: Ok get your point, but riot never said you need to pay them, thats the desicion of yourself and only you, you can play the game for years (like i did) and not even spend a single Euro on the game.
Indeed very true, they have no said it, but all the money they made, they made it out of their chosen marketing, which is the f2p style. You cannot say that people don't have a right to be upset about the game they are dedicated to play. No matter what game it is. However if someone who has not payed a cent to the company, complains about the servers, then yes, my opinion is they don't have a right to complain.
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: Imagine creating a game that becomes very popular, you could make fortunes if you made it cost money, but you care about the players, so you decide to make it a free to play game where real money gives you literally 0 benefit. Then the playerbase becomes the most ungrateful community ever and starts hating on the creators to the point that they are wishing death upon the employees. That's just really sad and pathetic honestly.
No. Im sorry but that is not how all this works. If they made it cost money AND ask for ingame purchases, no body would have played it to start with and they would NOT have made so much money. A lot of people have paid to support the company in RP to buy themselves skins and whatnot. That is still paying the company. They have made very very much money out of this. It is very acceptable to hate something if you paid money, in any way, and get bad service.
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: Is the TFT mode now disabled or not ?
Apparently theres a 30 minute queue to get in...I have been waiting for 18 now. I just want to play one god damn fkn game before I go to bed is that too much to ask?!
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