: Why play normal tho ? It doesn't matter. Just play ranked and let people who can't play ranked play normal since they don't really have a choice.
Since when has ranked been any better for match making? Ranked is worse then normal's at diamond +. So what you're saying is that i should never play normals and only keep to ranked? Because riot can't make normal's some what fair instead of matching diamond players vs golds.
Rioter Comments
: > Its only stable because riot gut the lp you gain in diamond, unless you're a full time streamer or invest hours the chances of hitting challenger is very slim. That sounds paranoid/delusional. Even in master - challenger there are (large) skill gaps. Some players are simply better than others, e.g. Apdo(Dopa). > diamond 5 with 62% win rate, my lp went from 21lp in P1 to earning about 14-16 in diamond while losing 18-20. A deciding factor for the D4(5) wall is probably "rank decay" which is only present in dia+. At diamond you should actually expect some "coinflippiness" (I made that word up) because many players that somehow got there but cannot get higher try to stay. Especially at the border you should expect lots of players with MMRs below the rank-represented MMR. This messes up MMR(-changes) and matchmaking, constancy is the only thing that can carry you past this.
Nah if you have a look at master/challenger over the years its been mostly the same people who always end up at the top. When you end the season with pretty high mmr its very easy to obtain a higher ranking because you're filtered out having to be matched with much lower skill players. Also i didn't stop the account at D5 i made it to D3 promo's with 58% win rate, then got coin-flipped a losing spree back to down to D4 0lp with my bot losing nearly every game at around 8-10 mins, both promo's where FF at 15, then nearly every game after was a stomp by the enemy, one game they lost turret 7 mins in. So again you're wrong, after 3 account being in diamond i can very well tell you skill doesn't matter for shit, as long you get decent mate's that are not brain dead. Lets no talk about the first 3 game's in D5, i had 3 players who went afk after losing first blood, and only played once a month to maintain their rank. D5 is the worst elo to have because you can't influence you game's enough to carry with a team that's incompetent and every loss hits your mmr a lot harder then every win. Why do you think pro's don't care about losing game's in low elo, oh wait because mmr doesn't effect you under P1. The problem to climb starts to occur after D5, where you need to team to climb. You could even make a new account last with no mmr what so ever start base rank P5. Cause the alt started G2 going 9-1.
: You are wrong. Normal queue has no restrictions.
Never said normal has restriction, but the game will try to match with your skill level. So as diamond player the game will try match with diamond and i'd rather no have my low level friends get stomped.
: Then explain to me why the challenger population is relative stable over the years? The problem you describe is a consequence of ranked resets and alt accounts abusing a systemic weighing factor of matchmaking systems (and other factors).
Its only stable because riot gut the lp you gain in diamond, unless you're a full time streamer or invest hours the chances of hitting challenger is very slim. Cause last season hitting diamond 5 with 62% win rate, my lp went from 21lp in P1 to earning about 14-16 in diamond while losing 18-20. The same with the alt account, it hit diamond with 56% win rate and lp gain in diamond wasn't worth me going any higher.
: You are one of those who causes problems in matchmaking and did it ever come to your mind that you have reached your ceiling?
Not a chance as i found out when i made my other smurf, people always told me i was plat player, the made to other account and they both reached diamond with 56% win rate. Even with a lot less game's. Ranked is a coin flip the higher you go, skill doesn't matter much.
: > Also a lot of people make a second account to play with friends, that are not of the same skill as them. One of the disadvantages with League, which I learned the hard way, is that it's impossible for two people of different skill level to play together. The game is a mess, not enjoyable. And I am talking about normals and stuff. Because in Ranked that's just boosting.
No it isn't possible to play with friends in normal when your account rank is diamond and your friend is bronze. Like i've closer game's on alt account with friends then i have on the main. So ill stick with my low silver account to have fun.
