: [Suggestion] Banned from Ranked Games System
There is not a single system in the world that can detect soft inting. Only way to detect it is for a human being to manually review every single game played which is ridiculous. You would be punishing a lot of innocent people here just on the basis that they triggered the system by getting a report from a tilted teammate. Ranked ban would be a good idea if you would have the system which would be accurate on the punishment. Otherwise it could just be abused and compromised.
: Star Guardian Event Reward Disappointment Page - Share Your 'Amazing' Rewards Here
Cosmic dusk {{champion:498}} + a gemstone. But i got lucky nothing more, the even is dissapointing.
sbepi (EUW)
: wait but in odissey we had missions like in tha...that....even......reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee {{champion:32}}
Good times. Too bad we will be destroying towers in the future to get our missions done. Time to learn splitpushing champs! {{champion:23}}
sbepi (EUW)
: star guardian event
Feelsbad in odyssey. {{champion:32}}
: I'm honestly surprised you put in 3 assassins in your list. Usually people would say "Assassins are the most balanced role in LoL" only cause they need "skill" to be played.
I put pyke and kassadin under unfair list. They are not so braindead like master yi or trynd. OP said champs that make us feel like they are unfair to play against. {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:555}}
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
Personally the "unfairest " champions are the ones that bypass the skill and mechanics and make you beat the enemy by pure numbers and stupid ults/pasives. Sooooo {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} - as unfair as it gets the tutorial champion of league {{champion:23}} - immortal {{champion:24}} - just braindead and easy idk xd {{champion:75}} {{champion:33}} - rolling ball of stats and items {{champion:420}} - shes not so braindead actually but fighting her feels unfair if you dont dodge everything and even then she finds a way to oneshot you {{champion:36}} - only if he gets items {{champion:38}} - he only gets "unfair" lategame so this is not complete addition to the list {{champion:555}} - sometimes it feels you cant even kill him and he has escape for evey situation (but he actually takes a certain amount of skill due to having skillshots and playmaking style like thresh) - not to be confused with others on the list
: I want to hear your opinion regarding this ban
Homophobic slurs instant ban. I dont know what did you expect.
Yes lets employ hundreds of thousands admins to watch over every single ranked game that occurs on the servers. Im sure the company budget would suffice this strategic move. I sometimes wonder who could actually type a thing like this or start a thread suggesting this as and actual idea.
Ive probably said about 500 gg ezs till now. I have yet to recieve my 1st chat ban. gg ez is not flaming if you dont combine it with other toxic stuff. Facts
: Ziggs Needs a buff,now he's at tier 5.
I havent seen ziggs in ranked for ages. Hes either rly bad or not meta atm. He needs some serious buffs imo.
Insanityy (EUW)
: Katarina Revert
Shes just a telegraphed champion with unnecessarily stupid and annoying mechanics. The old one was a noob champ. The best solution would be another rework and actually making her fun and viable this time. {{champion:55}} {{item:1058}}
: Can we have a new Gemstone crafting skin instead of a new prestige skin.
Yes please! Ive been on 10+ gemstones for a while and all the current skins are meh. I wish they would post some info on upcoming/development gemstone skins. But there is nothing on dev boards or reddit. I guess they focus on prestige skins now. Feelsbad
: Just a quick Quality of Life suggestion coming through :)
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Akali shroud. The most toxic and unfair ability in the game.
Rioter Comments
: That's because I only covered Champion Skins from Aatrox to Fizz.
Ohhh my b then. But be sure to check him out im sure he is qualified to be on your list of overpriced skins.
: List of Over/Underpriced Champion Skins: A-F
I see you left out demonblade tryndamere. Check that skin and remember its on sale in store for 1820 rp. Legendary tier skin. I could probably find 20 more skins like this that are just and absolute joke and a disgrace to the champion. Bloodlord vlad comes to mind and a lot more. They all need vgu so bad.
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
How about git gud salty silver player. Gimme those downvotes!!!!
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
Damn he just destroyed the OP. Case closed
: Is this the worst MyShop case ever ??
I got sea hunter aatrox on max discount. SEA HUNTER AATROX. I have never played aatrox in my life. You are lucky i would say.
: Irelia got nerfed and not the 5 movement speed kind ;) Thank the Riot-Gods
Yup this time its the real deal.
Rioter Comments
Kimmaz (EUW)
: Intentional feeding too loosely used
Yeah its a wrong term. If someone goes 0 3 in lane with cs deficit, and he STILL proceeds to fight the enemy laner or perma push so he gets ganked and dies. He is technically not intentionaly feeding he is griefing. We should really use the correct terms for specific type of behaviour ingame. Anyways just report him for griefing because by definition he isnt inting and he wont get punished for it. Griefing is still a type of unsportsmanlike conduct and i hope riot punishes that type of behaviour.
0IQRiven (EUW)
: Let's talk about the "preview" of champion's abilities.
Well the champ preview in the client is really awful. I posted a similar thread and basically the ability descriptions are basic and poorly written. Also some of the champ ratings are incorrect and there are no scallings (AP AD) in the client to show you what the champion nature is. Its just reaaaally basic descriptions and non updated visuals. When im picking up a new champ i usually go to LoLWiki to learn about it. Anyone new to this game is not gonna learn anything from the client about the champs.
Encrux (EUW)
: What's the chance of something like this actually getting banned?
You got inted/griefed. Just deal with it. Too many players in the game to be detected by a simple AI plus the focus is on the flaming and toxicity prevention because its way easier to detect. Dont let this game tilt you and move on. Chances are you can get him on the enemy team next time. {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Riot should rework death recap
Ahh yeah the death recap. 500 dmg from support taric auto attack. Seems legit :)
Rioter Comments
: I remember in the past champions being reworked or tweaked due to little interaction but...
