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: Man, if you start bichin' about udyr... We will soon have people bichin' about nidale... And soon after we will have people bichin' about Elize... And few moments after we got QQ posts from all Jayce players... And soon after the whole league will be %%%%%in' and crying and we cannot really deal with all this shit. So do not play those champions, if you do not like it.
Bruh when people start "bichin" on nidalee, elise, jayce and whatever other champion they be talking about them being unsatisfied with those champions the way those champions are. If you ever learned how to read you can tell that my "bichin" isn't about udyr as a champion but about not being rewarded for taking objectives which, atleast In my mind, seemed more of a gameplay problem than a champion problem. I know, I know the board says 'champions **AND** gameplay' but learn the bloody difference.
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