: I'm confused as to Riot's position on smurfing
Ye cause ranked isn't fun after diamond for any one with a bloody brain, you hit diamond you're account is doomed to stay D4 unless you get extremely lucky with team's so people lose the will to carry on playing because there is little to no effect in trying. Also if riot wasn't so anal about people being toxic then they'ed also see a lot less smurfs, people getting perma banned will make more then one account to keep playing. Lets not bloody start out with how bloody bad every start to the season is, so unless you have more then 1 account for trail and error you going to get %%%%ed, another reason to make a smurf account. If riot fixed ranked so that people where bloody matched with people of the same skill, and matches where more even, instead of one side being stomped every bloody game then you might see a reduction. Also a lot of people make a second account to play with friends, that are not of the same skill as them. You can't tackle smurfing because its not a big enough of a problem, unless a smurf purposely loses, then the likely hood their going to stay in a shitty elo are very slim. Every smurf i made hit P5 in about 50-60 game's.
Paracord (EUW)
: Ranked summed up for the casual player - Fix your got damn matchmaking system!
See ranked ins't so bad at any level bellow plat, duo to the fact if you're good enough you can easy carry. Now the problems is your game's above plat where you have no chance but relay, on your team mates acutely being good. The ranked system is %%%%ed, but mostly around Low diamond/ High plat. The game will always try to make play at a 50/50 level. So once you start hitting anything above that expect team m8's without a brain.
Irarius (EUW)
: Why i personally dont want to play this game anymore... after almost 9 years
I feel you to dude, season 1 vet. The only thing that got me massively reduce the amount i played was them banning my 9yr account. I made a similar post a while back, no matter how many people agree riot won't change in there ways. The game is a former shell of it self long gone is the fun and excitement. That died of in season 3-4! https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban
Lari (EUNE)
: How can i climb?
Simply by luck.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/oR4N06EF-mods-falsely-removed-my-comments Look at this.... A mod falsely removed my comment. I asked for a response from them explaining WHY they removed it. I hided the name of the person I was making an example of + the games were made few mouth ago so there is absolutely no way in tracking them (I even mentioned that) so I basically wasn't naming and shaming ANYONE. And I got 7 idiots downvoting my post for even I don't know what reason. Not to mention that this comment permanently suspended me from using the league boards... Either cocky mods abusing their powers or mods that don't know what they are defending. If you want the full message I can send it on discord since mods will probably falsely remove my comment again.
You can't get anything through the boards they're all low level players here, if it doesn't work their way they will downvote you to oblivion even with facts and proof.
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: I've already read it many times fam :D Not to mention that you got 14 downvotes for basically no reason. Edit: The most obnoxious thing that I see with these people is that they think their experience in normals/arams is the same as in ranked... Don't even want to listen when you tell them the differences. I literally made a huge ass comment to the moron who said they are the same... Till this day he still states that both are the same... ''RANK SHAMING, RANK SHAMING'' . This shit reminds me of the fat acceptance bullshit.
People down vote stuff that's doesn't fit their agenda, and people who don't play ranked at higher tiers shouldn't get a say on most things. Ranked currently is a shit show, the teams are unbalanced and ranked is a joke and has has been more many years. Riot as never ever addressed trolling and inting because their system is trash tier. They spend more time on skins and cinematics then they do on fix their game. If it doesn't effect the pro scene they don't give a %%%%, this what happens when you sell your company to the Chinese its more about profit, then game improvements.
igamlac (EUW)
: MMR and Matchmaking
This is very true riot does want to to be at a solid 50% win rate. Lets me put this into prospected, this account last since hit diamond 5 with a solid 72% win rate, then i reached diamond 3 promo's with a 62% win rate, lost both my promo game's are hard stomps with my bot lane losing turret in under 10 mins both times. After a solid month of playing maybe less, because i needed honor 2 i was already back down to D5 with just over 55% win rate i dropped all the way to p3 and ended the season P1 promo's to d5 at 50% win rate. But yet my smurf account at the time, hit d4 with a solid 56% win rate which i never touched again because riot was bound to give me worst players. I did the experiment a couple years back, my main account was stuck with 50% win in p5, but the alt account i made manged to hit p1 in less then 200 game's. Its all bullshit to keep player who are addicted to keep spend and playing and waste their time in their game.
