: It's just a video game so have fun, no need to be mad about it on the board.
with typical zed lee yasou mains i cant have fun
Hisora (EUW)
: Rakan's E is buggy and its not even fair
rakan need more buff bro the new buff actually was nerf becase u cant do many of ur combo any more (0.5 second delay is lot)
Šternberg (EUNE)
: Nah, his Q got buffed at all ranks for damage and healing. HEALING 12/24/36% Darius' missing health on 1/2/3+ enemy champions hit by the blade ⇒ 15/30/45% Darius' missing health on 1/2/3+ enemy champions hit by the blade AND DAMAGE 40/70/100/130/160 (+1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total attack damage) ⇒ 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 total attack damage) I mean, darius was a scary champ to go up against already, at least I believe so and now I see him banned or picked almost every game.
ur problem is 10 damage XD
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: patch 9.8
also udyr is rank 1 jger in win rate since season 5 XD
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sepaurora (EUW)
: how makes rank in a way all people love their elo and came less toxic
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Χesu (EUW)
: Sylas nerfs are too much
they make sykas trash champ his wr is 37 % now
: You mean Sylas has 2500 seconds cd on his ult?
: LEC pros weigh in on the state of ADCs
pls revert nerf to xayah rakan dou (xayah w with rakan and rakan e range with xayah) i know u do this nerf because xayah play with other supports and rakan play with other adcs but now this 2 lover couple are not good together any more. (when some one can pick thresh or janna beside xayah why that person should pick rakan?)
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: Sylas with Teemo ult bugged
dude this happen for me and u know what? after i use all teemo r in the map i get 2500 cd cooldown
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: Looking for DUOQ jungler (silver-gold rank)
add one of these : i hate leonine sepaurora
: I saw Annie on the list and didn't care to read the rest. What a joke.
idc ua re annie main but play vs spam annie is not funny
: > does this champ have any weakness??? No, not at all. * No ult * No dash/blink * No AOE spells * Slow multi-target camp clear (compared to Seju / Rammus / Amumu / Graves / Kayn / etc.) * AP scaling shield on an AD champ * Lowest range in-game * Highly kiteable * Expensive build * Shit mid-game ganks * Worthless teamfights * No tank scaling ( no hp% damage spells/ autos, like many tanks have ) - even if you build tank, you won't be as tanky as a true tank, and deal 20% of the tank's overall damage. Early game : Ward the jungle entrances, go for vertical pathing if he decides to counterjungle - problem solved, Udyr countered. 90% of the junglers have a better lvl 3 gank than him, due to gap closers, better CC abilities. He needs to flash on the lvl 3 gank, if your laner isn't completely braindead. - Udyr countered. Dueling : Either play ranged champs and learn how to kite. - redbuff kindred / graves shits on him - Udyr countered. Or play something that out-duels him. Rammus, Jax, Xin. - Udyr countered. Drake - ward it, collapse him if he attempts an early solo. He can do it, he can't do it and leave full HP. Lane priority is key here. Midgame : Ward, don't give him kills - his build is expensive, he can't do jackshit only with jungle farming. Lategame : His teamfights are non existent. He is useless. Time his flash, if it's down, he can't do shit. Catch him - kill him - end the game. ##Udyr countered. I would give you detailed match-ups and custom scenarios, but you wouldn't comprehend it anyway, and my time would be wasted, which already is, since I made the mistake of commenting on your thread. I suggest you improve, instead of crying on the boards about certain champs, that haven't seen pro play in 6 years, due to being overall useless. Source : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/556388812985729034/Screenshot_2019-03-16_at_10.10.19.png PS : You have 0 mastery points on him, probably haven't played Udyr once in your life. You are under no circumstances qualified to call him busted, you just aren't.
