Marcua (EUW)
: Riot is doing their best
Yes, this needed to be said. Rito is doing the best job they can. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Today i finished school!!!
Same! I just finished today! Still got exams to do tho...
: Riven in Bloodmoon
she must be too op i guess? I mean if they actually put in all the assasins, champs like Master Yi might be added and he might be quite op in that mode
sparpo (EUW)
: How come i only ever get legacy skins from rerolling?
almost all of the legacy skins i got just look awful
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LazySlav (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=OP Champions,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Ukjsludb,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-01-09T19:28:42.762+0000) > > I am happy that one for all will be comming back :) > > But is it really that hard to work on one for all while having a game mode like arurf running like normal. I mean you already have a lot of game modes working so you should be able to just activate them without problems and then keep working on one for all, right? Maybe they don't have individual server to run it. And must test on real one where rotating game modes are now. Who knows.
> [{quoted}](name=LazySlav,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Ukjsludb,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-01-09T20:19:40.079+0000) > > Maybe they don't have individual server to run it. And must test on real one where rotating game modes are now. Who knows. It not a server problem, i remember reading somewhere that they haven't implemented it into the client or something like that
But like varus the darkin is not gay (well i mean he could be, we dont know, it doesnt say. I mean any champ could be gay but its not nessessarily mentioned) its the humans he merged with who are gay
Krubaver (EUW)
: what champ should I play to solo carry out of silver?
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: Cannot connect to the Authentification Service
: Grievous Wound is the most anti-fun mechanic this game has!
The most unfun effect? I disagree. Really hard CC and {{champion:516}} 's new "brittle" effect has to be among the most UNFUN effects. Champs like {{champion:113}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} are not fun to play against. Sure, grievous wounds is strong right now, maybe a little too strong and specific champs like {{champion:266}} suffer the most. But my point is, that GW is not unfun, just annoying. Alot of champs dont even buy lifesteal and, if im playing a tank late game, most adc's can ignore the GW from a thornmail and still heal up from me.
Tymaczek (EUNE)
: Mastery lvl8 + ?
I think if there are any more masteries, they should be based on your win/loss ratio with that champ - a pure indication of mastery. No matter how many games you win or S you get, u could still be bad at that champ. So after you hit mastery 7, you need to prove your skill by how actually good you are. Maybe you need like a winratio of 55% or something.
: Shen Tips
His ult works well with invisible/camouflage champs. When they are stealthed ult them and the enemy won't see the ult effect. I not exactly sure if this works, but I think so. When you ult your sword immediately travels with you so u can press w instantly to shield em from auto atks. Try and get to the brushes first in top lane. Then place your sword in it. After that its easier to make it pass through them because its behind them. That's all for now, there's probably more but I can't remember them right now
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: What about learning to play against him ?
> [{quoted}](name=Highman King,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oJd2VW83,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-01-04T01:19:12.877+0000) > > What about learning to play against him ? But don't you think people would of found out how to do that by now? It feels like yasou is too difficult to play against. When a champ becomes strong and is played by a lot of people, people find a counter. After some time other people begin to learn to play against it and that champ becomes less strong. This has not happened with yasou.
: One of the last people in the office just chilling out what are you doing?
Its my birthday today :DD and I'm good. How are you?
: Today, i had to go to the school psychiatrist
Heheh, but like, even if you were drawing the real satan it shouldn't matter, because satanism is a real religion and all. So you shouldn't of been sent to the psychiatrist anyway. Is it some sort of hard-line Christian school?
: Yasou is overpowered
Yup, yasou is op as hell. Everybody says he's only good when played correctly... But so is every champion. Every yasou every game seems to get a load of kills and either wins his lane or makes a comeback later on. I don't think he should be nerfed that heavily but windwall definitely needs to be toned down. Hes just annoying and not fun to play against.
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Berrevan (EUW)
: Azir skin thought
Hmm, but he's still from Shurima regardless of whether he's ascended or not, so wouldn't his sun disc turrets and soldiers look the same? Sure the skin of Azir himself would look human but all his abilities would be the same, therefore it would have to be a really cheap skin. For example Redeemed Riven and Swiftbolt Varus, their moves don't change just the champ changes and both these skins are the cheapest for each champ(I think). Not that there's anything wrong with a cheap skin however.
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
If this is still going on: 1:Dark Star Varus 2:Warlord Shen 3:Arctic Ops Varus Thank you
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Because for many, creating their own champions isn't for the purpose of somehow getting them into the game but rather express their own creativity and share ideas for the fun of it.
But what's more satisfying than getting our own creation into a game played by millions? At least a rioter could consider or at least a comment as to why they couldn't put this champion into the game? Obviously they couldn't do this for every post but it would just be reassuring to know Riot does care.
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: So he is viable but not as adc. The guide you give me was very good but there has been big Changes to many of the items ap varus could use. How do you Guild him today?
