: First of all that wouldn't be called anime. But it would be cool if they made the lore into an animated show with multiple episodes. I bet it would break Game of Thrones (never watched it) record.
If it's called anime I'm sure it would have much more views than an animated show !
: An animated series would be cool, but please, anime is Japanese and garbage at 24fps and with awful animation, if Riot Games is going to make something it will be to a quality standard like their other animations. Riot Games is a lot bigger than the Japanese anime companies, and so can afford to do this, the question is, however, would be if this is profitable, and I really don't think it will be since people playing this game mainly just play for fun with friends and don't care for lore or even read the patch notes. So I don't see this happening anytime soon. I do however see them developing their Universe more and giving us more short animations and comics as well as stories to keep us invested in their great storytelling. I'm not against the idea of a series, but as a company it has to be profitable, and with something that will cost so much to produce, it seems way too risky, especially when the game is going through a lot of changes recently, how it has become more accessible for new players for example.
Ahah, I like the way you see animes, did you see the anime movies from myazaki ? It would maybe change your mind about it. I agree with you that a lot of players dont care about the universe of lol but I think maybe 30% do ? And 30% of the league's community would be nice for a start;besides I know some guys that like animes but are not really sensitive to the lol story and it'd be a great link, it's around 10% of the guys I know playing lol so by expending that leads to 40% of the league community. As you say riot is really big now so the animes would have a very nice quality, not animes Japanese and garbage at 24fps and with awful animations ahah. So it will touch more people than only players, cause the anime's community is huge everywhere (lot lot huger than the animated movie's community) and if they see nice animes they should have an inclination to play league. Wow has been huge cause the story of warcraft is wonderful and you can evolve IN this story. The thing is that riot has to be creative to welcome more people. With animes they'd be the first doing this, with alot of viewers. So i'm sure it'll be profitable, the cost of the production will be wrote off quickly, especially if they want it to be accessible for new players. Moreover if the series work, they have a huge developement's possibilities of stories aroundall the characters, with opportunities to make new games like mmorpg around it or whatever, and it might work cause of this special story and universe greatly detailed (I think of warcraft or final fantasy). Finally it'd be so great to see the champs you play with with a developped personality, interacting with each other and have their own story and you'll just watch them don't you think ? :)
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