: Why am I getting Platinum players in Bronze games?
um, well if they were plat in tft it would show it as last seasons rank cuz i didnt play ranked for more than a week last season placed bronze but was silver in tft and my game says my last seasons rank is silver
akali is weak, xD yea she totally doesnt run around one shotting half my team every single game and is impossible to cc cuz her constant movement, how about we just make it so her shadow is always there since she so weak
pe60 (EUNE)
: Autofill protection
i think ive been autofilled maybe once in months i play jng, was autofilled as adc other than that maybe u play too many ppls main role
Eîskâlt (EUW)
: I wanted to add: 6) pages not loading (champions, masteries, loot, shop) 7) grading system after matches not loading 8) client freezing after game has ended Extra: right now I'm trying for 10 minutes to open "Sett's calling Card" from the hidden quest. Thanks for wasting time with this great working client {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
yea i did my missions and was suppose to get a chest....im still waiting for it, been 2 days
Zedant (EUW)
: Yeah I've seen people whit good arguments too,not you tho thats bad. ALSO YOU PIECE OF SHIT READ: " even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game." Do you %%%%ing english? I HAD and you are using current win rate to judge that? Also 20%? Because I played legit 5 games the last week and lost 4 of them you idiotic shit. Dont talk to me or anyone about anything whitout good arguments ever again.
xD u remind me of this guy i knew who used to talk and talk and if anyone said anything against it he would go on a rampage exactly like this ;p byebye ps. if u talk like this to people over a board post i can imagine u deserve a very big ban from how u must treat ppl in game
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: You play more games and have a lower winrate. Your winrate is 76% while hers is 90%. The more games you play while she doesn't, the bigger the LP difference is gonna be. Both of you only played about 50 games last season and you both were in bronze with a bad WR, so I wouldn't worry to much.
i lose 20+ lp per loss and only gain 15-17 per win, even if i carried the game, we only lost 3 games in total together in solo yet she lost hardly any LP while i lost 20 per loss it seems unfair especially since she cant win ranked games when she plays without me
MK Tiger (EUW)
: Riot banned me 14 days for nothing
Rioter Comments
MK Tiger (EUW)
: rito banned my account for 14 days, im inter 0/30 and i will do it again and again. They never perma ban its good for me. I love trolling, best is going to platinum and then troll, int all games. It's so much fun.
> [{quoted}](name=MK Tiger,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6YEz7GmY,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-01-12T14:26:48.747+0000) > > rito banned my account for 14 days, im inter 0/30 and i will do it again and again. They never perma ban its good for me. I love trolling, best is going to platinum and then troll, int all games. It's so much fun. ok tommy
: Every season you get a soft reset on your MMR. Your last seasons/preseason MMR divided by 2 and then +1250 (or something like that, the last number isn't completly accurate). So it's not an MMR issue. In some cases, matchmaking might has a rough time to determine where your MMR should be, especially if you haven't played much. You barely played any games for an entire ranked season which makes it difficult for the system to tell where you truly belong, so it rather takes small steps until a certain number of games is reached to ensure it's not doing a mistake. Just be patient, the start of the season is a huge mess anyway. You have almost an entire year to get into your deserved place. There is a reason why the term "early season challenger" exists which refers to the people who hit challenger in the first 4 - 6 months since that's roughly the time the system needs to adjust until everyone is truly at the place they should be. Meaning don't worry, just continue playing and you'll get to your rank
but my friend plays with me, she plays ranked with me and only me and usally needs non stop ganks to get ahead in her lane and has always been the same rank as me cuz they only play with me but they get more LP than i do even tho i play more games and have a higher wr so sad :(
: Probably a chat restriction
yea tbh, hey better than nothing i checked their match history and they played a few games, all of them have been normal and he doing well now, guess that small restriction scared him into stopping https://i.imgur.com/3Ikx39M.png he can 100% play the game but he was just trolling and messing around until now. hey i got my act straight after being restricted once for saying kha zix wasnt adc small thing but now i hardly type in chat
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: "BuT yOu RaReLy GeT nOtIfIeD wHeN sOmEoNe GeTs BaNnEd" proven bs right here. You pile a few reports about something that will get someone banned for sure, like a 0 20 0 running down in 20 mins, or use of hate speech or zero-tolerance words, and you'll get the message INSTANTLY. Most of your reports are ignored, because the system can't detect any other stuff than heavy int at a 1 death per minute rate or verbal abuse for "forbidden words". And despite what people will tell you here, you're not getting instant feedback messages because nobody is getting banned for trolling or griefing.
