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: 1. in other game u also only have a limited amount of rewards for specific things. So why should there be a reward when all rewards shown are already reached. in other games u then have to wait for next month or next season or whatever too. 2. I wouldnt give out blue essence in tft rewards since tft is more or less something completly else then the real game modi. i think blue essence should be earned by playing the real thing not tft. Rewards like stickers, symbols and so on are ok. (this said i still need blue essence and i wouldnt complain if it comes but i think this would be wrong.)
I actually think blue essence or account xp, as an alternative to pass xp from missions, on the completed pass would be good. Right now it's nothing more than a 'for fun' mode, but then so is aram... and aram has xp rewards. I don't see a reason to play tft when the pass is completed - there's no account progression from playing it when the pass is completed.
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Doomley (EUW)
: As i have said in millions of posts like this before, the upgrade price is about the same as it was before the changes. To get that 600 BE, you had to buy 2-3 champions shards (more if unlucky) for 1700 IP each. So in the best case scenario, you would pay 3400 IP and in the normal case 5100 IP. More if you are unlucky. So the current price is actually better than before.
True, BUT, before the merge that BE wasn't being used directly to buy champions... it was only used for crafting, so it does kinda feel a little unfair now. I don't see the point of using the 'new' BE (IP) to get the mastery upgrades. Also you got quite a few shards just from chests, not necessarily from IP.
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