: I am so %%%%ing doooooooooooneeeeeeeee, riot doing their job
Why do you have to spice it up with juicy chat, just report him. He knows it's wrong.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: Idea about bringing back reworked old runes + masteries
: why riot want to destroy our summer with bugs?
They should do more Orn skins though, I only remembered him after watching an Orn stream, now you reminded me to go back and look for that stream actually XD. As for your question, I think it's... incompetence. Lots of things planned, didn't work out. Smol indie game company :^)
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
I'd try to send a ticket to Riot support. You'll get a generic message and I don't know how they handle behavior tickets these days but try to be patient until you eventually get to a human being. It's worth trying. See what they tell you, try to keep us in a loop I'd really like to know what they tell you since it does seem, at least partially, like an AI %%%%up.
: Rank Shaming in 2k19
Are these kinds of topics really worth discussing in such breath and length or are we just washing our mouths, sipping tea and pondering on natural human behavior in a million shapes and forms...
: >l would love to hear what other people say about it What other people? They are busy downvoting everything and ignoring threads it might be Petty to care about votes but this is actually annoying lol >a lot of people here are provoked by people simply getting killed. You are just one of them ..enjoy being sarcastic always for the rest of your life ...
>a lot of people here are provoked by people simply getting killed. What I meant is, people are provoked by inting and "inting", and inserting a ton of context into their threads with chatlogs. Why did you post the thread if you are going to be so defensive and take every comment as sarcastic what the f.
: Wait, so you call me annoying to have on the team for trying to defend my actions and what I am doing? Isnt that called communication?? Im sorry if it bothers you to such an extent. "No one wants to hear what you have to say" - in a communicating team game, communication is important. Some players have few teammates muted while the rest are not muted. So context does help throughout. "bothering everyone" - how so? I am communicating with the two players who are flaming me, while I try to farm back into game. The fact you are getting triggered this far shows me you are either antisocial or just hate people who talk. Sorry if it comes off as rude, but you aint nice at all, could of said "stop talking in chat, helps no one and just play on", instead of your own personal rant against players who enjoy communicating.
>"stop talking in chat, helps no one and just play on", instead of your own personal rant against players who enjoy communicating. I was trying to get across how your style of communication is taxing, not triggering, but taxing on other people's mental during the game, and I think the more direct approach is needed as a wake up call. If I were your best friend I would still tell you don't do that, I can handle it you're my best friend, but it's annoying EVERYONE.
: i think boards misunderstood my intentions
>i can sympathize with toxic players because getting banned never feels nice, i know the feeling That's like saying I can sympathize with Jaclyn Hill, she released expired lipstics with hair and bits of metal in them but it sure never feels nice to have your mom have to defend you on social media. >a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same Even in the fairest matchmaking people in the lower ranks are pretty delusional about their own skill so I don't believe it would have impact in any way. >a ban system that actually cares about context and punishes the one who instigates bans harder than the one who responds to them because in my eyes passive flamers and active flamers are not the same and shouldn't be treated the same This actually is a nice idea I would love to hear what other people say about it, I can also see why it would be very difficult to judge fairly when provocations are not only verbal and a lot of people here are provoked by people simply getting killed.
: 14 day ban
I don't even get why you need "context" for your chats to explain your behavior. I will say straight up you are literally so annoying to have on the team. No one wants to hear what you have to say in the game except maybe what you say in the beginning when nothing starts but no, you start arguing, bothering everyone and literally interfering with the game with your bullshit. No one wants to hear your bullshit.
: Got my first ban and was wondering if this was worth a 14 day?
I believe the problem is the amount rather than strictly the severity of the messages. But wait for other opinions too.
: The gigantic ego of some players
: Why are there so many bots in aram/twister treeline?
Yes there are so many, it's exhausting and annoying and disheartening and it's probably because they are leveled up to become to be buyed lvl 30 accounts.
: Who is going to turn off chat in the new patch?
Rioter Comments
: Why does lucian looks like wukong
How old, how bad of a parenting and how much gasoline did you inhale at important stages of development lmao
JustClone (EUNE)
: I would advise against it. Just because some items match the playerstyle of faker... It does not mean that it will match the solo que, or low elo. If you look for "high elo" , you should just focus on something like plat+, not on LCS content... What I am trying to say is, that "optimal" for someone with extremely good game knowledge and mechanics with specific champion, may be far from optimal for you. (Use the link I gave you...)