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: People literally upvote posts in which they want harsher punishments for players saying ''ez'' (which is the biggest joke I've ever seen) but don't want to upvote posts regarding criticism to Riot on their shitty system for detecting trolls/intentional feeding. This is the real problem here, not people saying ''ez''. Its really stupid at how people see words as a bigger problem than actions (aka inting/trolling, saying that because I am 100% someone won't understand) when you have a mute option in the game.
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban this explains everything
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: As you age, your reactions become slower and slower. So at one point, you wont just cut it for diamond anymore.
I'm only 22 dude and in excellent shape. I lost all my skill in the last 2 weeks of pre season? No the bottom line is ranked matches are unbalanced to oblivion and its pure luck who gets the less awful team, its a proven fact. I already did the research for this 2 season ago and proved that ranked climbing is biased on who gets the better team not based on your skill.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: why downvote this? it is true, and for once it's actually more of a generic overview instead of a complaint
They down vote it because they hate facts. See its my fault i can't climb not other people's yet i've managed 3 account to diamond last season with over 55% win rate. Ye this season my other account cant catch a break
Blakex13x (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EZs9gti7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-02-01T23:19:18.463+0000) > > Riot always wins. yea they take your money let the trolls inters ruin your games and dont care about you losing and will ban you thanks riot. best company ever 9 years now and you still dont listen to you community thanks a bunch.
They banned my 9 year old account for being toxic, but won't ban trolls and inters. Ye saying words get you a perma but running down mid and going 0-20 and trolling doesn't because (bad game)
Blakex13x (EUW)
: riot wins again.
Riot always wins.
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: Its really really really easy to int/troll without getting punished but these people don't want to accept it since they are a bunch of casuals who spam normals/arams and they don't see such people in their games (for really obvious reasons). Meaning all we say is a bunch of lies or we don't know what inting/trolling is. But surprisingly enough these people have 0 experience YET they know more than us... I even invited Hansiman, one of the biggest defenders of Riot to make a discussion in voice chat. He obviously declined it and made bunch of excuses instead of saying ''no, thanks but (gives a REAL REASON). I can even post a link to the pictures if you want to ... The sad part is that in 1 post I replied to his comment and said ''This is why I don't respect you'' and he removed my comment because he received A LOT of hate on his comment which is fully understandable once you see it. He won't accept the criticism tho. http://prntscr.com/mf5o59 , http://prntscr.com/mf5oko . Its sad at how the words ''ignorance'' , ''stupid'' and some other shit have the only 1 purpose... to insult. Even when that's the truth. Its even more sad that the world is still rainbows and sunshine for them.
Han is a riot white knight! The guy doesn't accept fact, even if you give him proof. I schooled him a couple years back and he couldn't hack it.
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: I am not surprised at how the fanboys decided to react to this post. Its the absolute truth YET they defend Riot... I am disgusted at how far this has gone Edit: gj at downvoting. How about coming up as a real man and have a discussion with me ? But I will accept only on voice chat.
They been down voting everything for years, i can even prove that you can int hard and riot won't do anything. But spam chat with words and you're more then likely going to get banned. I've seen people go 20+ game's trolling spree and still keep playing xd.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yes and Rİot is not even compansating your LP when there is afk, troll in your team. So this means that instead of 1 mouth for you to climb up to tier you deserve it might take 4 mouths, or therotically there is possiblity that you will never reach to place you deserve. We are not asking Riot to rever 1 BE capsules back; we are asking for riot to at least decrease the amouth of LP we lose when there is AFK at least ( When I say afk we are talking about at least 10 minutes of not participating in game) + I found it stupis also when enemy has afk in early game, and when they had to remake we won't get LP from it. It is not our fault that they have afk. So same logic give us LP cuz we are lucky that we didn't afk too XD
Like my last 7 game's have been losses because some is trolling or feeding. Its a joke.
Rioter Comments
Adama (EUW)
: add to that a 4th reason: Tryhard in low elo to get praised because their fragile ego needs a boost.
