Murdarici (EUNE)
: Honors
I was thinking about the same idea last week! Upvoted
: Greetings. Obviously this behavior was not cool. Dodging that game is definitely understandable. It's really debateable to what extend you were "punished"... Cause waiting 5 Minutes probably won't kill you. I can understand that you feel like you came out short here, of course it sucks. ---- But I'd like you to actually think about this problem! **How would you avoid such a situation if you were in charge of the game?** Would you allow dodging under any circumstances? Would you allow dodging only if people troll? Then how exactly do you define trolling? And how do you build a system to differenciate?
What you say here is absolute bullshit, and I can sense your braincells all agree with me. You are going offtopic, trying to put a philosophical breeze to the topic so you sound like a smart Senior Emissary. The problem is that people who completely f*ck up the community, are still allowed to play the game without getting punished. Look at soft-inters (derankers) for instance.
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Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Billion dollar company....
Ofcourse they put fast effort into getting your account back asap, so they hope you will spend money on the account as soon as u log into it xD If you would send them a mail about why league is so f*cked up now and if they can fix the horrible client, the poor matchmaking, etc., they will most likely not answer.
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: Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this
Game's all about luck nowadays. Too much coinflip games. This game does not feel competitive at all anymore.
: I don't know why but in the last weeks most of my friends started to Quit league
I am also trying to quit now. Been playing it for 3 years. The way Riot fcked up the matchmaking now did it for me. I am most likely to quit within a couple of weeks. Trying to put league aside as much as possible and focusing on other stuff that's not toxic for the mentality. I am also so damn happy that I haven't spent a single dime on League last year. Rito doesn't deserve that imo for how much they fck up something every patch
: Except the game itself is good. Everyone knows that. Don't lie to yourself.
mechanically it is a perfect game, but the team behind it is garbage
: Idk my friend was suspended for 14 days on his 6 year account for saying the 3 letter f word. He said it in a way that should not break rules but the bot doesnt know that. He had never recieved a ban in his 6 years but after this he was scared that he might lose his account which he spent thousands of euros on. So naturally he quit the game because of the fear of losing his acount.
who the hell spends thousands of euros on a trash game like this
: Before you come here complaining about your teammates
Hansiman (EUW)
: It boasted a decent win-rate with little counterplay for the while it was strong. So if a strategy is known to work, but doesn't in the game you encounter it in, it's bannable?
inting sion is not a strategy, it means there is something wrong the champion design, since a champion is not meant to die over and over again to abuse the passive of the champ to actually win something. This is just ridiculous. Oh wait, this is my opinion btw, and my opinion doesn't count I guess since it is an individual opinion.... sorry in advance
: I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank
Logged in to upvote. both your points are so true. Your first point is something that really makes sense in every aspect. Your second one will definitely fix things gradually. I hope Riot will see this post and take it into serious consideration, before the community dies out and becomes too unstable to call this game an actual competitive moba.
Gyrandola (EUW)
: You mean Akali the 18284 gap closers and 382 dashes champion with under tower-invisibility and no mana. I forgot about the burst too a good akali will be more cancerous than a good zed
The old Akali was perfectly balanced.
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: Yeah no worries, he only has to do that a few hundred times more and he will surely get punished! Just like this guy...
haha the anivia/nunu derank method. I sent Riot 2 serious tickets about this case. They would look into it, but I bet these guys who abuse the derank method won't get banned, even not manually by the support. Maybe they paid for skins and ofcourse then your account gets a VIP treatment (coinflip-matchmaking in your favor, less punishment, etc.)
Syxy (EUW)
: last season you finished bronze 3 58lp. dont lie.
good job mister stalker, but there's also a term called 'smurfing', dunno if you have heard of it
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: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
: Akali has 37 % WR
They just need to revert her, give her a visual update, that's it. Old Akali was so balanced. She could snowball very hard, but hey, isn't Katarina also like that? And what about Zed, Diana and Ekko?
: unpopular opinion: i think riot does a good job on punishing toxicity
rofl. meanwhile, league of legends is rated as most toxic game in the world according to many statistics (and ofc you are gonna ask the same question as every other riot-defender: ''proof?'') get a grip son, you are either emptying your whole purse every month to buy skins or you talked with a riot-member and he was nice to you.