AP varus is really fun, I dont know how high elo you could take ap varus. I never see someone like Faker or other challengers build anything other than AD caster. AP varus is really good though, I win nearly every laning phase(I really mean almost every time, but champs like yasou are really hard to lane against) and has a better late game than an AD varus. AD varus has a far better poke however, with AP you need to get a little close to the action, but can be a little dangerous. AP has another advantage is that you are tankier and can 1v1 far better than AD varus. When I build AP I usually use in this order: Core: {{item:1055}} - {{item:3027}} - {{item:3115}} (or {{item:3091}} i usually use {{item:3115}} though ) boots: {{item:3009}} (or {{item:3158}} ) optional: {{item:3285}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3026}} Even with ap varus you need to have AD runes/atk speed runes/cooldown, but you have AP masteries. I usually take ghost as the other spell
: What is state of Varus?
I main varus right now and definitely his meta is mid. He's just a really poor adc, either you build ad caster or ap (thats right- ap, its surprisingly powerful). Once i fought another varus in mid (I was also varus, this was a blind match). He built adc and i build hybrid ad caster/ap and in a 1v1 i completely destroyed him. He just couldnt do all that much to me. And just a note ap varus can kill super minions faster than any other champion. Heres a guide explaining how good ap varus can be:
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: I....have nothing. Literally, that does sound ludicrous. Even if you didn't participate in most of the objective seizing, that score is pretty insane even for a Challenger smurf Varus.
haha, thank you for the compliment :D . But its weird, its not like i dont try and take towers. i do try and get objectives so i dont no why i cant get a S
Maluber (EUW)
: Object participation plays a large role in what grade you get. I've gotten A's with good kda's that could of been S's had I been there when towers were taken. Likewise I've gotten S's with an average kda but good object participation.
huh... I usually try and get as many towers as possible, but maybe i dont do it enough...
: it's easier to get high scores if you successfully play your champion in a role where no one does, for example, you might find it easier to get an S as an adc if you play it top or mid, which not a lot of people do and when they do it's trolling so that brings the requirements down a bit.
I wonder if {{champion:110}} top would be good... There isnt really much else varus can do and hes not actually that good at being adc, hes stronger building AP or AD caster, which are generally played in mid. But, AP varus is really good at tank killing so i guess top might be a option.
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: Varus Needs a New Passive
I main varus and he just cant be adc. I play him mid (building ap on varus is surprisingly op) and after while i dont even care about his passive, it just doesnt seem to make all that much of difference. I think maybe they could either change W into the passive then get a new W or just get a completely new passive.
: A jungler that controls minions.
Sounds awesome. I really wanted a champ that could at least do something with minions
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: I don't main a champion?
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times" -Bruce Lee
: Towers should be something you are scared of. [Suggestion]
If you want towers to be not bad all game then I think towers should do a small amount of added percent damage. This would mean they able to take down most champs no matter what. I mean like really small: outer turrets do [what ever damage they already have + 2%], mid [damage already + 5%], inner [damage + 1% that increases by 1% every 1 sec] and nexus would be [damage + 2% per 1 sec]. I dont really see why towers need buff, but percent damage is how i think it should be done.
: Play badminton on battlefield please . You almost killed me with this joke post. Lol , and again idiotic talk about how flame related to elo rank. And for my personal opinion badminton is dumb game. Dunno what good you can get from it. Personally i respect basketball ,sicne you can learn and lot of usefull things from it. You never watched asian streamers and how they flame? YES BOY ITS SHOCKING ASIA for you. And you know in korean server nobody was banning people for flaming. Becouse KOREANS ARE BETTERRRRRRRRR . They understand that flame is part of the game . Tipycal example - gragas@@@@ wont say his full name more of those who watch streams will recognize him. Please boards can i have some decent human here who can give me at least 1 good counterargumant against flaming.
Ha! Proof that your toxic. Wtf, you're just insulting me, why do you need to mention badminton is a dumb game? It has nothing to do with this argument. You were just trying to put me down and make me feel bad. I bet if I told you what t-shirt im wearing or what country I'm from, you would just insult me on that too. You're clearly trolling. This is a debate, we are arguing our opinions and I can respect that, but you, you are just insulting people. I'm don't care anymore. Maybe your right? Maybe I am? I don't know. You complain about no counterarguments but I don't see many come from you. Here's a YouTube video explaining one of my arguments, i hope you can respect that. I don't know if its right but here you go:
: The art of war? Are you and idiot talking about something he dosent know ? Since when wars were sportmanlike? Insulting and cursing before combat engage was common in war.But that was other kind of verbal abuse. Oficers and soldiers dont learn human psychology they learn subordination those are difrent things . But again your "smarter" than me to talk about those things. If you wont give better arguments wont wast time on low educated garbage like you.
Firstly, Ilnior, you are toxic. Secondly, i play an actual sport, badminton. NOBODY, i repeat NOBODY acts the way you flamers might act towards each other. Its just dumb, immoral and annoying. The only reason you do this is because your on a computer and it doesn't matter what you do because there are no consequences. Finally, ever watched LoL on youtube? I once heard that most players who constantly flame, stay in low ranks, because they always blame others. They don't look to what they're doing wrong. A player is feeding... So what? Why don't you get fed yourself? They could be just having a bad day as well. The best players look at the mistakes they are making so they improve and get better.
sparpo (EUW)
: This is unfair
Thanks everyone, one last thing though: Perhaps the creators could make it so the game refuses to allow me to join a game if the connection isn't stable. Anyone think this is a good idea?
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