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: You are one of those players that, if i had the ability to teleport and you were talking like this in my match, i would teleport next to you and punch you with a clean left hook and ask you "are you done whining or do you want another one?". Naturally this is all speculation.
wow you're sure a big guy, over the wire and all
: permabanned for 1 game which wasnt even that offensive
also i'd like to mention that i haven't played for 2 years since s4, where the punishment system was very different and wasn't as harsh, as in permaban would only be given to the most severe cases, reviewed by PEOPLE.
: It doesn't matter if you said that to enemy or your teammate. Words like this can get you banned, and you got banned. You also said: "please report jax vey toxic" which is another reason to ban you, so... You deserve your ban. Deal with it.
??? i said that to my teammates, that enemy kha is useless so we should teamfight, he didn't saw me saying to him that he's useless because i said it in the teamchat. also, on the repport calling out, i see people calling out reports every single fucking game, are they banned too?
S0kaX (EUNE)
: the use of stupid is alright to you, isn't it?
it isn't alright, but permaban for using the word stupid? i realise saying sad was also toxic, but the jax was also flaming me after i failed to follow up on his gank, not to mention his 3/14 int feeding.
: permabanned for 1 game which wasnt even that offensive
and when i said kha is useless, i meant enemy kha that he's useless in teamfights so we can win the game.
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: Punishments always scale. What type of punishment you get is barely influenced by the type of offense. Your history is what it mostly depends on. As I said, after a 14-day ban, calling someone stupid is enough to get permabanned.
history? what's the point of the fucking "reformation" that bans and chat restricts try to be based on, if all you get punished for is your history?
: I can already tell that your "good job" and "you're the best" ist most likely not genuine. Sarcastic comments like this are terribly negative. I'm sorry, but this is just an ugly chatlog to look at, I would not want somenoe saying this in my games, and I'm sure you would not want someone saying this as a teammate either.
i told you that i said passive-aggresive shit, it wasn't obviously warm-hearted comments, but is that perma-ban tier? i don't want a lot of things in my life, or in my game, yet i deal with them if they aren't so terrible
: It does not matter, you shouldn't even say it once, never ! There is no excuse for flaming, even calling others "stupid", which I know doesn't seem like an insult to you, would have justified this permanent ban. You seem to have no understanding why this punishment has been taken, this is sad, because it looks like the chances of you reforming are very low.
i won't play this game ever again if i don't get unbanned, and i don't think i will, so this is just a pity post also i got only 1 chat log after the permaban, that was my worst one by far, i had a 3/14 jax who started flaming me first and i retaliated with passive aggresive bullying, i shouldn't have done that but what can i change sexual offenda: sad sexual offenda: you're stupid sexual offenda: she didnt even use her flsah sexual offenda: xd sexual offenda: you're sad sexual offenda: when u tried to div eher sexual offenda: xd sexual offenda: muted sexual offenda: cant talk with platinum people sexual offenda: too sad sexual offenda: xd sexual offenda: sad sexual offenda: sad sexual offenda: ff at 20 sexual offenda: this jungler is sad sexual offenda: cant relax when playing 1v3 lane sexual offenda: its very stressing sexual offenda: sad sexual offenda: hes terrible sexual offenda: 3 top sexual offenda: just relax lul sexual offenda: this jax is a good otp sexual offenda: we could if jax didnt give a charity sexual offenda: 0/6 xd sexual offenda: good job sexual offenda: definitely not a bait sexual offenda: xd sexual offenda: if by ganks you mean giving free kills to enemy sexual offenda: sure i wont sexual offenda: you can hit 10 deaths by min 20 sexual offenda: she flashed away sexual offenda: i 1v1 her sexual offenda: hes just bad sexual offenda: 3 top sexual offenda: 4* sexual offenda: jax you didnt land a single autohit on them sexual offenda: wow sexual offenda: :( sexual offenda: you lost again sexual offenda: cause im not xd sexual offenda: germans are stupid like you sexual offenda: proxy jax sexual offenda: JAX U CAN OD IT sexual offenda: YES! sexual offenda: good job buddy sexual offenda: you're the best sexual offenda: n1 sexual offenda: please report jax very toxic.. sexual offenda: ??? sexual offenda: you should learn how to play sexual offenda: and you wont be tilted sexual offenda: ooh sexual offenda: we could win this tbh sexual offenda: kha is so useless sexual offenda: in teamfights sexual offenda: lol sexual offenda: nice sexual offenda: why sexual offenda: all run away sexual offenda: from each other sexual offenda: when kha sexual offenda: has isolation sexual offenda: xd sexual offenda: well we had to lose anyways sexual offenda: we cant defend sexual offenda: 2 inhibis sexual offenda: and baron
: Greetings. Being toxic in only 3 out of 5 games is sadly not a great achievement. And even though you "only" called others "retard", (which is still a severe insult btw !) this punishment is totally justified. I'm sorry but I fail to understand how you managed to not even think about changing your behaivor after the 14-day ban. It clearly said that if you break the rules again, you will be permanently suspended. You did not care about this punishment for just one second. You've had multiple chances to reform, I have no idea why you didn't take any them. This permanent ban is perfectly justified, and the system punished you as intended.
i only said it a few times in ONE game
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=sexual offenda,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1eHk9eRQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-24T16:38:17.773+0000) > > i played 5 games after i got unbanned for 14 days.. i was toxic in 3 of them? i really don't get how that fucking happened.. and i swear i wasn't even intentionally feeding in the one where i was 0/10, i wasn't running into their turrets, i was just really fucking tilted.. i don't get it So, you received your 14-day ban that comes with [a message that clearly states further misbehavior will result to permanent suspension of your account]([](, and you still wonder why you got banned? Oh what, you didn't read it? What surprises me isn't that. What surprises me is that immediately after you got unbanned, you were toxic again in 3 out of your 5 games. I'm actually almost certain you were toxic in all of them. Just how ignorant can you be?
are you sure i was toxic in 5 of them? i haven't got my player behaviour report card in, but if you want ill post it here once i get it, i'm sure i didn't flame in all the games
: You answered your own question. --i was toxic in 3 of them--
but i literally played 5 fucking games, and i wasn't even that toxic. i didn't use any racial or homophobic slurs, i said retard in one game, the rest 2 were passive - aggresive shit.. something you can find from any player when he tilts hard
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