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: Riot could have the best servers mankind has ever built, it wont matter if the people responsible for the road between you and the servers are using stuff from the stoneage, or simply breaking things from time to time. The afk situation in rankeds is annoying, everyone knows it, but it isnt as simple as "if 1 afk/dc lose less points" Heck have you even thought about the consequences? People manipulating game outcomes to save their lp/promotions is just 1 big no go there.
What I have in mind is that the remaining players that lost the game would loose less points and maybe the afk/dc guy looses the normal amount. Anyway I think there is something to do in that way or another to prevent this inability to climb up the ranked ladder. It s ok to loose, over a good fight or sometimes versus a way stronger team, but due to afker and dc's, imo i get more loss over afker then after a good old sweating match..
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