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: Hey thanchon! Could you provide us with a screenshot of the error you've been getting? and just to clarify this is on EUNE
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lzan4gi (EUW)
: Gragas's fans, to me!
it's already out there
: Lots of bot accounts now?
Just played a coop a few hours ago and i had 2 of them a Ryze and an Anivia following me around...........At least i had some company.....but Riot should do sth about this because that thing destroys the experience for new players
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: Modem takes a dump only when playing LoL
Use cable and test it again. 99.9% is something wrong with your modem's wifi
Bombardox (EUW)
: Why some people go ape shit crazy for not playing lol for awhile ?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: They should be given a choice of what champion they played during worlds, though. Otherwise, we're just going to get tons of team-related Teemo skins..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Who knows. Maybe, or maybe they'll pick the second-to-last champion the person played if they play the same champions. Or maybe the players gets a choice.
i think giving a choice to the players sounds way better, so that they can pick their signature or their favourite champ and not getting a skin for someone that might forced to play in order to fit with the team comb
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: Tier 3 runes permanent discounts
I'd like to see a bundle with some of the least used ones or the none basic ones, it's a nice move for newcomers but people who already play the game for a long time and already got the basic runes don't benefit from that, as i said a bundle with some of them would be great
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: So what are your thoughts about kindred?
Another TROLL POTENTIAL ulti. Enemies are all about to die and then.....puffff.....comebacks
Sidias (EUNE)
: Championship Skins
yeah it's like the free skins that you can take via twitter and fb, but don't worry about it, chances someone makes a perfect predictions are almost zero
Tamphon (EUNE)
: Match making at it's finest...
: I Can't Play LoL!! Help needed!
What's your resolution?
: [Art Commission] Warwick, Garen and Nunu scene
a man, a dog, and a yeti
Pyah (EUW)
: When will Zed chroma pack be released?
When they sell as many Project Zed as they can. This is how Riot works
: Dear Cinderhulk Ekko Junglers
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: Is there a way of checking in advance when a new patch will be released?
I always check on surrender@20, you can informed there 1 day before patch day
: around how many assists should you have to have done well as support?
Your job as a support is not to be the first in assists on your team. Depending on what kind of support you play your role is different, some are there to initiate fights some are better to disengage. So you can win a game even if it goes like 0-0, does this mean that you play awful because you had no assist? Absolutely no. Protecting your adc early, using wards and late game protecting your whole team and creating opportunities for good teamfights. You can have 100 assists in a game but that doesnt mean you are a good support. Eventually if you become good at this then you are gonna have a lot of assists, then you can say you are a good support.
MleczSida (EUNE)
: [CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Wabu & Taki Twins Just to give credits to the original creator(Ivik Nier)....back from 2011
: looks pretty good tbh. only thing that worries me is he effectively has a 3.5 sec AoE stun-teleport combo for use in a teamfight if he can QW-WR. then with zhonyas and E escape relatively unharmed. also, with the QW stun combo and "if marked W deals more damage".... how is he not just a better brand. if brands Q wasnt minion blockable, AoEd at the end, and if brand didnt have to choose between more W damage and a stun, he would be somnus. i understand that his theoretical damage output would be lower, but that is more then rewarded by him essentially being galio with a teleport and additional stun. think how much better galio is in Aram with snowball. thats just because his ult is allmost broken with the introduction of mobility. would you perhaps consider making the hypnotise breakable by a certain amount of damage? it would mititgate his abusability in a wombo comp because then he can easily set up a wombo, but wont have them CCed for the entire time. also. the way his R is worded, he dosent have to channel this, and/or can essentially ignore the self-stun if morgana black shields him. really an ability like this needs to be a channel so that a well-placed teammate can do something about this AoE 2 sec stun. other then that the art is nice, the concept (dream champ) is fairly unique, he occupies a niche that noone is currently competing for, and his strengths and weaknesses are fairly clear in that his CC is high but his damage spells are only Q and W on what i assume is a midlaner whos build would look something like... {{item:1076}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}}{{item:3157}}
It's actually a really quick concept i had late last night, so yeah numbers might need a tweak as for the 3.5 sec stun in total, i actually didn't had the time to study properly the timers, cc timers, cd, ratios and stuff like that. I just added them today when i post it just as an example. About his R sure there might be a channel before it actually takes place just giving a warning to the enemies and a signal to his allies that he is going in. Now about making the R breakable, it can go like this: first if someone is not caught can break it if he/she has a knock up/knock back, silence( i wouldnt go with a stun on that because he is kinda stunned already), but about breaking after a specific amount of dmg i dont know, conisdering that Amumu's and Galio's R are also 2 sec. we can go like 1.5 sec duration or something better those who are Marked with Dream MAtter from Q and then stunned from W are immune to Hypnotization because they have already Dream MAtter on them indicating that they are somehow into the Dream Realm. Concluding, the typical play is teleporting in with W then R so that change might give him an extra way to fail things because if lets say you manage to Q>W all 5 then your R is useless, so that gives time to enemies to regroup before you can activate R
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: Teambuilder needs a very necessary tweak
Last time i tried to enter team builder i was waiting for 30 mins, by the way i had picked support, then i got bored of waiting and left.