And there is that as well.
: It is not a bug. RIOT announced it themselves. The bug is that all accounts are actually falling in iron (even old ones).
Doesn't make much off a difference anyways since match making is based on mmr. If you're good at the game it doesn't matter you will climb, faster then others. Rank tiers are just there to give a competitive feeling to ranked and boost people's ego's :)
: Now, all new accounts starts in iron. The solution I proposed was to help with reason 1. The 2 others aren't really "good" smurfs.
Pretty sure the new account start in iron is a bug because of the new tiers. Also if you're a good smurf you will be put with other smurfs so you never ever meet new players unless you purposely make that account as trash as possible. I've made too other accounts and most match's i played where against people of my level. Even in normal's i was vsing level 30 more often then not at like level 15.
: How about encouraging sportsman smurfs?? Like giving people who want to make a new account to try stuff or to climb better the possibility to link it to his old account, so he won't have to start from iron and hurt other people. They will have some kind of soft reset like during the new seasons (so the new account won't have the same rank or mmr as the old one, but at the same time, he won't start from very low elo) I understand that this won't solve the whole problem since some smurfs are actually coming to crush new players or because they had their old accounts banned. But it can at least reduce the number of smurfs. Of course, if you notice that some of the linked accounts are boosted, the main account will get banned too. This will be helpful to avoid people making tons of boosted accounts and selling them. Hope you like the idea.
If you're a good smurf you should never start anything lower then gold 5. Also if you're making a new account or smuring and you purposely lose to get placed into a lower elo then why would they link it to their main account. People only ever make new accounts for 3 reason. 1. They want to try new stuff and don't want to destroy their main accounts mmr/rank 2. They got a perma ban 3. They want to troll low elo player and be a toxic burden in league games.
Riryz (EUW)
: yeah and right before you say "for permanent bans". once again, riot would throw away their reputation by selling permabanned people new account just so they can make money of skins. youre basically saying riot doesnt mind having us play with toxic players as long as they can make money of of them. which is wrong because riot doesnt care how much money you have spent, if youre toxic you get banned.
The only reason you get perma banned still is because riot makes a profit of perma banning accounts. Addicted players will make new accounts and re-buy the same skins. So more accounts = more skin sales and more profit.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >level 1-30 sucks its the same as 30-infinite >the leveling-bots in low levels show that. lvling bots only show that ppl are lazy as hell... cos why would you work for the rewards if you can just buy accounts... i dont even understand those ppl... for me the fun is playing the game, and you are skipping that by buying accounts where everything is unlocked... its like buying red dead redemption 2 for the credits at the end...
Leveling bot's only shows that no smurf wants to grind to 30 to play ranked. Smurf accounts are made for 3 reason either to place them self in a lower rank division, reach a higher rank division or try out new thing in a ranked setting with out destroying their mains accounts MMR.
: when my main got banned the support agent that was dealing with me even told me that i should make a new account so i dont think riot really cares about smurfs
You can have as many account as you want. See with perma banned accounts, they ask you make a new one because they want you to play and keep spending money, that's why riot bans accounts and don't deal with the smurfs. More accounts = money revenue.
Shamose (EUW)
: Because Riot doesn't like smurfing. They tolerate people doing it, but they won't ever make it easier to do.
Riot can't do anything about smurfs, because it's not against the rules to make a new account. So riot can never ever do shit about player who smurf. Unless they limit every person to one account which would decrease their revenue, so that won't happen.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=space caose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dtAVy66c,comment-id=0005000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-25T20:18:14.522+0000) > > Swearing, unless its at the ref you will not get punished and worst punishment you can get is a yellow card so again irreverent; no one gets a red for swearing. Does that mean that if you swear on the ref for second time you won't get a second yellow ? ... >Football game's are played once a week or at most twice and for only 90 mins and you play with the same 11 player for the whole year. League is played every days for hours on end, it can't be compared. Pro football can be compared to pro league teams not solo q. That is the difference between LoL and Football/Basketball. The similarities between them is that you play **in** a team, so anything that is required of you when you play in a team in football/basketball, is required of you in LoL. But because you don't get to play with the same team of people in the long run, it makes it that much harder to be patient. That still doesn't give one any right to dice one's teammates, much less insult their character; while ignoring their own mistakes. Not to mention that if you are swearing at your teammates, even if the punishment won't come from the ref, it will come from the coach.
