: Get a good Sivir and Leona and see how "OP" Senna is.
A Leona yea, a sivir nah they r the worst champ in bot Lane imo (I'm the jungler) and I just camp them since so easy to kill and they can't do anything to me, other hand Leona is awful to kill omg this woman has like 3 billion hp and like a hundred thousand armor xD
: Or they could still keep it but change few things. Like her Ult, which ever she has more, AD or AP, that decides what it does. And that stun/root of hers could not deal any damage. Not sure about the passive yet.
Yea, I don't think stuns should ever do damage as they already get u killed most the time since high damage is the new meta, get stunned for 2 seconds and you're dead unless you a tank or insta flash, I think senna should go full ap, and I hate AP champs cuz of who I main, but I'd rather that than double AD, and her infinite range is crazy,and her damage I saw senna kill people in their base one shot them while in spawn, when we was taking nexus, imagine standing at spawn getting spawned camped and dying being powerless to anything cuz her range is crazy and she doesn't have to get anywhere near u to kill u
: she won't get nerfed fast, all those low elo first timers have no clue how to play her and draw her winrate way downward.
That's true but she is very easy to play from what I've seen first timers play her and have a billion kills :/ and I'm low elo since I NVR do ranked so I've seen lvl 40s full on go 20 kills on her with hardly any death
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Problem with riot is that they want to make the game faster and flashier for nowdays ad/hd kids which means more dmg/killing pressure. Senna is third (maybe fourth since neeko is also played as supp) "support" in 18 months but all of them are actually carry/dmg champs, not supports. Previous two were badly designed and even more badly balanced. You don't need to be genius to figure out that senna can't be balanced with that design/kit.
I remember neeko first came out it was impossible to do anything bot Lane with non stop damage thrown at you, at least she moved to mid now
: Senna will probably get a nerf or some quick fixes or something. Remember Ashe or Miss Fortune supports? Pretty much the same situation, the difference being that Senna has actual support abilities, not just 1 ability that is supportive. I haven't played in a week so I don't know how bad it is. But this is simply Riot just trying something new and not realising that they didn't think things through and not thinking what would happen in the long run. More like, they got a cool idea, they started working on it, they did all they could to make this a great character that could pull in more people to try play support and adc more. Honestly, when I imagined a support adc, I saw something like this. Which ever type you have more decides which you are. If you have more AD then the character would be ADC, but if they had more AP they would be a support. And there would be no middle ground what so ever. If it's a 200 ad and 200 balance, then it would be decided by the runes the player has. Simple as that. It kinda feels like that Riot is kinda missing the point of support hybrids. They're not good at it yet, but maybe eventually. If you look at Dota2, when it comes to supports who can deal damage and still be supports, it works. Right now Riot is trying something new, but they have kinda forgotten some of the things they've made. Instead of trying to create supports, they are making substitutes for it instead and giving the wrong idea on what these hybrids are suppose to be.... It's like saying, you can play anything as support. Not really.... There are champs who just simply better suited for dealing damage and to get kills. Just cause 1 character has 1 ability that looks and feels like a support ability, does not make them a support. Heck my idea for a support adc was more based on the idea that with AD the character relied more on auto attacks and 1 ability to deal damage while the rest of the kit was more about giving the character an easier time to deal that damage, while as AP the character relied more on abilities and that those abilities evolved into more support like abilities with more AP.
I really hope they change her to either a full adc no sup or full ap support
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Just don't overdo it. I met ADC that never joined any fights (near in lane, when ganked or team fights), as they were more focused on keeping their cs amazingly high.