I was using the logic of, even very unskilled players should mimic the best playstyles. Maybe I'm wrong?
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not know, have you spend like 5 min to use the google search? https://champion.gg/champion/Camille/Jungle > So I did a bit of """""""""research""""""""" What kind of research did you do? I'm very curious
This thread is not meant to be taken super seriously. I looked up probuilds.com, my goto place for up to date builds and runes so that my performance in normal games can be optimal and also up to date.
: You can look up high Elo Camille mains and copy their builds sure some of them play her jungle sometimes
Yeah, people do play her, I don't have problems with runes or what to build, it's pretty straightforward.
Rioter Comments
THawk C5 (EUNE)
: Getting reported for securing the kill
Are you shitting me you need the fking kills not like me playing the "support" ending up with no money and no actual influence on game smh. Thank the fkin lord you know how to ks.
: Is it ok for me to go Veigar and steal all my adc's kills and farm?
I usually just pretend they are challenger adc.
: Dark Cosmic Jhin drawing
He looks like a cross between St Mary and Shiva lmao, I really like the composition, and the diagonal, and of course. And partly because of imperfections, the lean towards godly in pose is bigger than all league's splashes, maybe you don't see it; the only thing is buckle kind of pops out (maybe would look better compositionally if it was turned counterclockwise a bit idk?) and also position of the hand on the right down on the drawing. I hope you will find feedback interesting and of course, keep drawing. Also, since you made it look kind of right of the romanic illustrated scriptures kind of (lol), maybe try to imagine it without shadows, at least everything except the mask. This, also makes it so that the composition can make sense even on a bigger scale, like 3m Jhin wall painting loool ( I did NOT give you that idea) but you know what I mean.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: What are you saying I don't understand ......... Remake doesn't make you wanna quit the game or stop playing it. 20 minutes queue restriction when I AFK unintentionally at the start of the game that resulted in a remake is the worst feeling out there. At least for me.
Oh. I thought you already had a 20 min queue restriction then somehow got into a game and provoked a remake to try and cut out that time (because somehow... maybe it doesn't count as a...).. nvm I misunderstood. I'm sorry.
: And why exactly are you telling us this?
Probably because a lot of the players post on these boards saying they didn't deserve their bans and have similar chat logs. They can meet their similar minded friend here and maybe even reflect on it from a third perspective...
CJXander (EUNE)
: My friend got banned, and for good reason! He thinks otherwise.
Kirika (EUW)
: I am. And I want her passive to get some love. Lately a lot of overloaded passive make hers look like...well...nothing especially when your team doesnt have the strength to contest drakes.
Her passive is a bit boring and outdated.
: Will we ever get a new shyvana skin?
Tlieh (EUW)
: Ping jumps to 200-600 every 4 seconds
Submit a ticket, they have a lot of steps and logs you do, proved useful to me a couple of times since it really *can* be on your end even if it's only after the patch that these issues occurred + you have nothing to lose + they will actually work with you. Meanwhile you can play on EUNE like the other player suggested.
: Why does everyone flame riot in boards?
I come to spend some quality time here :)
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
No one would be ready to admit but it would actually be a welcome feature (sad lonely tears) hahahaha.
Pąìn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=signedL,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NbcKnRfx,comment-id=000c0000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-03T08:36:44.097+0000) > > I am a 25 year old cow what the %%%% lmao leave me alone XD "leave me alone" are u arrested or smh? U answer every time. Good to know u are cow, thanks for the information, next time I will be more careful with who I argue about stuff, so I can prevent wasting my time with cows :)
Like I said, get a grip. If you analyze what I said you'll realize I never directly insulted you while you called me a whore for saying I had sex :)
: I know, but I just explained the reality of the current state. It's been suggested so many times. It's not coming any time soon because Riot doesn't want it. So your only solution is either to dodge but that encourage trolling in champ select, I've seen soo many youtubers actually suggest that in a video as a tip if you are auto filled (troll to make the others dodge) or play, risk losing lp to potentially punish the guy. It's basically up to you.
: Yes i am very angery all the time >:c edit: i bought this punching bag in the first place so i can let out my anger
Aw man now I feel like a real %%%%ing asshole for making fun of you XD Oh the roller coaster that is my emotions...