Zerefbg explained it every well to you. League is a competitive game so expect people to get mad when you waste their time. Just like you expect the fans to get mad when your football team loses a match.
ZereFbg (EUNE)
: Most of their arguments and examples are really questionable, make no sense and are nowhere near league to be compared
Yes some of them are very questionable.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” yea, they dont get red for it, but for 2 yellow you get one (afaik, dunno i really dont watch football, its stupid) just like here, 2 chat restriction then a 2 week ban and perma, and really? football is played once a week and you play lol for hours, yup they are totally different, and players are totally not going around in teams, just like they dont do it here, ok then i should just go back to playing before you bring up that im silver and dont know shit, so ill leave you getting mad over losing your account for swearing while i play it as much as i want without the fear of the banhammer
You're making no sense what so ever! No one gets a red for swearing no has ever got 2 yellows for swearing either. So you're missing the mark by a long shot. (Is using football, but doesn't watch the game and call it stupid) Say a lot really. Also why would i get mad about my account being taken? My new account is already D4 so that again is pointless. I have no reason to bring up rank, i didn't even look at your rank So not sure why you'd add that. Now if you want to give me sound argument go for it, cause at the moment it doesn't correspond. Also when you play football you now what player you have on your team and how good they are, also you now what team you're going up against ( E.g Liverpool vs C place) You expect liverpool to win because they are the better team with the better players. So how does being paired with 9 random guys in solo q correspond to football?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: then lets just go with the football example i did in a different reply, you can get punished for swearing in it
Swearing, unless its at the ref you will not get punished and worst punishment you can get is a yellow card so again irreverent; no one gets a red for swearing. Football game's are played once a week or at most twice and for only 90 mins and you play with the same 11 player for the whole year. League is played every days for hours on end, it can't be compared. Pro football can be compared to pro league teams not solo q.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >the game itself is toxic and creates toxicity how can a game be toxic? nothing in it is toxic, its just like any other pvp game... its not more or less than chess, you have champs/figures and they counter/get countered by different ones, so how can that be toxic? >Riot needs to also accept that they play a big part in the toxicity so publishing a game for free and allowing anyone to play it is playing a big part in toxicity? good to know >they really don't do anything to counter it. they are banning ppl without a break, but they cant keep up with the breeding of toxic ppl
You're forgetting something, chess is a game played by 2 people, no else has any influence on what move you make or how you play. So it's nothing like chess, league has 9 other players and 4 which are your team that you need in order to win. The only thing you need in chess is your own personal skill.
: same lol and i would still buy skins :)
I played better with chat restriction and very rarely use the 5 free lines of text it gives.
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZereFbg,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dtAVy66c,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-24T19:51:02.648+0000) > > To the 2 people that disagreed with me , explain me why. Explain me how good are permabans for removing the ''toxic'' players from the game... Tell me how exactly does it fix the issue . First off the WHY chat-behavoir can rightfully end in bans: The chat, as well as pings are a very useful toll to help coordinating the team, especially for taking objectives, setting up teamfights and helping your teammates making decisions. An example for the last one would be telling your mate that the enemy jungler is not really leaving top and therefore your bot can push harder without worrying about the jungler. If I am forced to mute someone from chat or/and this players pings, because this players abuse of chat and pings to release once rage are distracting (or frustrating me when I am already tilting), I potencinally loose an important source of informative input, putting the team at a disatvantage against the enemy team that has all communication lins open. --> Summary: Negative chat or ping behavoir can effectivly decrease your win chances, so it can be argued to be griefing even if that is not the actual intention behind it. (Bonus: Some people even die while ranting in the chat) Now: How are permabans removing toxic players from the game: Simple. You cannot be toxic if you cannot play the game. Sure. You can make a new account, but you have to level it up first, so at least ranked will be save from these players for some time. And not having these players in ranked for some time is still better than having them in ranked all the time.