thats true, worst adcs are the one that nvr do anything but farm xD rather have a bad farmer one that helps than someoen who farms and lets me die
: I have never rank-shamed anyone, do not insult me on that. I can see from your rank that your in-game knowledge is bad, but please try to use your brain a little bit and not make false accusations. Me telling what rank you are is based on a fact, you telling me that I tend to insult other players is a factless argument. Furthermore, I did not rank-shame you in any way, I told that it is interesting to see opinions from a bronze players (since all my friends are high silver- low diamond). You provided solutions which did not work in the past and will not in the future. Riot already has afk-punisher which works fine. Your solution is basically to use the same thing. "5- if person is disconnected for wifi problems, but come back within the first 5 min they will not receive penalty as it was not their fault" Like, please put some effort into thinking what you say. Wifi problems can also occur in the middle of the game, which forces people to go afk. Also, who would know if it really is wifi issue or just disconnecting internet/not wanting to connect? All of that stuff can not be checked. Overall, if you post in a forum then you expect different answers. If you are not mature enough to be capable of that, do not post here anymore or if you do, accept other views and be polite in your answers. I was polite, said that I understand those problems in your elo, and you answered with insulting me and falsely accusing me of making other "rank-shaming" comments. All of your solutions are not thought through and can be easily debated against. The fact that you misread the comments on your post and you are far too childish to accept other views disgust me.
within the first 5 min of them disconnecting, doesnt matter if it was at the start middle or end of game, not first 5 min of the game, and i only said that u ranked shame cuz i seen other comments where u meantioned somone didnt know much cuz they was silver, then i saw that u commented on mine and mentioned my rank and i assumed u was shaming me for it, that being said dont get all crazy over a misunderstanding its just a comment "The fact that you misread the comments on your post and you are far too childish to accept other views disgust me." i asked for others views and also u are easily triggered and disgusted if that gets u so much in a bunch xD but anywasy thx for insite
GarennSuper (EUNE)
: The Chromas skin
I don't think u can get a chroma without original skin? Do you know how to change ur chromas?
: So, you are trying to convince us that only Yasuo players aren't OK with this, and the rest is just fine? Like, being a %%%%head is legit when it comes to you? Would you be such a cool guy if someone ruins your ranked game like you ruin his since Champion Selection?
Like I said before I wouldn't ban someone's champ unless they hard countered mine and was last pick, like a Jax top, and even then it's rare I ever do that, so calm down since you don't know what u talking about, if someone bans my champ sure I'm annoyed but I wouldn't want to have that person's account banned, I'd either dodge or play another champ like every other person, and yes only ones I've seen mad at that r yasuos since they r one tick players, idk why u get so triggered over a champ being banned xD it's just a single game u can dodge or just play another champ, like THE REST OF US DO no one would go so far as to ban a person over it, we just get annoyed move on than forget about it, I can tell u are the type to flame over not getting ur way by the way u insulted me over nothing
: Did you read the comments before writing this? I bet you didn't, because if you had, could have seen that it isn't just about Ranked. You know, there is an option to ban in URF or normal games, ranked has no exclusive rights when it comes to banning champions.
if you care so much about banning ur champ in urf and draft than thats ur problem, i just nvr seen anyone actually care so much to want to get ppl banned over it, cuz yes reporting does get people banned, only ones ever get salty at this are yasuo mains but other than that no one has ever cared enough to go crazy over a normals game
: How to play Jinx/Miss Fortune well for a fairly new player?
practice tool, learn to last hit, thats all ive got, if you cant farm as adc you shouldnt play adc, you got to get into that practice tool and farm farm farm
Rigy3000 (EUW)
: Illaoi.exe
i hate that champ so much, my team it just feeds enemy teams goes 50/0/78
: I get alot more feedback recently, anyone else?
not really, ive only had like 4 in my life time xD
: Un playable game 2019
I ALREADY COMMENTED BUT, ive just seen your match history https://i.imgur.com/LFxWAVk.png i think you might be the one losing your own games :/ maybe try another role
: {{champion:150}} shoo shoo bahnah
well you see, its so hard, to climb ive been so upset and i just wanted to quit, but seeing your inspiring story makes me wanna wadda wadda wadda yeee all the way to dimond, makes me want to shugi shugi shugi all my games , IT MAKES ME WANT TO THOW A COLD BOOMERANG WITH THE BOIZ
: Make spam pinging reportable
its annoying but its not a reason to report someone, as a jglr main i know spam pings r annoying but either mute them or just take it cuz pings are there for a reason
: Un playable game 2019
i mean if you care this much about ranked than youre the reason its not fun, cuz you take it too srsly, i love draft mode, especially since i dont have to take it srsly and just have fun with friends, why dont u just not play ranked?