he did call me a motherfu**er and a ret*ard many times in game so that helped xD
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JoskuR (EUW)
: Tell that to an AFK'er or straight up inter. Is that teams fault by default that they end up with such teammate? Your statement is complete BS that holds no water.
ive said this a hundred times, people who feed and go afk should lose more lp than everyone else and the one that did the best should lose the less lp, same for if u win a game and someoen was afk idc that they was on a winning team remove LP from them
Rioter Comments
Zedant (EUW)
: What kind of people is that?Just like your other comments nothing can be understand from that. So now what I want to play doesnt matter even when I'm a player AND you see hundreds of tread about this? Also I never said to get rid of the jungle,I said IF it was removed I will not miss it. READ instead of writing useless shit. AAND stop using yourself as an example,its useless: 1.you can lie 2.I dont care if you have fun or not,thats for someone else/riot. 3.I dont like you since you dont bring any point and relie on useless taunting and similar.
sure my dude {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ps. ive seen good laners actual good ones be able to take a hundred ganks and not die/kill the enemy 2v1, a solo laner is always going to be ahead of a jungler since xp nerf so stop crying and get better or like i said dont play league, its a 5v5 game not a 1v1 game, top can gank u, bot can gank u support can gank u jungle can gank u, mid can gank u, im sure u had games where jungler didnt do shit so other top laners ganked ur lanes xD u just prefer to stay in ur lane and lose it so u can "come back" when u got ur whole team going aram after lane phase yea, just dont reply to me anymore u sound stupid, to even say u lose on purpose and u think the game should be 1v1 in lane when there are 5 players. DUDE UR OP.GG WINRATE IS 20% XD AND U SAY U LIKE COMING BACK BRO U INT SO BADLY, COME BACK MY ASS, u put urself behind to come back more like to lose the game for ur team, u should actually get banned for wat u do u admit u put urself behind and ur match history shows u just feed on purpose dude u srsly need a ban https://i.imgur.com/ZuGH2Qa.png https://i.imgur.com/fGBzGCY.png https://i.imgur.com/uabvHAx.png https://i.imgur.com/yC6dokK.png "I can also comeback from behind,its honestly the most fun I had,I even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game. But riot is now pushing the short game so that "jungle balancing fed lane" is needed." ur own words, u deserve a massive ban
Zedant (EUW)
: So your point I dont get it? you said nothing,absolutely nothing to counter what I said.
go play another game, try hots no jungler needed in that game good luck have fun, its pointless talking to u cuz u wont budge, MOM I WANTED THE BLACK IPHONE AND U GOT ME THE WHITE, type of ppl xD, its a game millions love to play and hundreds of thousands only enjoy the jungle role cuz u dont like it dont take everyone elses fun away, go play some hots and get over urself no one cares that u get ganked boo hoo grow up get over it, simple as that, everyone gets 2v1 im a jungler and the mid laner runs down at my blue with enemy jungler and i dont complain saying to get rid of the mid lane do i even tho it happens almost every game jungler and mid camp me
92Yugo (EUW)
: This game and this community is shit
i agree 100% with everything u said, im still gonna keep playing this shit game tho cuz its fun
: most toxic place on earth since 1938, prove me wrong
its full of children, play when the kids are asleep, like i do, i play ranked around 1-5am no kids to ruin my day or 8-3pm when they are at school
Zedant (EUW)
: I've had good jungle where in my comment have I said I never had one? As I said before,its no fun when I'm losing from it and its no fun when I'm winning. I can also comeback from behind,its honestly the most fun I had,I even had a period where I purposfully lost early just to comeback mid game. But riot is now pushing the short game so that "jungle balancing fed lane" is needed.