Laburista (EUNE)
: Isnt Riot Support supposed to help u and reply to ur emails?
spending money on a game that's broken. I love your sense of logic
: Did you ever try to run away from a Nasus? How did that work out for you? Did you ever lane against a Nasus Support? You know how much damage that E chips?
Yes, his slow can be almost impossible to deal with. If you level his E first, then his Q will be kinda worthless. You can also complain about other champs like Illaoi and Camille, who deal absurd amount of damage, no matter how tanky you are.
Palmoz94 (EUW)
: Ok so I NEED to know the thought process of Riot when it comes to Nasus and the recent buff
Well, Nasus Q is the only damage tool he has, aside from his E and passive ult (these are really low damage). He is also immobile as hell. I agree they overdid the buff tho (i propose nerf from 12 to 9 or 10 per stack).
Laburista (EUNE)
: Kennen is the only Electric based Champion? Here is an idea
I was actually thinking about the same a year ago. I was actually creating my own electric based champion to see if I could come up with a nice idea. It was something about a Static mechanic; an ability creates a small static field, which enhances other abilities of the champ when he is inside the static field or the champ's abilities is casted inside the field. Finding a proper ultimate for such a champ would be hard though
: A very negative one when I am just sharing a positive experience. Uncalled for and just plain mean but ok.
it's ok. he is doing his best to defend Riot from a negative comment. This game is probably the only game he has on his pc with a Riot screensaver as well.
: This game
Then quit the game. People voices can only be heard if they quit completely. I am also very close to quitting the game for good because of how boring and unbalanced it is and how extremely annoying teammates are rn
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Another game, another afk
No bro, we are really sorry, but Riot clearly doesn't give a flying duck about people complaining about afk's. It has been like this for years and Riot won't ever listen to the ones complaining. It is not profitable for them. If you have an opinion about skins/chroma's, they are more than happy to listen to you, because that is profitable to them
: > Best teammates I've had yet, kept cool in the face of a troll. Do we care? If you still think at that game then is your faul. We really don't care how your team (more Draven) troll in a game.
People like you are the reason why many players quit. Oh wait, you don't care. Well, at least you got something in common with Riot ;)
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=thebombardier92,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oog8jctU,comment-id=0000000100000001,timestamp=2019-02-04T12:36:22.114+0000) > > What I am tryin to say is that lots of high elo players use the placements to derank in a fast way so they can smurf in iron, bronze, silver, w/e Do I need to repeat myself? Placements games aren't enough to keep your MMR that low. Even though MMR is soft reset, your skill doesn't disappear. You need to try extra hard to lose games, if you're high MMR that is.
ok bro, didn't know you felt offended by me questioning the matchmaking system. I am really sorry for that dude.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=thebombardier92,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oog8jctU,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-04T02:12:40.008+0000) > > Take into account that A LOT of high elo players trolled in their placements so they can smurf in low elo. OP has a point though about the matchmaking. It takes **a lot** of effort to stay low MMR. You need to purposefully lose multiple games without direct griefing. It can't be done in a couple of games either. Placements, 10 games, aren't enough to set your MMR that low. What you may be talking about is something different. Pro players, like everyone else, played their placements matches and got placed in lower ratings. That is how the system works. They don't need many games to get out of those ratings and **they're not** playing against other low MMR players.
You are quite in denial in your point. What I am tryin to say is that lots of high elo players use the placements to derank in a fast way so they can smurf in iron, bronze, silver, w/e
Febos (EUW)
: The way I see it, it is definitely pairing you up with the correct players. In account #1, [Blackfin97](, you're Bronze 4 with 34% winrate over 70+ games. In account #2, [Haze97](, you're Iron 3 with 43% winrate over 30 games. Your true skill level is somewhere in between Iron 4 and Bronze 4. You're being matched, in both accounts, with players of that skill level. I see nothing wrong with it. You're just as good as they are.
Take into account that A LOT of high elo players trolled in their placements so they can smurf in low elo. OP has a point though about the matchmaking.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: why is there more trolls in ranked than before????