: question
well i think we all gone through this, as a league player its just something you have to deal with, i know it sucks and sometimes it can make u so discouraged to play or want to delete the game, cuz trust me sometimes i wish i never got into this game, but thats how it is with most games, non are as bad as league but well nothign we can do about it my advice is try demaglia {{champion:150}} or maybe SHAARRK {{champion:150}} Shoo shoo? Bahnah? i mean thats all the adivce i can really give you, sorry this happened to u wadda wadda wadda yeeee
dino0 (EUW)
: Talk with Riot Support
they just say they been banned, if you check back on it they havent, ive writen many tickets to them, with screenshots, with so much proof of people being racist,sexist,rude, feeding, griefing, camping base, non stop trolling and nothing has happened, in the 2 years of reporting ppl, the 2 years of screenshots and proof only 4 ever got any penalty
: Banning of pre-picked champions = reportable?
um well, no, if someone bans my champ i just play another one, thats why you shouldnt play ranked unless you have at least 2 mastered champs, plus ive banned ppls champs/ selected them by accident before doesnt mean i should get reported cuz they wanted to only learn a single champ, most ppl woulndt ban someone on purpose knowing it would cause a lose, i was flamed all game for picking someone elses champ when i had no idea they was gonan play them since i was first pick and they hadnt selected their champ, you just need to learn another champ/ ive had ppl ban my champ cuz i banned the one they wanted before they selected it, if you want to play you have to know more than 2 champs, cuz sometimes ppl accidentaly ban you champs, if you want to play a champ that badly that you think you should report someone over it, than play blind pick, cuz im sorry but no one should get reported over banning a champ, if you last to pick and u want to play jax well sorry im banning jax cuz im not going to risk feeding all game cuz someone wouldnt learn another champ, that said if u first pick than i wouldnt ban ur champ if they hard counter mine
: Ranked Rewards (Honor level)
cant you make a report to riot and explain the situation?
: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/722/212/29b.jpg
: I do not agree with almost everything you say in your post (it requires tribunal back, manual game-watching which no one would do etc), but it is interesting to see a view of a bronze 2 player. I can imagine that feeding/afking is quite common in your elo, so I can see why those problems frustrate you.
It doesn't require someone to watch a game, just add in a system that shows when someone hasn't moved/used abilities for a while, how the system already is since it can tell when you are afk???? In what way does that require watching it manually, also wat does my elo have to do with it ive got friends in silver and gold who have the same problem. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} PS I've seen your other comments and u tend to insult people based on ranks and how well they play, which shouldn't matter since ppl play for fun, don't put yourself in such a high place just cuz u been playing longer.
: Some times u get bad players.. And that part u will never get to go away, All u can do is grind and try hard.. I lose most off my games thanx to fedders and trollers.. riot cant fix this problem,
yea, sadly i get afk/feeders every other game :/ not something i can really climb out of since no matter how good we do one lane is always lost cuz of it
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: If you wanted to do things properly: Reconstitute the Tribunal, allow 10 players to review trolling and griefing cases by watching replays and reading the chat, if more than half of them agree there's something punishable send the case to a Riot moderator, if the Riot employee agrees punish the player HARSHLY, reward the people that judged correctly with some honor and Tribunal cases and those who didn't with less cases.
i wish volunteers could review player reports, trusted once ofc, who been in the community for years, they could go through games and see if someone was feeding or trolling, it would be so amazing, but sadly way too many false reports make that impossible
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Kda is more useful than only comparing kills to deaths. Easier to exploit to avoid the penalty, but also makes less likely for innocents to be wrongly punished. Specially in the case of supports.
yea, i see your point, i wasnt too sure about the feeder one myself since its so hard to know who is actually feeding
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Nice. Some things can be modified, but it is good starter pack and add trolls too {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s: there can be an option like honor or LP decreasing for fake reports, since the feeders' games have to be checked manually to some extent as it isn't possible to capture and attach screenshots or clips during report. It can be submitted as a ticket, but generally players blindly report and may waste time for reviewing it, so some sort of punishment for fake reporting is good.
