: looking for duo gold+ climb plat
don't bother with this one ... all he wants is someone to boost him up ... besides, he has shitty mic and constantly talking with others during game, so - not a team player ... also what I noticed, whenever he gets ahead early, he is one of those that will just threw that advantage away...
: [EUW]-[S]-[Platinum TOP]-[Dynamic Queue]
Noodz (EUW)
: Duo Q
can you add me ;)? spirit of music
Noodz (EUW)
: Duo Q
yo man :) i added you, but if i lookup your summoner name in lol client, it shows a players that played last game in december -.-''
: Creating New Team LF Active Members Plat+
dont join him ;) he will ditch youa fter 1 game..and he is always creating inactive teams anyway ;)
: lf players for ranked5's now goldplatdia
dont join that noob...he is just going to screw you over and replace you in seconds...before game even starts;)
: Creating New Team LF Active Members Plat/Dia
Ign: spirit of music Role: top/mid Age: 24
Darcal (EUW)
: Team Recruitment - Need Top/jungle/mid
Summoner name : spirit of music Name : Gregor Age : 24 Lane : top/mid Division : plat 5 Started playing since : season 1
Ybruf (EUW)
: Recruiting members for team!!!
Top laner, plat 4 from slovenia ;)
Valentío (EUW)
: if you could come online please mate need quick discussion
Valentío (EUW)
: Looking to recruit high level players (Mid, Support, Top)
IGN name: spirit of music Position prefered: top Age: 24 Rank: plat 4 Nationality: Slovene
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: Plat 1 Support looking for a team to continue to improve my support skill
: TLF top laner between g2 and plat 2
League: plat5 age: 24 ign: spirit of music
: [EUW]-[SS]-[P1 + Support]-[LF team]-[Ranked 5v5]
: D+ Creating a team for fun ranked games 16+ adequate players M.T.Bot
Hi! i'm 24y old LoL player from Slovenia. I have been playing lol for 5 years. Mostly i play mid/top. I actually have time everyday from 16.00 CET+1 on.

spirit of music

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