4n00b15 (EUW)
: I've got strange freezing this patch. Pretty bad laptop I'm playing on but normal it's capped at 60 fps and plays fine. However, as the game gets longer in duration i get freezing for half a second to a second at random times, usually in teamfights or when I open the shop or scoreboard. only happens later into the game.
Your issue might be your laptop. laptop just gets really hot over the time, that means your performance will decrease and get less fps or little freezes.
HonorFive (EUW)
: my graphics card cost 1/10 of yours, and i have the same FPS. putting a game on an ssd doesnt increase fps up date to driver dont ensure the most fps fi u close the client while playing......... i dont evne understand that sentence putting settings on low usually just gives a 5% gain max, even though the game looks 100% more shitty
There is an option in the Client, if you mark the checkbox the client will completely close while the game is running. Some people got their issues fixed because of this.
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