yes thats such a good idea, i had a team admit they was going to fake report me and i reported it to riot and nothing happened to any of them, i had screenshots of them threatening me all game about it over one, ONE ks that i had to take for my mid laner to not die, i quote "fake reports can ruin you life" riot should punish fake reports. and reward real reports. If you give real reports you get a tiny bit of honor/ or make a whole honor system for reports more ppl would want to report real trolls rather than forgetting about it cuz they dont have to deal with them again and moving on and if you take LP/honor away for fake ones no more fake reports best way to get the league community to act against trolls {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Ehhhh (EUW)
: > 1- allow remakes if someome goes afk after 3 min mark but BEFORE the 6 min mark, alot of trolls wait till 3 min to go afk Whats stopping them from waiting up to 6 minutes instead of 3 before leaving? > 1.5 AFK WILL HAVE LP REMOVED IF THEY GO AFK SO YOU CANT GET OUT OF A BAD GAME BY GOING AFK OFFENCES FOR GOING AFK DURING RANKED GAME TO GET OUT OF BAD GAME INCLUDE 1. 5 LP 2nd. 10 LP 3 30 LP 4 one rank down You are making them lose only 5 and 10 lp? thats lower than what it currently is for most people > 5- if person is disconnected for wifi problems, but come back within the first 5 min they will not recive penalty as it wasnt their fault There is already a 5 min wait. If they are AFK for more than 5 minutes then normal AFK penalties are used > 7-afk must be afk for more than 5 min at a time, or full game to be punished Why not wait 4 minutes, come back from AFK, and then go AFK again for another 4 minutes? > 3 games - of alot more death than kills and assist, on a role you usally play, say 1/12/4 if you have at least half the death in kills or assist like 6/12/3 youll be fine Bad games happen
as i said if they are afk for more than 5 min in a single game, in multiple games penalties are used, and the LP one is so when you remake you dont get out of bad games by remaking, so you dont go afk so you wont lose any LP cuz whoever went afk will lose LP even if remake
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: > [{quoted}](name=shirogasai12,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7EzmtrKy,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-11-07T12:05:27.317+0000) > > why are you posting this everywhere? and btw ive seen your other copy pasted comment and read the thread, in my case i see more trolls/feeders/afkrs than flamers, in fact people only ever say report someone for a valid reason such as being afk, or trolling and pretty much say it once, its usally the trolls/feeders that flame everyone else, and yes someone try harding and saying to report everyone when they die is annoying but u said u been playing since season 1, so u must be high af in ranked, but for us stuck in bronze its mostly all afks and trolls **I lost a game** -> ** my team was trolling** You just read the reason why you (and many, many, many others) "see" more trolls/feeders/afkers than flamers. /thread
just cuz i lose doesnt make my team a troll, i have bad games too, but feeding then spamming your mastery/ going afk after having0/5/0 10 min is is trolling
: When your jungler doesn't babysit your midlaner
: How I get them to stop talking is by breaking into their house mid-game with the boys. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
break their legs den their necks xD
: If only there was an item or champion or even a emote that had a crying reaction. {{champion:32}} {{item:3151}} {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
you got me there {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Xycoz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=shirogasai12,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZgHqwYOE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-07T17:05:58.522+0000) > > i dont think it does if its ur first offense if u been warned before of banned before than yea sorry First offense, as i said
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Is the game winnable? **Yes **- Mute them and play to win the game and report them. **No**- Go and feed their role opponent, make them flame more, end the game and report them. **You've no idea**-Play for some more time and decide what to do, end the game and report them. p.s: If you're playing jungler, be more patient and be chill because no matter what you do players will flame and blame you. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
best and funniest advice ever{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
dobbson (EUW)
: Comical
ive just played a draft game with them after they added me randomly, probably found me here, they didnt troll did ok for a sup and won the lane,guess they only troll in ranked games or someone was using their account idk seems weird :/ https://i.imgur.com/PwYs9b7.png https://i.imgur.com/kPtwcST.png
Xycoz (EUW)
: Your Opinion please: Is this worth 14-days of ban?
i dont think it does if its ur first offense if u been warned before of banned before than yea sorry
: people flaming, even if its not me makes me dislike this game and feel like i cant be good at anything, cuz im like i try so hard to do my best why r people mad, even if we winning someone always finds a mistake to point out, and i get easily sad when others get mad at me, my friend always like idk why u care and i wish i didnt but i hate ppl being mean to myself or others makes me wish i didnt play this game, sadly its the only game i can bond with my friends over so i play to be able to do stuff with them {{item:3070}} {{item:3348}}
that was meant to be a crying eye....we wont talk about that fail xD
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Stop flaming... PERIOD. The only thing that flaming will give you is decreased performance of your target and maybe even leaver, inter or afk'er. On second thought... Flame your enemies if you have to flame. That can actually help if you make them trigger.
