: I don't find it an issue but that's prob because I'm used to that kind of effect from other games. But I'd say keep the effect but reduce the thickness of it (not the right word... begins with o and means how see through it is... I just can't think of it right now) so it's less in your face and noticeable but still conveys what riot is going for here (conveys his blood lust and it's an important thing to know when it ends and when it begins). And for some reason I think part of this is intentional. Riot wants warwick's gameplay to be one where you want to over extend and chase for kills, it's something riot makes a large point on in the reveal... So I think that this is part of that, it's distracting and it limits your awareness because they want a warwick player to tunnel vision onto their prey like a blood crazed predator would... Prob not cause it's not the best design choice but would make sense.
Thickness as in opacity I assume ;) (how see-through the effect is) The only comfortable way of playing right now is with Thundra Warwick, where the blood effect is icy-white and see-through.
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