: I'm german and if someone asks me if I'm german in LoL I don't answer either :D People who don't speak english where english is standard are getting on my nerve too. But I've seen as many germans as french, northern language speaker and languages I don't understand at all.
Hurensohn already became the standard word of German player. If they really want to hurt others with language, why not use English? Will you use German to insult someone when you really got pissed off?
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: Help ! I can't get into games !
you can try to start a practice pool, and the game wont start, but the client says you are in game. In practice pool there is not remake, so you will suck in there forever and never get into a game or back to your normal client, it will tell you you are in game. Don't ask me how to know it. I already say goodbye to my account, it stay in a practice pool forever.{{item:3194}}
: Help ! I can't get into games !
the most disgusting thing is riot wont give the lost lp back. Even it is not our problems.

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