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Qenk (EUW)
: So youre saying this is what natural lips look like on people?
: That's still a duck face even if it's not as emphasized.
i am literally slightly parting my lips but ok sure duckfaced wahtever :residentsleeper:
: she isnt, its the lip fillers making it look this way.
if u wanna give me money for lip fillers pls go ahead
: Very nice but try not to make a duck face next time :D Xayah isn't making a duck face.
go google duck face and reconsider what you just said
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: tl;dr you look gorgeous, though it probably contributes that you look beautiful to begin with. I always had a thing for brunettes. I don't know who this sneaky person is, but after seeing their cosplay i am no longer "on the fence" - i dont care if you're a guy or a girl, when you're this cute i can't help but desire you. Enough about sneaky, though - you look gorgeous in this, too. It must have been a ton of work to "get it right" - did you have to try many times before you were satisfied? How much does it cost to do this kind cosplay? I'd never do cosplay myself - i can't do anything around the eye regions as i get teary eyed very easily, and i have literally no artistic value with makeup - but i was always curious. How much time does it normally take you to do this? What were any annoyances or what not while applying it / wearing it? Do you actually play Sivir, or did you just want to compete with Sneaky? You're a worthy adversary for sure. But he kinda gets bonus points for the whole, you know... Not being a hot chick to begin with-thing. _btw im a semi-bi girl myself. Im just way, way too scared to ever try cosplaying myself. You are incredibly brave to do it._
thank you! im not brunette im blonde btw haha I sometimes play sivir I just thought it was a pretty skin :D
: She is so beautiful and she did it so well 💜
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sniper boi

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