its a 5v5 game if there is no jungler there will be 2 top or 2 mid, nothing u can do about it stop complaining about it or play another game cuz thats how the game has been since season 1 also u purposely losing ur lane to come back is the dumbest thing ive ever heard cuz wat if u dont come back, u basically messed the game up for everyone else cuz u have fun being behind then coming back. and i prefer short games myself, not everone has no life and can afford to spend an hour playing a single match, people have lives, playing 2-3 20-30 min games is alot more fun than playing one 40-50 min game cuz u cant start another one since u got places to be
: fix it..............................
r u suggesting ppl do this? or r u saying that someone did it
: ok i was talking to my friends over it , their accounts were also banned and the reason was that one of our friends who got banned for gifting too much stuff even tho he didnt do anything wrong gifted all of us one skin on christmas , well first it took the skins and now they banned all of our accounts for that , its so painful seeing the account ive been playing on since season two get banned ,, but now that all of us our banned we have to somehow get our accounts back because this is really frustrating
maybe that friend who gifted the skin used a...different method than allowed, or had odd activity, either way if u truly did nothing wrong fight this with everything u got, u are not at fault for getting a gifted skin, whether ur friend got it using other methods or got them regularly, maybe they think u are paying him for the skins, which is bannable if you give others a skin for another reason other than it being a simple no strings attached gift, if he gave too many gifts from left over RP maybe they assume this was the reason either way, u probably wont fully lose ur account if they do a proper investigation and realize u did nothing wrong
Zedant (EUW)
: That would be much better honestly. I dont want to play aa costant 1 vs 2,not matter who's getting camped its NOT AT ALL fun.
sounds like u havent had any good junglers in ur team, without junglers if u r behind you'll nvr get ahead and just feed, we help u out when u r behind so u dont lose ur lane, i gank non stop when i see a lane struggling to get them ahead (struggling but not feeding like almost dying alot or less cs) so junglers r important otherwise one person losing lane loses the game since they can push all the way to base and no one to help u or stop them from going on since adc, sup, top, mid or wtvr other role cant abandon their lane without losing it not to meantion the jungler is the only one that can stop the enemy from being super fed, once u die u r behind and if u keep dying with no help u just feed more and more till u got a 13/0/1 kat and ur whole team is %%%%ed cuz of u, no matter how much u dislike it, junglers r important to keeping ur team alive and balanced
: they didnt give me any reason , the only thing it shows me is https://imgur.com/zikQgfq and when i press support the only thing i can do is make a ticket
wow thats really weird, u should really open a ticket, as someone who has been punished for litrally telling someone kha zix isnt an adc champ (literally all i said) i cant understand ur frustration especially if this is ur main account, 100% open a ticket and ask to speak to a human and dont stop till u get to the bottom of it, i chose not to say anything and i regret it even tho it was just a chat restriction it still affected rewards, i cant imagine losing the whole account over a system mistake
Seito (EUNE)
hi i can read minds and something tells me u want them to fix.....some sort of.....WAIT LET ME THINK......server? yes u want them to fix the servers,
FPXd0inb (EUW)
: weak up ROIT
oof my dude they just updating the srvrs rn calm down, i was a bit annoyed too but calm urself
: Disconnected
i wish they disabled it an hour before the update/tell people an update is coming and not to play at a certain time, i was having a good game for once and it was taken away so sad
: Perma banned for no reason
can u show us ur chat log that they gave u for the reason u r banned for
: ***
wtf is wrong with u? must be a yasuo player
Zedant (EUW)
: Its so (not) fun to play in game where a role completely focused on gangink exist
the jungle has been nerfed, and we do get punished for failed ganks, cuz no catch up xp, ?????wat do u want, how about the jungler just stays in the jungle ALLLLLLLL game im sure u wont be spam pinging for them to help u or anything
: My New INSANE Walljump Yasuo Montage!Check it out and tell me your thoughts on the video comments!
thanks now i have another reason to hate yasuo.....ps its so cringe everytime someone does something cool then hits u with the mastery 7 that ruins it compleatly
: well it seems to be pretty valid with my elo :x on multitude of accounts :x
its not valid, sometimes it says i have no mmr, then ill try next day and it gives me one im way higher than i am
: How to go back in iron 4
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I once did a post like: Subject: Hi Body: How are you? And it got some positive replies and no one deleted it
my friend has a post called "IMPORTANT QUESTION" and all she put was "shugi shugi shugi, GNAR"
Câstiél (EUW)
: It's not about the fact that you're saying something against RIOT, it's the way **how** you say it.