You are complaining about a champion that has 3 skillshots one of them being the smokescreen. He has a short dash and most of his kitting comes from the ability to properly auto attack someone and not cancel them due to his passive knockback. He is a champion that is highly mechanical, and most differences between good and bad graves can be seen from his kitting. So if you remove his slow/root all that is left for him is the little knockback on his autos to deal with all the junglers who happen to have huge burst/cc etc. Sure the slow can be nerfed or toned down but removing it would mean gutting him completely.
: the ban system doesnt make sense
Its a centuries old debate. Trolls walk free and flamers get banned. And for the most part its true. I guess its just in human nature to talk back as a form of self defense and pride. The more debates get heated the more harsh words are used. After that all that is left is a big mess for the report system and a lot of punishments. My personal advice would be to not type anything because the system is basically tuned to hunt human interactions. And if someone pisses you off that much intentionally feed his game and spam :^). You wont get punished as long as your score is in boundaries and youre fine in the eyes of league community because going 1 15 in a ranked game is just a bad game :).
: I designed a Neeko overlay/HUD
Looks good. Unfortunately this game doesnt let us customize pretty much anything.
: I don't know why this is getting so many downvotes, because you have a really good point. This isn't a matter of personal preferences (like how people seem to be taking it...), this is comparing them to modern legendary skins. While these skins may have fit the standards of a legendary skin when they came out, they don't anymore. And, as much as I love skins like suprise party fiddlesticks and firefighter tristana, they should probably have their price lowered. And, if I may add some other skins: Eternum nocturne (I love the skin! but it isn't anything..special, compared to other legendaries), Spirit guard udyr (An ultimate, not a legendary, but it just isn't worth the price), Annie in wonderland, alien invader heimerdinger.
I dont rly care much about ppl who downvote random threads with no valid points, its just the way boards are. But yeah the point stands. These skins simply dont qualify with legendary skins. Basically with a legendary skin the champion gets a new persona, new quotes on top of animations and visual stuff. So if ure gonna price the skin that high it needs to have some standards. Simple solution would be to make them common tier or epic depending on the skin.
Just Cat (EUW)
: oh look i am getting free stuff that you gotta pay for usually and i am unhappy about it, cause some skins are considered legendary for one reason or another, let me be more greedy and complain about it...
You do not even possess basic knowledge about skin tiers and why a certain skin belongs in that group. So im not gonna bother commenting about stuff not related to the thread.
: I can only speak for Surprise Party Fiddlesticks that your claims are not fitting. It's not a recolored base skin. The model might not be too different but has it's tweaks, the skills have new particles as well as new sound effects. Yes the voice over could be changed.
Still the majority of these skins do not qualify and they refuse to rework them. They have all the ultimate skins in order perfectly each of them giving unique effects to the owner. Idk why they dont do the same with legendary skins.
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Roundar (EUW)
: Is typing '?' in all chat when enemy misplays reportable?
YES!! Typing "?" is highly reportable. Its unimaginably toxic and it should result in a instant permaban. I mean just look at it. ? The toxicity glowing from that question mark. It should definetly result in a punishment. Also on top of that we shouldnt kill our enemies on the summoners rift because its toxic. Im just gonna start reporting players for killing me on the rift. Just disgusting what this system has come to.
Joy515 (EUNE)
: Account bann - trollers play
You just got baited into a punishment. Trolling and inting isnt much of an offense here. So they wont get punished and you will. Learn not to type.
: Riot, can you like, I don't know, finally update Udyr' model and animations?
I got that skin from a chest and i must admit what you say is completely true. If you do not own spirit guard udyr the champion is literally unplayable. His attacks, animations, spells and the rest is so bad and in need for an update.
: Like there isn't a point appealing my ban, not like they going to reconsider xd. But ye kinda always wanted a perma chat mute just so i wound't rage at other for being bad at the game xd.
Yup chat mute would be the best so they dont have an excuse for uselles bans anymore. Because now its like ohhh you wanna type better not be toxic or we ban you. You want to disable chat ohh sry we cant do that because then ban rate would drop and we wouldnt have more excuses xD. These problems are so trivial i guess they just dont wanna look past toxicity and deal with real problems like inting, griefing, wintrading, etc.
: pretty much, everything is seen as toxic in riots case. They're living in the past. Clearly don't like change or back tracking. Like I'd rather get a perma mute if they really care so much about me being toxic. Since i don't like running it down mid.
Yeah chat should be optional. Like a toggle with the option to disable it. So we are not forced to communicate and write stuff. Since its the source of most bans in this game chat should have on/off switch.
: The reason they use it, because banned players are most likely to make a new account and re buy skins. Riot at this point is just going on a money milking spree.
Yeah thats most likely true. Most of my friends who got diamond and higher made smurfs so they dont need to play on main. Lot of them got 14 day bans and they never use their mains anymore cuz system would ban them instantly. Its too easy to get permabanned in this game. So the only option is not to use chat at all.
: Perma ban
Well yeah their system is just a worthless language filter program. You can literally make one yourself. It bans you out for saying trigger words and spamming the chat with negative messages. It also bans cases of severe intentional feeding via a simple algorythm where you go like 0 20. It never bans trolls and griefers who ruin games by intentionally playing bad and wasting other players time because its not advanced enough. The reason for this is that League uses really old technology in comparison to other games. Their punishment system is just a simple AI or in other words a program that doesnt take context into account. In other words you can try your best and be the hero of the game but the moment you pass the limit for trigger words you are banned. I do not know the reason for why they are using this worthless technology but its good that they lose more and more players. Maybe they come to their senses, or not...


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