: Honestly, well played to G2 on their 4th consecutive split title, but in all fairness this means little to nothing. Yes, they are extremely good within our region, but for whatever reason they fall apart when it comes to the international stage. I truly hope that Fnatic make it through the regional qualifiers and get that 3rd spot for worlds, (IN MY OPINION) we would then have at least 2 teams that stand somewhat of a chance at worlds, Fnatic have a proven track record at international tourneys-yes they need some work, but they have between now and worlds to get in as much scrim time as possible. Misfits I feel could be a huge underdog on the worlds stage, they play somewhat like a wildcard team and that unpredictability could be the undoing of a number of teams this year. As always, the big one to beat will be SKT, who still look as strong as ever. If Fnatic (provided they get through regionals- I think Unicorns would an OK-ish replacement if they get through) or Misfits get placed in a group that does not have SKT in it, I believe they could make Quarter finals and beyond with ease. Again, this is solely MY OPINION, so no hate please. Anyone else have some thoughts as to how things go this year?
I mean LZ beat SKT, but last time that happenned (rox winning summer), skt still won. So yeah, korea will be above anyone else, LZ and SKT are the two teams to avoid, and SKT will probably win... Again...
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: Hell yea, 1 h to Kraków {{summoner:31}}
{{item:3070}} Hell yea, 8 h to Kraków {{item:3070}}
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: Check for me, adc main ;)
: MST Fearless Add me Watch me Sign me OG <3
: DOmmage j'ai fais un penta avec {{champion:81}} 1 ult 5 kill c'était beau a voir mais je sais pas comment enregistrer et tout
Y a des logiciels pour ca, le plus connu c'est lol replay
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: And where is my awesome Zed quadra hmmm!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UChmg-mBjk
It's not there for riot {{item:3070}}


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