: People only play this game because they are addicted
it's just a game at the end of the day, you have to play it for fun otherwise you can't call it "game". Play the champions you like, play it with a grain of superficiality, stop.
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: why no RP rewards for players
you ought to play for the pleasure of doing it, if you do it for grinding cosmetics then it is not worth spending that time on it, you better drop 5 bucks and you saved yourself hours and hours of frustrating attempts to get precisely what you want. I agree that the system is avaricious and they give nothing for free or benevolence like green said, it's just an honey trap for flies that make you want more but your time is also precious so be aware of it!
: is possible to get.. ?
It's very likely your accomplice sold his account back then, it's a frequent practice... there would be no ways otherwise another player would have took it... and the reason your accomplice made another account without asking for his previous one loudly, it's fishy. Just be honest with yourself, karma use to punch back at you, harder.
: I know its easy to say but hard to do but id recommend to force yourself to stop with league for a few weeks. Ask a friend, let him change your accounts password and email password and tell him to keep his account for a set period x. Youre most likely kind of addicted, and getting away from it asap is the best you can do imo.
good one, if he's not able to find a solution, then this suggestion is valid, but not a way out. I think he could try to start giving passwords to a close friend, but he has not to falter if he starts asking it....
: LoL is ruining my life at this point
read this carefully----just find something else to do your condition is greatly miserable.... if you have nothing more than league to do then you get stucked because it's the only thing you can do, so i think you have to **find an hobby**, this game is tainting your body, your mind and soul... just understand that and if you** love yourself **enough, if you have some **dignity** you will find something else... just play it for fun or to counter bad moments.... it can help, i do, just doesn't exaggerate and **don't take it too seriously**... after all **it's a game you have not full control over it **so your skill matters but with a limit... play with a smile on your face keeping it in mind and try to take pleasure from doing this** game** otherwise...why do you wanna even play? reading your message could be funny because it's just almost unrealistic but if you're serious then it's painful to even think about that... you deserve more than this misery..
: honor history
What would be a consequence for this taken action? We could see people staring at those earned flags, making them proud of their results, kinda like good personal scores .... and most important it could incentivize sportsmanship attitude! So, riot, what are you waiting for?? ;) it's a very good idea
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