: A LEGENDARY SKIN for a useless Champion, come on Rito. Same with Lucian..
Actually he is not useless, he is very good from time to time, when riot makes a broken feral flare, sated devourer, but then when they got nerfed he disapears
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memed on (EUW)
: Higher ping on EUW since patch 5.14-5.15...
I think its might the EUW server, not sth that has to do with US things. Since that patches i also noticed some changes. The avarage lowest ping decreased i used to have around 90 ping now i can drop to 72 or around 80, but the spikes are more frequent and there are games where i have a constant 100-120 ping
Bombardox (EUW)
: When does season 6 start ?
Usually starts late January, maybe this year will start the first days of February since Worlds are a few days later than other years
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Apelio (EUW)
: I really dont understand why its so hard to play 10 games and get either gold silver or bronze icon.
for many reasons, some might don't wonna commit into that, or they play league for fun with friends, its just preference noone forces you to either play them or not play them. Plus forcing yourself to play them just for the reward while you are not ready for that can even destroy your placements and end up lower than you could achieve otherwise
: even if they made an unranked one for s3 it would look amazing
Honestly that's a nice idea. An icon for either unranked or a general season 5 icon for everyone would be nice, because there are a lot of casual players out there why not rewarding them for just playing the game?
: The S4 Icons looked bad and empty even before they added "2014" at the bottom. Thankfully I think it was just because the roman numeral for '4' being IV was not a good look for an icon due to its asymetry. I have high hopes that Riot will use 'V' the roman numeral for 5 in the S5 icons since they used 'I', 'II', and 'III' for seasons 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
have that feeling myself too, there are many options for a design around V
: > [{quoted}](name=thanchon,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=FRA5azA7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-03T22:52:34.490+0000) > > Not everyone in this world have 4 more people to play as a premade. Someone might like to play with people that knows in real life for many reasons. So what happens next? you have a game where your friend/friends play but you cannot play with them? Not everyone is like that, there might be 4 premades who are assholes to one person but also there is a chance that there is one person who is gonna destroy a nice game for 4 people. Wille this is true, for the last few weeks I've been teamed up with 5 4x premades, wheres of 4 contained people who spamed harasment the entire game, even if this isn't the optimal way, if they added a toggle option for not being matched with premades this would not be a issue.
the only problem with this is that it's gonna make the matchmaking system more complicated and might increase queue times significantly
: tyvm :D well im in my promo's to gold now so i gues it doens't matter anymore
good luck with your promos
Koscum (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=thanchon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=YVAWTWeY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-04T14:37:18.465+0000) > > ...with the 3 lines in them meaning season 3... Because who the fuck would ever think that they are, in fact, Roman numerals.
was talking from the designing part of the icon
regiregi3 (EUW)
: "Lower Priority Queue"
Unfortunately Leaverbuster considers afk someone who rage quits at the first minutes but also someone who have to reconnect for a couple of minutes and all that because its an automated system. It would be better if there was a player-report based punishment and not a program that see you log out or losing connection and insta-flags you
: > [{quoted}](name=thanchon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=U05rTBxE,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-04T15:27:45.899+0000) > > then its all about MMR, either xin has it huge or orianna has it small lol i really can't believe he had a huge mmr, considering how he was playing. but it was just one game so who cares
usually things like that also happen to promo games, you always get matched with people who play bad {{item:3070}}
: Yeah I can see where you are coming from, I think both are kinda meh (don't know why), but they definitely can be more creative. But I think they didn't do the Roman numerals last year because they've stopped officially calling it season 4, it's now the 2014 season... So they added the year onto it because that's what it was called.
But that **_italic font_** was a bad choice, the whole design is vertical and straight, even Comic-Sans would be better
Put (EUW)
: He already has a ranking.
then its all about MMR, either xin has it huge or orianna has it small
: Winning a game at 95+ LP.
You are 100 points, you go to promos, you lose 2 you fell to 70, you win 2 at promos you climb division but staying with 0 points, this is a bit weird why losing my promos must decreasing my lp while winning my promos gets me no lp? So the 95+ win i dont think it will work because it's already complicated the way it is
Kollery (EUNE)
: Personally, i like the season 2 ones.
even the bronze icon was pretty...
: Someone has to tell me if this even makes sense
maybe Xin or someone else was in placement matches, during my placements i played with unranked. gold and platinum in the same game on my team, so this might explain things
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