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The Exilé (EUNE)
: Cannot claim my twitch prime loot
Same here, it says "does not support your region" . But I'm on EUW?? Dafuq?
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: Yeh that's kinda true but I hate how people complaing about going oom. That's really stupid. What do you think?
noone is complaining about him, about what? huh?
Porax (EUW)
: Are you having a bad farm at the end of the game? Here's might be why
: There is always someone better than you.
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: true but yeah..just dont use it ? :P
That's is not the point, Mark completely changes the dynamic of ARAM, which in my opinion is really toxic and chaotic. People WILL use it if they get like Alistar, Nautilus or Leona, who were already pretty decent before the patch. Play it and you'll see any squishy character now don't dare to: 1) stand in the bush 2) stand right behind enemy minions and back the hell off if there are no allied minions. People have to positions even more cautiously and thats no fun. Mark just shifted ARAM from Ranged poke being really powerful, tanks being decent and squishy melees being bad to any tank is really powerful and everything else is mediocre.
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