This is where you are wrong on so many levels, go to the thread and it should explain why being perma banned for being toxic is point less, especially when it comes to a competitive game that takes up 20-40 mins of your life every game. If the thread doesn't do it for you ill be more then happy to explain it to you in this thread. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban Merry Christmas all
gazzo97 (EUW)
: why play this game?
The best way to quit is limit your game's or try find other game's to play. I've been playing since season one and the only thing got me to stop was my main being perm banned, even tho i have to other accounts. 9 years lost just because of people int and trolling gets to a person. Your best bet is to stop at gold if do you play ranked, then just mess about in normal's. It might slowly decrees your game's. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban?comment=00120000000000000000000000000000
: i played since just s3, cant imagine your pain.
Even more sad after 9 years they finally manged to get me over the edge and get my account perma banned. The link explains it all if you ever read it. I've sadly given up hope on this game, as i get more mad then happy playing it. https://gyazo.com/1709f18c76f72ec98c396e68285f2aae ( Also miss my old Sion, and i was bronze back then, but still beast Sion player) https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: All my friends quit playing league , I lost my account that I spent 6 years of evolving it... I had all the champions, I had 60+ skins (I think), I played 7-10 hours A DAY, I spent my pocket money buying RP (like 400$) just to get my account perma banned because I was a TOXIC SCUM (part of the 0.006% toxic scums) A number that surprisingly never changed over the years. Riot lost a loyal player because I couldn't take the fact that I had to face trolls/inters/afk's every single day and keeping my mouth shut for 20-40 min.
I feel your pain, all my friends have also left. My best friend who i introduced to league years ago who's a lot more chill when it comes to playing league has also just quit. He's currently at uni, i asked if he still plays and he said no, cause its no longer a fun and exciting game for him, also me getting my main permed didn't really help. He's also a high plat/low diamond player and can't handle match making anymore and he's way more cool headed when it comes to the game, it doesn't matter who you are, league finds a way to bring the worst out in you. (He also go his first restriction this season after 4-5 years.) I've never had a problem with any other game, i'm very rare toxic and i play a lot of game's, there is just something in that league makes me rage. Its sad because i never used to have this problem in seasons 1-4
: I know your post :) I believe I talked in it as well. Also I am talking for my EUW account that also got permabanned because those re-tards managed to annoy me to the point of calling them out... I called them re-tards,fa-ggots,morons,handicapped etc. because the intentionally lost my time numerous times and went away with it. I've been tracking their accounts for few days and none of them got banned. I guess 1/21 with I quote ''good luck trying to win the game with me inting'' was not enough to get him banned + I made several support tickets with proof of how people were inting/trolling and guess what they responded me with ? ''We are sorry for your bad experience but we can't do anything about it''... they copy/pasted the same exact message in every support ticket I wrote. This is the moment I realized that Riot does not give a single %%%% about the real problem. Instead they punish the people that are forced to stay with the fu.cktards for 20-40 and expect them to stay chill the whole time. And do you know whats wrong ?? Some idiots right here on the boards defend them. They defend the fact that you DESERVED to loose your account because someone was constantly provoking you (not 1 game, for me it was over 20+ games IN A ROW). And all of them came with the same bullshit ''no matter what happens you should not flame anybody''. These players are the casuals, they don't really know how ranked works and how frustrating and stressful it can be. There are so many things that they don't get abut the more competitive players that's its ridiculous that they act like they know it all.