no aoe :) his ult is what? his camp clear is best in game bro check pro player games and see how fast he clear his shield base amount is huge don't need even build ap kiteable?? i dont think so dude he is so fast and if u try kite him he just walk to u stun u and u are gg mid game he don't gank he do object as drake and herald his build is not that expensive (just trinity other are cheap) worthless team fight??? he use predator and flash stun q adc he get 1 shotted his burst damage is huge no tank scaling XD are u kidding me? his kit is tank as %%%% shield life steal attack speed isn't it enough? my friend is udyr main and he tank many damage that u don't expect even so his armor scaling and base armor is high early game: lvl 2 gank is unexpectedalso he don't need gap closer because after use q he get awesome movement speed plus his stun duration is too long Dueling : jax rammus and xin loose 1 sv 1 to him i can bet with u and try it about kiting if u play vs udyr main he catch u easily and with aoe and nice burst damage u are done also if u kite very very well and udyr had no brain yes u can kite him drake: he can do it solo but even if u ward there and control objects by ur team his bot lane get leash (i mean if bot lane both have same postiotn ur not cant help u and even if u call ur but lane he call himself 2 ) Late game : he have predator rune bro no need flash to catch adc also search trick2g= and see how 5 member try catch him but they can't. also bro its not about cry and waste time ( i don't wanna be arrogant but my time is more valuable than u duo to my position in my country ) but i just wanna say his win rate is so so high and yes pro player match up he is use less so i think rework udyr is good idea make him better champ with dash and ... and give him outplay potential not state potential.
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harbleu (EUW)
: Is Riot going to ignore Udyr forever?
riot totally forgot udyr i agree with u but its good for u udyr mains becuase he is jg emoire for 3 season with highest win rate and never get nerf and his kit is so simple that u dont need even brain to use it:) i dont wanan flame udyr mains but honestly u do out play combo better or lee sin? or reksai or cammile? i think dyr should get reworked and get some skill shot and mobilty but decrease his state and power! when udyr can 2 vs 1 any champion! any champions before they hit 6 :) when he can counter jg u and u cant do nothing and if all of ur team follow to kill him he can run away so easily:) nothing to say about this champion i hope he get reworked and came more skill cap champ
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sepaurora (EUW)
: whats wrong with low elo player?
i got 2 dislike idk who would dislike this post XD
: I mean, if they wouldn't do this, they would climb up
and funny part is they flame u XD (especially if u play jg)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I would say the issue is that they are low elo.
dude i can share many op;.gg show that my team mate go first time akali in rank i beg her go zigges that her win rate is 70 % with but he ignore me its not about low elo its about %%%%%% mind
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: Hi guys my name is Ali im muslim
European guys are so racist just because he is Muslim 10 down vote gg world!
: I'm really sorry for that :/ There isn't much you can do about it. This usually happens when a high level player plays with his friend who just started league. So to balance that, they put high levels+new players in each team. I'd also like to point out that the matchmaking is not based on the level but on the MMR. So if someone plays a lot and is level 100 but is still very bad, he'll get matched with you. I added you ingame, accept my friend request and send me a message, I can help ;)
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I wouldn't trust that site over lolalytics. In lolalytics, there are more matches counted in. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/499895693490520064/544859440554311700/unknown.png Look at the win rates. I wouldn't call any of those "OP".
as i said their win rate is high and ok maybe not op all of them my problem was not that was play percent, for example taliyah is dead champ her play percent is almost 0 as reksai and trundle that's what i wish to mention.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Did you just add up percentages that don’t relate? That’s not how mathematic works... By your logic they would be the only champions played...
exactly that's how it work because play percent is amount of game that champion is in game / all of league game played since that time (they analysed) so because the amount of game is same for all u can plus them together as percent because no dif if plus percents or plus all games that these champs are and than / all game and * 100 and said as percent. dude for sure i know mathematics better than u trust me.
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: Strange thread. Except Azir all Champs are pretty strong and doing well.
did u see their win rates?
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: well you can't win them all .. lat me tell you that ... i played on my smurf you see ... in normal games i had 16 wins 2 lost .. when riot see this they put 4 players from lvl 18 to 36 i think " i don't remamber the lvl realy " all of them mostly noobs to silver players 4 of them ... and i was facing gold plat and d players ... the sad part is i was playing eve and to win games like that you need to get fed sooo fast and push hard but with eve i can't do that ... by the min 6 my bot was 0/6 mid 0/3 top 0/2 i hit lvl 6 at min 6.30 but what can i do ... nothing ... like nothing ... i was 1/0 by that time cuz i out played there jungler but .. you can't win that game ... there is mmr in normal games that if you win too many games riot will give you usalss players and lat you face kinda good players ... i think they use this to make noobs get free wins .. but i don't get it ... why they lat preamt go vs noobs ..
i cant even breath in gameXD come on i am new player how i can face pro player as gold and plat also high lvl players?
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