people flaming, even if its not me makes me dislike this game and feel like i cant be good at anything, cuz im like i try so hard to do my best why r people mad, even if we winning someone always finds a mistake to point out, and i get easily sad when others get mad at me, my friend always like idk why u care and i wish i didnt but i hate ppl being mean to myself or others makes me wish i didnt play this game, sadly its the only game i can bond with my friends over so i play to be able to do stuff with them {{item:3070}} {{item:3348}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: As you said, it got to you and you played worse. Insta-mute them and play however you want. At the end what matters is that you'll climb, and they'll stay in their elo where they can blame every other jungler that comes their way.
i hate muting cuz sometimes the only way i know someone is comming or what we are planning is through chat, which sucks cuz when i mute i cant plan things out with them :(
: who tf gives a damn bout twisted treeline its bs and most of the player knows it ur just being nostalgic for shit that isnt even good everyone is trash on this mod, thank god they're removing it
well ok then https://media.tenor.com/images/f7ab705945129c043fa6261841b70394/tenor.gif
: how is that saying anything different than i said ? did u get 5 blackouts during that day while trying to play dropping the games left and right ? if so you should get banned ... did u get one DC cuz of blackout and u didnt play anything else ? i guess couple of minutes of not being able to Q up is not much of an issue for you is it ? (since you dont even have power ? so no PC no connection ?)
if i get a black out i dont play anymore till storm compleatly gone, even if my power is back, people who keep playing mid storm while blackouts r happening are just asking to get banned
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: People who afk rapidly get banned/perma banned. People who afk once every 100 games got internet problems. The once who lose LP on it either care or wouldn't understand why
i posted on another comment that i had the same 100 games internet problems. but if someone is going afk and like i said going afk and moving every few min to not get the penalty they need to lose more LP, like the pyke example i gave, he was in game just afk to be afk, i know this cuz he was talking in chat and nvr mentioned lag/wifi when we asked why he was afk. plus people who feed then go afk those are also the ones i mean, u should lose lp if u afk multiple games not just for going afk once, like i said it happens in my games every other game, so unless a mass population has internet problems or i am so unlucky that i only get bad wifi users
Jaylinkin (EUW)
: Free League of Legends Coaching
wish someone could coatch me. but my wifi sucks too much to screenshare sadness{{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: how do u even win a game when ur team dont want to win?
i dont think they want to be up against a gold player as silver, rn im in bronze cuz i just started ranked this month, and when i get put up against all silver team and im with all bronze players it sucks so much, so trust me not like they want to be put with gold players{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: yeah but what if them people leaving every other game just have internet or power issues :( its not their fault poor guys :( imagine banning someone for having poor internet or blackout ... that wouldnt be fair :( (imitating riot employer here if someone thought i was serious) - and no its not fair ... its not fair that they arent getting punished... if you have potato internet that doesent excuse you from ruining games for people ... pretty sure next to nowhere you have multiple blackouts a day (and if you do and you still keep trying to play only to DC then you deserve the punishement anyways)... go play tetris if u dont have stable connection and come back when you fix it :)
ive actually had black outs cuz storms randomly happen and i live in wooded area xD worst thing to happen while playing ranked it makes me want to die especially when im winning, and ive got bad wifi, like really bad, but if i notice its on a spike i play super safe, and dont play another match till its back down to normal, i dont just run around with high ping dying non stop or just go full afk, i try to defend towers while im on a spike that usally last 3 min or so if they happen (which is rare even tho my wifi sucks) i got 4mbps download and .5 upload and if its rare for me to get disconnected than they got no excuse. not even ritos whiteknights can say anything about this since i litrally meet their "just disconnected" criteria and im maybe afk one every 100 games for 5 min max cuz real internet/weather problems. nvr gone full game afk/over 5 min
HealzYT (EUW)
: Playing LoL after long break
u did really good for someone who hasnt played for years, i take a break from league for a week and ill forget everything xD
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