Its the same old shit year in and year out. You're better of soft inting in your game's then raging at them. Riot logic if you can't beat em join them. Like i don't really care anymore, i play a few games now and then with my friend but that's about it. Like this game has drained every thing that used to be fun about it. I hope they do lose players just so they can fix the %%%% and improve the game for the better even if i ain't spamming 800+ games a season anymore. Unless riot take a huge plunge in revenue they ain't going to change their ways, its not like they ever listen to what people have to say on the boards. Ye sending tickets are pointless most of the time since its mostly read by a shitty bot. But hey ho if you don't rage you can get banned. So make sure you only die 5-10 over the course of 20 min game and don't make to ovs that you're trolling, or even better follow you're jungler around %%%% shit up for them. Just remember don't talk in chat guys.
: Plat-Dia is hell fam, %%%% the flaming... These morons will int/troll just because you stole 1 minion, or their blue/red buff or for even more childish reason. Not even over exaggerating sadly
I know i'm D3 euw. Don't get me started on those people, i had so many game's where people went afk because they lost fb. I also got so many players who'd only play 1 game a month to maintain their ranked status. Diamond for climbing is pure cancer because its impossible to climb on skill alone. Also me being a diamond player is the reason this account go a perma, because it got to the point where i was losing 8 game's a row duo to trolls. 9 Seasons of game play down the gutter. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban
DutchPro (EUW)
: It's not really rank related, you get flamed in plat and diamond aswell trust me. People will flame u no matter what in this game, just accept it and ignore it
Flame is everywhere, but at least the higher rank's you expect players to be a bit more experienced and not do rookie plays. E.g taking fights when you're behind in lane, or trying to team fight when you should be farming. People tend to get mad when people don't listen, so telling some one to play safe and passive instead of aggressive, then refuse and die and complain. Unprovoked rage is just stupid.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Why does rank matter in interactions with players?
The simple reason being is the game is a lot more different at higher ranks. Like comparing a silver game to diamond game is a huge difference even if it doesn't look like it. No matter what the rank people should have a civil debate and respect peoples options even if they disagree. But people at higher elo's tend to feel they are bit more knowledge duo to the time invest to get into said division. But there is no real reason to play ranked above gold 5 unless you're trying to improve your game play.
: For OLD LoL players... its so... :'(
For a guy who's been playing since season 1, makes me sad how much league has gone from being fun :(
: Wait, I already made several support tickets with proof of the people inting/trolling and I got the same copy/paste message that they can't do anything (they can) ... How the %%%% did you make this happen?
I have no idea, just luck i guess. I've only ever sent about 3-5 tickets in my whole life, and they have been resent. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/uifN7jtJ-perma-ban Check this, the dude was 1W-19L in bronze running smite, with no support item, and only got banned because i sent a ticket.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Riot certainly cares, they are just probably slow as f. I've had same players in my team and I also checked their following games. Once I had a Nida jg that run down my lane because she died first blood in river by getting 3v1'ed. I reported the player but she still played 2 games (in the first she trolled again, and in the next she was afk) after the bann set in. The reason is simple. Its harder to detect trolls, because Riot cannot judge by only stats. Afk can be detected by the Leavebuster, and flaming is detected by a BOT, but deciding whether it was real trolling or just a "bad game", as Riot calls it, is much harder and takes more insight, then just looking through a chat-log for swear words. And also, you met him just once, and there is not much chance that you get matched with him again, its not impossible tho, I have an example for that too. The game happened and nothing can change that now, and from that point its not your concern, but Riot's responsibilty to serve the rightful punishment.
Riot doesn't care about people who int, i've played this game for 8 season's the only time some one got banned for inting was when i sent a personal support tick to riot. Other then that you haven't go chance of getting banned as long you don't make it to obvious. As long as you're not saying mean words you're good to go. And i've tested this on 4 different accounts, The bot can really only track mean words. As long as you soft int the system can not detect you.
: Balancing teams to PLAY RATE & Division
Try diamond + game's where you're matched with player who play once a month to keep their diamond status. They don't care if they win or lose.
Mcnakstar (EUW)
: You had a hard time and I hope that your future will be anything usefuller than this trash game. Riot does`nt notice to satisfy the lol-community.
Ye its %%%%ing stupid, they really don't give a %%%% about us anymore, anything and everything they do is biased on making money or improving the pro scene.
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