JustClone (EUNE)
: And you will do what exactly? She got alot of buffs to become playable. Shield cast time is instant, shield amount was increased. Mana cost was greatly reduced. Mana pool was increased. Cooldowns of Q/E were reduced. The cooldown refund was increased to 30/40/50... And it began to work, even if the target died soon after, so when you are using your combo you could detonate E after because of ping... and still not %%%% up the cooldown. They were buffing her, for the last 2 years, to make her something that is not considered "troll pick". Do you remember what she was before? I had teammates dodging ranked, just because I picked her...
Dude people dodge rank when they see me from 100km so....
: ***
Me too honestly, so many people hated her, now as soon as the dust clears I can pick her up again no one will pay attention.
: Most of the time changes like this do make it to live. PBE is used for finding bugs and not for testing stuff out in practice. It's usually the reworks etc that have something they test there other than bugs but normal changes like these are usually already decided to come to live.
Ooooh. Well idk then I guess, get shit on :D
: The best thing you can do is play the game and report them at the end. Dodging is just giving them what they want and will keep encouraging them to do it even more. You can also do a screenshot and send a support ticket for those cases.
He is complaining about bearing the responsibility of having to teach or bear consequences of people being abusive AND suggesting an addition to the current state of things because he thinks it's UNFAIR to have to deal with this.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well they haven't broken a rule until the match starts, so never
That's what he is saying, change the rules/options.
Revive (EUW)
: Sejuani with Frozen Mallet bug.
Can we have a TFT section in the Forum so that it's clear what people are talking about?
JustClone (EUNE)
: Lux 2019
Changes in PBE don't necessarily end up being implemented that's why it's called PBE.
Pąìn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=signedL,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NbcKnRfx,comment-id=000c00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-03T07:28:58.171+0000) > > People using virgin in a derogatory way are the ones who seem proud of %%%%ing. i aready said what I meant by saying that, being proud of %%%%ing and being 14yo slut are 2 completely diff things. at least u agree with the fact that u are a whore at this age.
I am a 25 year old cow what the %%%% lmao leave me alone XD
: hey first off i didn't mean to say like i'm not at fault for being toxic, of course it all depends on me at the of the day so i didn't say that to excuse myself in any way, i take responsability for whatever i type in chat. i was just pointing out that the environment you're in changes you since at the start of my lol experience i wasn't like that. second off, nobody said anything about being a cretin so please explain to me how can you know wheter i'm a cretin or not, a flamer is not automatically an idiot/human garbage/whatever insult you wanna dish, unless of course you are some sort of l9 wannabe that uses the chat as an excuse to abuse people.
Sorry I reread your post and I think I was being too judgemental, I apologize for the insult, you don't deserve it in any way and certainly not so rude.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Champion stereotypes~
>I used to classify Dravens as really nice People Lmao
Pąìn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=signedL,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NbcKnRfx,comment-id=000c000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-03T04:06:59.461+0000) > > Wait I'm female and I'm an opposite of a virgin, so would you say it's made for virgins AND th.ots? Get a grip man. when I said virgin I meant those under 14 yo, well seems like ur proud being %%%%ed multiple times at this age
People using virgin in a derogatory way are the ones who seem proud of %%%%ing.
253IQ (EUW)
: I don't want to see idiot people playing my main and saying Chidori in chat every %%%%ing 5 secs . This will be annoying. I would prefer a good skin like Dark Star or smth.
%%%% THATS IT make sfx say Chidori to **really** piss off people. It will cure my depression.
Pykee (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zumyu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A4bM5IVs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-02T00:37:55.588+0000) > > he dont mean skill he meant fun bro Ok, well on a previous post of yours, you said {{champion:246}} and {{champion:350}} have no unique mechanics. So we can't trust your word for crap.
Pąìn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NbcKnRfx,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2019-07-02T20:22:41.720+0000) > > Dying from being so popular servers cant handle the load. Not working? Seems it works better than expected. > rofl. its only because of the tft they made for virgins like you :) which will keep the interest for 1 2 monts and then no one will care about , like fortnite and overwatch ROFL. cheers from the Russian server btw, their community is "growing"
Wait I'm female and I'm an opposite of a virgin, so would you say it's made for virgins AND th.ots? Get a grip man.
Keklenos (EUW)
: So...you said that you played a dozen of games...and then you said that is happening for a few month,so or you play something like 6 games a month ,and then no on will give a **** or you are lying. Btw never heard about something like that,pretty sure on my pc that when you load the game and when the game will end the cpu will do some job,and maybe could be your problem. But you started on lying,you give no information,you just said that you unistall and reinstall,that could be useless,and thats all,sure is,you know how to complain in the forum.