: I would call this a community issue more than a game one, meaning we can't expect Riot to produce a solution for it. This kind of behaviour has been going on for years and it starts with the content creators (streamers and youtubers). Just go to Youtube now and search for "LoL unranked to challenger" or "LoL bronze to challenger" and you'll see dozens of videos from high ranked and pro players who do runs like this. Why do they do it? Because it gets views. It's fun to watch a pro player stomping Bronze players into the ground and they will do it over and over and over. And how do they get these accounts to start in Bronze? Intentionally lose all their placement matches. And of course like mindless sheep, the people who watch these videos think to themselves "ooh, that looks like fun, I'll do it too". Not only that but the fact that you see a pro player doing it gives other players the excuse to do it too. This is the problem with youtube and twitch content, and something that a lot of content creators don't understand. Players are influenced by what they see, and if they see their favourite streamer doing it, they will do it too, even if they know deep down that it is morally wrong. But the content creators usually only care about 1 thing: Money. It's honestly quite sad what some people will do just to get more views on youtube or twitch.
It's not the community's fault too. I mean, Riot gives us (kinda) the freedom to derank since the detection method isn't really there. Rioters should manually look into it and then develop something to automatically tackle the problem in a consistent way. I mean, as being part of the community, you have the freedom to do things as you want as long as the system allows it. And if the system allows us to derank, then why not?
Hansiman (EUW)
: It is unaccptable, and it is punishable. The problem is that due to the sheer size of the game, things like this need to be dealt with by systems such as IFS. And while it's easy to analyze chat, since the evidence is very clear; analyzing gameplay intent is a whole different story. If you feel someone is not being picked up by these systems, send in a ticket to support, and they'll be able to manually look into the matter.
I already sent a ticket to Riot once or twice some months ago about a player who did the obvious Nunu support derank method. The answer from a rioter stated that I should still use the report system post-game, but they will further analyse the player's behaviour. I think the IFS is easily manipulated by the deranking method. But I don't want to send in support tickets everytime I encounter such a player; something more systematic needs to be developed for this.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
yeah not to mention the nasus jungle abuse strategy now. Lategame used to be around 30-40 minutes. Now for Nasus, lategame is at 15 minutes xD
: ***
no one cares about you getting to diamond fast. only thing we care about is you being a sportsmanlike player. If not, then prepare to get a ban
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What can you do as an ADC when both of your solo laners lose their lanes?
nothing, game will Always be like that, period. riot won't ever really listen to you, only to people that pay for the game
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
It is not that they only spy you for cheating, they will also spy on your behaviour. If Riot doesn't like you or you don't pay for the game (RP points), they will put you in the queue with people that completely suck at the game, afk or inters.
: > [{quoted}](name=MirirPaladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=O02bQH0T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-29T14:57:58.571+0000) > > at least you could counter her... You countered her by not being squishy and instakilling her. Face it, she was extremely binary and really unfun to play against if she got ahead.
is it fun to play against a katarina thats ahead? against a Diana thats ahead? against a zed thats ahead? assassins are meant to be rly strong when they are ahead. assassins = do or die. thats classification
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: Permaban experiment EUW
I voted no. Permaban means you've been through warnings already, knowing you can lose your account if you repeatedly misbehave. Riot already gives you numerous chances by letting you create new accounts. If you pump money into your account for skins, chromas, w/e, you should also treat your account well and show some respect. The ones who upvote you are the ones who pumped a lot of money into their banned accounts, trying to retrieve their banned accounts. Ofcourse they are now saying they will never flame again. We all know that eventually those people will flame again because a game went 'unfair'. If they WILL never flame again, good, but then prove it on a new account. I got a banned account too with like 200 euros spent on it, but I take my punishment and I don't want it unbanned.
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: To be fair, you can downvote it coz you don't agree with his opinion, or you just simply didn't enjoy reading it. That's what upvotes/downvotes are for too.
we all know the real reason why ppl downvote.. don't try to twist the truth. you downvote it bcs u want to protect Riot and u disagree with the fact they cant balance the game
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
toxicity, toxicity and oh.. feeders. Nothing more I can add Oh yes I can add something: deranked to bronze on purpose to smurf there :) making money off of the game by using PlayVig! Much more fun than playing in plat elo
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fawkes (EUNE)
: Is platinum new bronze?
I saw bronze players that are better than gold players
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