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: 28 going on 29 soon. May be not as old as most of you in here but I feel out of absolute touch with the majority of the young'un in here. I grew up on the Mega Drives, Ataris. Out of curiosity, did anybody else try and blow into their cartridges when they stopped working?
sorry for resurrecting a very old post, hope there is no infractions. but i wanted to reply too .. 44 here playing since season 2, on and off. finally got to silver this year :)
: How to Not Get a Suspension or Restriction THE FIRST TIME
this guys is right. i got baned a lot of times ( chat ban ) for doing stuff like he mentioned. things like giving up too soon, or replying to others who abuse me of i feed and blaming each other. i thot i was ok to be reported didnt care at the time, untill the chat bans started piling up. at some point they reached 160, with me not doing anything special just being reported for feeding or such, or replying to someone. or saying easy after a win. the tribunal, is run by community so its very unfair system. better play it safe and not suffer the consequences, dont say the truth about someone if he sucks, or easy if u win hard, dont reply to anyone who anuse u, dont give up game even if its 40 - 0, because all of that can get u baned.

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