ggguy5000 (EUNE)
: > i think the world would be better without 90% league players, worst humans ive ever met. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} league makes people worse not the players itself
ive nvr no matter how pissed off, how tilted, how much i wanted a player to suffer, EVER, flamed someone in the way ive been flamed, most i said is wtf you doing, or pls dont feed just play safe, or mid can you roam when ur mid roams to my jng, i nvr insulted people or said anything more than that, yet if i ask an adc to focus farm instead of poking and not farming they will insult me in ways that sound like i just killed everyone they loved, ive had people litrally give my every position in the jungle cuz i didnt gank them in time when i was across the map or didnt let them have my buffs, yet i nvr insulted them back, ive actually had people be so %%%%ing mean, like so horrible, its ruined my entire day cuz i could of nvr known humans where that capable of evil for a single ks, oh you took like 2 cs when u ganked, ok let me tell you a thousand ways i hope ur father assults u sexually, if a game makes you say these things than youre the bad person, take the anger out by screaming yelling hit ur keyboard but dont take it out on everyone around you. cuz then u are the bad person THATS LIKE A DRUNK GUY HITTING HIS GF "babe the alcohol made me do it" no youre just a disgusting human alcohol doesnt make you hurt peopel same way games dont make you hurt people {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Messange from player who is impersonating the system
holy ive nvr seen someone act so childish to a joke, over here acting worse than a yasuo who got his kill stolen xD "drrrhhh if u do dis it harassment u make me read for 2 seconds ive been harassed" u sound like the women who claim they been assaulted when a man "manspreads" or "talks over them" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} chill out dont be a yasuo
: GET ME OUT !!!
at least you dont get iorn players in you games and put against golds im bronze 1 (i know i suck i only played for like 2 weeks and the new patched changed jungle way too much i went on a lose rampage) and i was put againt golds/high silver....and my team had iorns and low bronze :/ riot srsly sucks at matchmaking
: Blind Toxicity
I HAD A JAX TELL THE ENEMY TO REPORT ME FOR BEING AFK FOR 10 MINUTES AND MY PREMADE FOR RACISM WHEN WE HADNT SAID A WORD, AND I HADNT BEEN AFK FOR A SINGLE SECOND.....just cuz..........he kept dying and nothing we could do about it cuz he had yasuo 18/2/1 xD im not ganking that lane when you are 0/18/2 as a jungler the worst parts are when the adc wants to invade to get that first blood but i know how the enemy jungler works his stats and all, so i know we cant take them so i go invade their jungle while they take the bot side, and my adc is always like "JUNGL GO TAKE MY JUNGLES BLUE THEY DIDNT TAKE IT, THEY AT YOURS" or when im at my blue and they steal it from me then i ask why and they like STFU THE JUNGLE IS FOR ANYONE TO TAKE, like its 10 min in wtf u mean its for everyone, right now i was in a game where ashe and akali kept dying and id go and kill the enemy from full health and they flamed me for ks when they was dead and did no damage to the enemy, im used to it, junglers get the most flame out of any role, ive nvr seen anyone flamed more than the jungler
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Deprived of my free speech on the boards
free speech is a right, but you give up the right wilingly when you accept the term of a site, riot isnt a country its a company so it can take your speech away, otherwise people would be filling this boards with flame and racism and sexism. AND I KNOW TAKING DOWN UR POST IS A BIT MUCH, since u didnt really say anything worth deleting, but rito do wat rito does
: Oh, the whiteknight downvote begins! Edit: I am also expecting mods to delete this post anytime soon. As mentioned previously, if you dare to say anything to the belowed team of this "amazing" game, your topic will be removed. Just like when I suggested that the game would be better without CertainlyT. :) Could you please at least give a comment before you press the topic delete + ban button? Would be highly appreciated next to the made-up reason.
