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: I don't think it's likely for things to get worse with a new client this time.
thats what we said before we got this client thats what we said with the old death recap
: if u are support and u ban yasuo u are not gonna ask ur midlaner if he wants to play them? LOL ok
i ban based on either how broken or how anoying it is to have that champion on the enemy team. if my toplaner didnt select Riven, i am going to ban her because i dont want to have her 1v9 us, or quinn since she will spent more time roaming arround then being in lane and there is no way our toplaner can keep up with her when she is going past the speed limit, yet it will still result in someone getting angry that he doesnt follow her roams. the game goes on well past laning phase so it makes 0 sense to only focus your ban on the lane youre playing in.
: And what do you think that would happen if I get perma banned? Do you think I will stop playing? Do you think I will buy RP on next account? Do you think I will stop being honest and say what I feel like? Or do you think I would do WORSE on the next account? What do you think that happens if I get perma banned?
: So how many times did you deny your team a tank cuz you had to play teto? lel
Its not like the jungler and/or support can't play a tank champion (although i admit ardent censer was kinda needed)
: Champ select bug
Im having the same problem
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