel like pay to win game if the price of runes and rune pages would not be decreased significantly._ I didn't have any idea how to implement the rune price reduction so i didn't speak about it on starting post. _** **_..I dont think masteries have the same problem I only have 1 masterie page and I set it up before every game so i don't have that problem there._** _** When i said masteries having problems i didn't mean they would be problematic. All i meant was that you didn't have any actual choice on how to build up mastery page. There is almost always only one right way to build them up and it isn't affected on what enemy team has. Sure some supports can choose between thunderlord's decree and windspeaker's blessing depending enemy teams combo, but otherwise all champions use the same pre-built mastery tree that fits to them best.
meroboth (EUNE)
: item concept thunder armor
Support using 1 aa to you so ADC will take no damage. Not gonna work like this on bronze, but pretty fast becomes standard thing to do on gold+ elo. _** _Would be cool if it was also (as the statikk shiv) dealt to nearby enemies too._ **_ This wold reduce the effectiveness for enemy support to use the charge, but it would still be pretty small damage since supports usually deal only around 100 damage. 1vs1 power would be great, but tanks are usually team fight focused.
L32 (EUNE)
: Summoner spells rework suggestion
**_1. Make a 2 tier summoner spells. Players can choose 2 spells from two different lists (one spell per list)._ ** Having 2 different tier summoner spells would be great. (i'm personally bored to have flash in all the games because it is too powerful to not take) **_List 1: Flash, Spell shield and Guardian angel (might even be Smite)._ ** GA would not be good to have due to being way too powerful and freezing the lane. You can't go for early kills on lane because if you stay until revive you end up in disadvantage after the revive due to minions. Having the old exhaust in exchange for flash would be good. Smite should be lower tier because flash is must have on so many junglers. **_ 3. Make Flash a reward feature from the trinket system._ ** Flash cool down is good the way it is. No reason to reward Lee sin for using trinkets.
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