yikes from me my dude, your post just not useful thats like if i post "riot balance team monkey, riot bad, i do better job" with no explaining to what i dislike about the balance or my issues with it, no one cares about riots feelings so no one is downvoting cuz of that, its cuz your post sucks and is useless information, if it could even be called that, more like childish comments and complaints xD and no one is going to delete this post, ive posted several things againt riot and never been deleted and ive said worse, ur post is basically a yasuo flaming, u expect and know its going to happen , riot knows their audience and how they act, they dont care and neither do the rest of us
: They let us play this game for free, they give us plenty of free skins cutting into their project, and all we give them is grief and accusations... I really wouldn’t blame them if they did hate us, any sane person would have ditched us years ago
what do u expect, league is full of children and has the worst community ive ever been a part of, they have a way of making you hate everything about them, if ur whole team flames u over a single death, telling you the worst things you could say to someone imagine how riot feels when they get flamed for every little thing they do xD we are on /mute with them. i think the world would be better without 90% league players, worst humans ive ever met. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hananim (EUW)
: You dont gank a losing lane. #1 rule of jungle. So what u did was basically inting.
its not and i didnt die to gank his lane, the jungler came up as i said and top happeend to run down while i was at crugs, i already said i died cuz jungler coming to attack me while top came down aswell, i never gank losing lanes unless im 100% sure i can take them, or am super ahead, to which i was 4 kills ahead of the top laner anyways so not like i would of died 1v1 him again the jungler was the reason i had died and to what that other person said, i was the only one in team getting any kills since most lanes was dying or almost deadm so i litrally would not gank anyone if i wasnt allowed to gank losing lanes, me ganking the lanes even tho they was all super behind was the reason we won, sometimes u gotta just go in with ur all instead of afk farming and letting all the lanes go to hell
Wolity (EUW)
: As jungler i usually play around the winning lanes. Because think about this. If your lane is 0/4 and enemy is 4/0 enemy is so far ahead that it will be 1v1 if you gank... If the eny jungler is there it will be 2v1 ... And you losing your lead. With the new jungle i noticed many junglers playing around mid and bot and completly ignoring top. Which is super good since top cant bring as mucj impact as botlane.
the top laner was at our base like 15 min into the game cuz our top decided to roam and try to take kills i had no choice but to hold top till he came back :( sad part about top is that wen they feed they roam to ks then leave their lane to die
Torkl (EUW)
: Dying in another perons lane is called inting, ofc you get flamed.. A jungler is not allowed to make that kind of severe mistakes, atleast not without trying to fix them..
he died 4 times, i died once, not cuz i int but cuz jnglr came up, and the top laner was already fed, dying a single time is not inting, inting is dying on purpose to spite others, u must be one of the ones that blame the jnglr for them losing the lane if the jnglr dies a single time
: While that is true, it's irrelevant because you didn't LOSE those tokens. You can still complete those missions and get the exact same amount of tokens despite the downtime that took place which is why you aren't getting any compensation for them. There is nothing to compensate there. It doesn't really matter when you get the tokens from missions as long as you still get them.
why r u defending riot so much? im saying as someone who comes from NA. they gave us 420RP before cuz servers where down, so why not give euw the tokens even wihtout a pass? idc about wat we lost or not, its about fairness for you guys in the EUW. if u dont want fiarness thats up to you. but i think its fair to treat each server the same
Rioter Comments
: No you couldn't. Missions don't count towards the compensation as i told you in the other comment. You should understand why that is yourself...
well i get tokens from missions, what i was saying is, in the time the game was down ppl would have earned those tokens by then, for pass and non pass holders alike
: It's not a "malpractice". If you didn't buy the pass, you don't deserve compensation because there is nothing to compensate for. That's how it goes in free-to-play games. It would be totally different if you had to pay to play the game. I don't own the pass an i got affected. However, i still know i shouldn't get compensated because i didn't lose anything. I wasn't going to get tokens anyway if i managed to play for that time so why should i get them? I shouldn't.
i mean yes? cuz i make that amount of tokens without the pass? plus those tokens are litrally worthless even to pass holders, with the pass you can make 400 tokens in a day if you grind missions as much as i do, so no 100 tokens isnt enought, cuz non pass holders can make more and so can pass holders make 4x as much
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