: I was hacked and then banned for cheating.
A similar thing happened to me before: account was secured as best it could be but someone still got in and got me banned lol. It was easy enough to tell it wasn't me as the person responsible bought varus and played him twice under a rune page that was named something weird like 'varus60%WR4%PR'. I sent a ticket to support and they agreed it was obviously not me so they just asked me to do a virus scan just in case (so this might be worth doing in case they ask you the same), and then they gave me my account back. The process took a couple of days but the guys at support were actually really cool about it; it can just take them a while to get back to you. Hopefully your issue is resolved and they can give you your account back.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
I'm also low elo so what I say might not be too accurate, but from what I've seen; If your top-laner allows Nasus to stack then the game is practically over. I'm a Naut OTP and Nasus can't really do much against me, but I've heard there's a few champs that counter Nasus (like Teemo and Garen), it's just a matter of trying to convince your top-laner to pick one.
: Akali is still too overpowered
I play {{champion:111}} whenever I go top and pray for an Akali because it's a free lane. Maybe give the big boi a go if the Akali pick is before your pick
: Minimap missclick being a huge problem
I often do this when trying to move somewhere, like chasing someone. Rarely happens in actual fights for me. My friend keeps telling me I can turn it off in the options, but I find it useful sometimes, so I'd appreciate being able to have a hotkey for it, or just like having to shift click the map or something to move to that point.
: neeko support
From what I've seen of her, she's a strong support but an awful mid. Granted this is only through YouTube vids and my low elo, but tha's all I've seen so far
: Article11/13 - The end of the Internet as we know it
They try passing laws like these and wonder why Brexit happened lol
Arkadaos (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
Depends on my role. I always play Naut; If I'm mid I'll ban Malzahar because his passive makes laning difficult, any other role I'll ban Brand as he has far too much damage for a support lol
: Proud player!
Good going, my friend. It takes a lot of self-control to stop having a negative attitude towards some games, so well done lad/lass. Also gg on the D5 too
: How do I deal with Blitzcrank as a support?
As a {{champion:111}} OTP, I love having a Blitzcrank on the enemy team 'cause it's a free lane. If you're in champ select and see that the enemy has picked Blitz, then pick another tanky, engage support and enjoy winning your lane lol
ImSingle (EUNE)
: Swear words, flame and language filter
I think the difference is the context in which it's used. In your example, you are well within your right to report as they are showing a negative attitude and also using homophobic language. However, there's a lot of people (myself included) who swear a lot (both in game and out) but don't curse as an insult but just as a standard word. For example, if I were to say "Ah **** sorry guys, I ****ed that up", you don't need to know what the words are to know I'm not using them insultingly. I feel like reporting the flamers is fair but reporting non-insulting curse words isn't: I don't think you should be reporting people JUST for using curse words, but feel free to report them if they use the words to flame. The language filter is more for the words themselves, rather than the meaning put behind them, in my opinion.
Cry0tex (EUW)
: Show/appear as offline
It's not really needed, BUT I'd still like to have it implemented. I'd use it quite often tbf because I tend to ignore a fair few people.
Votre âme (EUNE)
: Finding an ADC
I literally never play adc so I'm not sure how qualified I am to give advice but my mate is an adc main so I'll just mention some things he told me when he wanted to teach me the role... He always recommended Tristana, simply for her mobility: adcs tend to be super squishy all game and having the escape potential there can make playing the role less scary at first. Another champion he liked was Miss Fortune as her abilities aren't too difficult to use and so you can focus more on improving positioning and the like. I've also heard that Caitlyn and Sivir are good champs to learn on. Also, if you aren't queued with your support, ask them whether they play aggressively or passively (or tell them which one you'd rather) at the start of the game just so you can better predict each others moves and there aren't any surprises. That's all I can suggest due to my inexperience, sorry.
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: Nerf Morgana
Morgana isn't too bad of a champ to play against honestly. The only truly annoying thing about her is the 3 second root, which is a skill shot that you can easily dodge with adequate reactions (especially as it is often predictable). The only time her root is stupidly strong is if it catches you out late game and there's another enemy that can follow it up. I'm not a huge fan of playing against Morgana, but I know that if I lose against her, it's because of my playing poorly as opposed to her being an overpowered champion
CJXander (EUNE)
: Level borders
They should make it so that you can change your level border freely between the ones that you've unlocked. I mean you can change your icon, profile background, emotes, etc already and being able to customise the little things is strangely satisfying
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