: What To Do When You Have Lost Your Lane (This Is Not A Question Its A Guide)
Hey Guys, First of all I thank you sincerely. I have been searching for a long time what I should do when things messed up. I ain’t that good so I won’t be able to speak much. However, I would like to recommend a few more things. In my opinion, midlaners should buy zhonia against winning opponents (especially against Zed, Katarina, Karthus, Fizz, Lux and so on who has huge insta damage even under turret). The other strong option may be rod of ages for spamming your skills freely while sustaining to stand in lane. If you play a slow champion (like Annie or Cho Gath), you should definitely buy your shoes earlier to run out of ganks and to dodge skillshots. Lastly, I think the most important thing is that if you fall behind you should swap your yellow vision trinket with red oracle lenses and scan around then replace enemy wards with allied control wards 👍🏻
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: 300 was just a number I pulled out of nowhere xD My main idea was that 300 games would surely be enough for you to start seeing results. I'm just glad you found that stuff helpful. Another streamer you can watch is Annie bot ( https://www.twitch.tv/anniebot ). He's worse than CuteMau, but speaks English.
Language does not matter I liked cute mau 👍🏻 I will check Annie bot out too, one more source does not hurt 🌸
: well she still has to do that except that she shouldn't waste time by just grouping and instead initiate a fight if she chooses to do so
Thank you I will keep that in my mind 👍🏻
: thats why i said that high cs/min is not relevant in low elo shove a lane and go group shove a lane and repeat your main focus should be to get the cs that is infront of you and try your best to not split the farm between the mid and top
Ok, what do you think about Annie? Don’t you think that she is so slow and inefficient to shove and to run to lanes from lanes?
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: Try learning from that guy's VODs. Annie can carry you at least to D4.
I took a look and I can learn from that guy so thank you sooo much 👍🏻 300 is a bold claim but I hope so 🌸
: i haven't found many lanes capable of sustaining 8+ cs/min in low elo mostly high speed/split pushers can sustain it nasus/trynd/udyr can easily sustain high farm numbers in low elo as their main gameplay pattern is to farm other than that you should focus on getting every cs that is available to you instead of tunneling on the ratio even through masters 8+cs/min isn't really sustainable for most lanes as there is no structure in the current game state once you got higher then it's more achievable as there is lower action and more controlled macro
I will try Nasus and Udyr seriously, thanks for suggestion. I suppose, I may need to play split pushers 🤔 Individual lower action cause 4v5 teamfights mostly. You know that there is no retreat in low ELO 😂
: To be honest, you really can play anything in bronze and still win, maybe it'd be easier for people to help if you were a bit more precise about what you're looking for. For starters we could play some games together and we could go over them after so that I can comment them for you. There are 2 things I think are important though: - farm isn't better than everything, it's true that farm is a stable source of income, but sometimes wiping the enemy team is just better than a few minions - focus on playing champions you have fun playing, you'll easily climb!
Ignorant team spoils whole joy of the game🤥 I enjoy playing but can not keep my interest so long that to climb higher ranks. Actually, it does not matter much but this game is beautiful with teamplay and interactions. I want to play better and play with better players anymore. By the way thank you for fuel up the encouragement👍🏻
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: Try playing ONLY Annie and see if you'll be higher ranked after, say, 300 games. Try to learn her by watching this guy's replays and streams https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVxaZEE4BjtlN3jjBWeMNw/videos https://www.twitch.tv/cutemau Annie runes and starting items for every matchup: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CUXIRHqFfxu4uBR0rKLXCT_6WrLADw7jxvAaTnql7TI/edit#gid=0
I have played only Annie for at least 2 seasons in ranked mode. Despite the fact that I win my lane, total winrate remains almost %50. After I stunned enemies and used my combo, I become totally squishy and vulnerable along cooldowns. With Annie, you can not push turrets and get objectives separately. In mid game and late game I fall so hard behind. So it already did not work. 🤥
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