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: Yes, clearly. F.e. the Ozone hole has started to close. Green power is mandatory in the Energy Mix of certain countries. etc. etc.
Only plastic, finite natural resources. dumping everything in the ocean. Stop illegal logging Stop the extinction of waves of species, soil erosion and as few more things to do until the planet isnt a mess...
: I wasnt opposed to that point, which appears to be your main one. Because we _are_ special, we _can_ have the foresight necessary to preserve the ressources we need. Plants and animals dont. They do in fact use up all available ressources frequently (imagine yeast cultures dying in their own digestion products, my cats and dogs would eat as much food as I put into their bowl and more and get fat to a point they cant walk) but noone skoffs them for it. Plants and birds arent holier than thou in that regard and do pretty much NOTHING to preserve the planets ressources. Humans do use up more ressources than other species true, but they also are one of the only species to care about it and do something against it too.
Even in the last 50 years have we done that? Nope. We ain't changing for no disaster. Only a few examples, - the dumping of nuclear waste. - cfcs - illegal forrestation. - Plundering of species. - poisoning of water - Soil erosion. - ANY plastic. You think any of that has got any better in the last 50 years?
: The planet couldnt care less about what happens on it. The plants couldnt care less about what happens around them. The animals couldnt care less about anything beyond their personal horizon. Only humans can. That is why we _are_ special.
Let me put this in another way: If this planet happens to get in such a state where whole swathes of species die, what do we do? I mean do we live on the planet that you live on? If so how do we get there? Conventional rockets? I hope it's %%%%ing close because it's quitre difficult to grow stuff in space, let alone not %%%%ing die from space radiation. So yes, I think that the plants, and other species are a little more important than you, me and everyone else. You might enjoy liviing on a rock of water and dust, but I don't. Or how exactly are plants poluniated? DO you go out early in the morning with a %%%%ing brush to poluniate trees and plants? No. You don't. Unless you have another planet we can get to, we have this one that we have been very slowly %%%%ing up.
Arsene (EUNE)
: What counts as an "offensive" username?
I tried to change my name. It took me ages to find something that LOL didn't find offensive. - R4PE - R@PE - Iswallowcum - %%%%medaddy - touchmyvirgin%%%%%. Lots of combinations such as the above and more. Not one was allowed.
: Old people, their racism and their punishment
People are going to hate what I say, but whatever. - There are almost 8 billion of us. A few million is a drop in the ocean. - All mammals, plants and everything else that has blood or the equilvalant feels to some extent pain, fear, happiness, whatever emotion your can think of. Does that mean the billions of livestoke we kill a year mean we're all murderers? People are no more special than a bee, or an ant, or a fish. If you look at the world around you and see the chaos that man has made, those few million people have very little value on the very thing that we are killing: the planet. I get it. Humans want to feel special. They want to be made that they are the only speices that matters. Well, we're not. The woman wasn't hurting anyone. The only group of people that cared were the police: who have to protect stupid people from pushing a drill in their bum and the stupid. Those with a tiny amount of intelligence won't give a shit and get on with their lives.
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: Looking for more friends. Please assist me.
Finally, I will add my other account as I will add that to my phone: IGN tsokifshecries.
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: Why did Riot stop making special versions of Summoners Rift?
Because they give no fcuks anymore about you, or me, or small boy johnny. Who saved up three years of his pocket money to buy a better pc to play lol on with.
PPR Indi (EUW)
: what can i do against tanks as an adc?
Pick vayne of kog. Instant win.
: i feel you. I was tilted for about 14 games loss streak and it was very painful. what i did was that i took a break for a few days or a week and went back later.Things started to brighten up again. Gl :)
I remember in s3 when I was climbing to gold, I got something like a 40 game losing streak. I went from s1 promos, to s5.. The week was probably the most angry I have ever been.
: In fact i see no difference, players that should be diamond are diamond, plats are plats and bronzies are in bronze. Overwhelming majority in lower leagues crying cause they cant climb to higher divisions. Ive got an answer for you : solo que will not change your current leagues at all. The only problem is that on the higher leagues/divisions there can be several boosted-by-smurfs animals, but other than that, everything seems fine to me. Dont get me wrong, i have nothing against implement the solo que, however ability to choose position before game should stay untouched then ;)
Through all 32 years of living on the planet and living in several countries in the EU. I have discovered that piss all ever really changes. People say they do, but it never does. You just keep going forward until you get old and then die.
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