I can't say *for sure* but I'd guess he is not from an English speaking country and when he says "a dozen" he means "quite a few times", "almost every time", "very frequently", "frequently enough that I don't think it's on my end for some reason" (he may be wrong). So I think you are right about everything but saying you are lying is a bit strong and kind of makes him and other people not take *your* post seriously because they might think you are just hating on him.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >1 you get banned if you talk at all in a competitive game or you get banned for having a score your teammembers do not like where is the proof of that? i have a pretty dirty mouth and i usually flame a few ppl here and there, but never got even a chat restricion... as for the second part its even funnier: ppl say they dont ban trolls, now you say that they ban you if you have scores that others dont like, that 2 statement contradicts each other... >2 which is for me and 90% of the players to turn into braindead emotionless zombies who are gazing into their screens with self hatred and only driven by pure addiction and supress every "normal" human reaction towards experiencing negativity it would be better if you would talk only about yourself... and pls seek professional help, you have a huge problem that should be checked out!! im not joking >league of legends in 2019 is the most horrible hateful and illness causing place to be so why dont you leave? it would be better for you and for us too >and while riot games rules over the justice system with either unjustified harshness or without taking action at all (only knowing extremes) we all slowly realize that this company is the main cause of toxicity and griefing that i experience in my games their game their rules and you accepted them... if you cant follow simple rules you should be punished... the game did not make you toxic, you were toxic and cant control yourself... >1 you get banned if you talk at all in a competitive game or you get banned for having a score your teammembers do not like and later >and thats why every beyond evil person get to have 10 chances before the system takes action (if at all) now you really should decide which side you are on, because its not possible to have both with riots system, because its automated with very little human interaction... >and because we are not total clowns we look into that guys match history which eventually is also proof of hard int or griefing and see that these people are playing like nothing happened well if you have nothing else to do then feel free to stalk ppl and rage over their enjoyment of playing the game... its like holding a red hot steel bar bare handed and gripping it stronger every second... >step 1 : people fight agains beeing repressed how are you repressed? there are a few very basic rules that you accepted at account creation and after every major update, like dont be a jerk if you cant play the game without being a jerk then you should leave the game or face the consequences... >step 2: people get punished for (protesting for fundamental rights/ freedom of speech and not beeing harmed for example your freedom lasts as long as it doesnt interfere with others freedom... and as i see you have the totally wrong understanding of freedom of speech... you are FREE TO say anything you want, but you are not free from the consequences... you can criticize riot as a company, you can have your opinion about them bad or good doesnt matter, you are free to spread it, but as soon as you say the same about a person, either a staff member or a player in the game then you will be punished, its in the rules that you accepted and when do you get punished for muting flamers/verbal abusers? because that how you fight back to them, not with more flaming, but by taking away their ability to flame == muting them... >step 3 :people realize that they are powerless versus a almighty regime this is a dictatorship, its THEIR game with THEIR rules and they are free to do as they please... if one day they get up and delete everyones RP history, skins, etc from EVERY SINGLE account they can do it, they even say that in the ToU... you dont even have to break the rules, they can just ban you for no reason and you couldnt do anything against it because you ACCEPTED that rule... >step 3 :people turn away from all activities that are restricted you suddenly forgot how to count and i dont know what do you mean by this point, care to give an example pls? >step 4 league of legends 2019 humans dont talk to each other humans dont help each other im telling you again, speak in your OWN name, i usually chat with ppl if they are not toxic >the regime rules and its useless to seek change there have been cases of individuals getting "removed" for speaking their mind once again, some examples as proof would be good here... >the propaganda (skins/music/new gamemode/ and e sport) are creating the illusion that everything is colorful and good what makes you think that the game is not colorful and good and just an illusion?
>pls seek professional help, you have a huge problem that should be checked out People don't like to be treated like idiots, it shouldn't necessarily be "checked out". Also there is nothing wrong with making analogies between gaming communities and society. Just like there is nothing wrong with reminding people that this is a game. It seems like you are trying to avoid to see this to better fit him into your narrative of him needing some kind of "professional help", which is kind of condescending and low of you to be honest.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: then you and your friend should play single player games so they wont mess with others who are playing for fun and relax... i dont want to hear/see your tantrums because you cant hit a skillshot, i just want to play
What? He literally just said what one analysis proposed as a reason for why people play games.
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