: Skin idea is pretty good, I'm up for it :D
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Boolhya (EUW)
: first{{champion:41}} is perfectly balanced over 50% winrate in korea plat+ with a very high pick rate second{{champion:39}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:164}} are even more balanced take a loock at some stats and finally{{champion:157}} need buffs
gangplanks kit is balanced but like i said there are only 2 good items for gp right now. wich are ghostblade and trinity. the rest of the items are below decent on him
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Furnado (EUNE)
: Share your thoughts on the state of League [Discussion]
1: games are incredibly 1 sided and boring 2: i see the same champs over and over again because there no doubt broken 3: most of the champions that were playable before are now gutted and useless a good example of this is my main gangplank he got nerfed after that his items got nerfed now theres only 2 good items you can buy on him with the rest being below decent after getting trinity and ghostblade theres nothing that helps gangplank and it makes me sad 4: matchmaking has always been a problem for me but recently it has gotten worse due to unknown reasons. as a first season unranked player i should not be matchmade with plat players at all. i started november 2017 so i i do know the old runes and masterys 5: i still hate the rune system as yet again gp and many other champs just dont have a rune good for them grasp rn is best on gangplank but its nowhere near as good as TLD wich makes me very sad also hail of blades is completly worthless so this gives me the impression there just adding random bs now because they dont know what to do after messing up so hard 6: i have no idea why tf {{champion:63}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:142}} are not getting nerfed all of these champions listed are incredibly stupid. no matter what elo you play in these champions always seem to be dominating the game with brand being the most balanced out of all of these. wich is funny because support brand can 1 shot teams with ult
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: Nice idea, his looks could maybe look like a manly poolparty {{champion:21}}, because they are both from bilgewater
YoniBony (EUNE)
: Well there's nothing wrong in your gameplay, you have a plan/strategy and that's good. Making your own way of playing a champion is good. You need to feel what is best for you, what runes, items and way of moving on the map. Here's what i do and not do. So i start from Red buff always with {{item:1041}} because i dont really need mana before i reach the blue buff {{item:2031}} which later i upgrade most of the times to {{item:2032}} it's useful on fights/ganks and clearning the jungle. Then i go for the Wolves and Blue or just Blue and then for the Rift Scuttler to get a stack or just a vision if the stack is on the other RIft scuttler which will be most likely taken from the enemy and sometimes i dont want to fight for it if the enemy have good earlier power. And after i reach level 3 i see if there's a lane to be ganked, if not then i keep clearning the jungle to lvl 4-5 and then doing Drake. The drakes a always keep warded, drakes are very important so i must have control ward there. If i know where is the enemy jungler i rush for the drake or sometimes i dont care where he is when i'm fed and know that will do the drake fast or even if he comes i will kill him. I'm not really tracking at which level and time i'm doing recall. When i see that i have gold for item, lost hp/mp on fight or have farmed my jungle and there's nothing to gank and i dont wanna go into the enemy jungle, i recall. Sometimes i may not recall for long time and collect 5000 gold for example if the game is going good. I focus a lot on objectives, so that's why the drakes are almost always warded by me. Few days ago i went like YOLO to do lvl 3 Cloud Drake on ranked and it was risky and stupid choice, but i killed it somehow when me and the drake left on one hit i did mi hit first. I don't really recommed you on going for drake at lvl 3 because most of the times you will be dead if you dont calculate everything right. Like "Don't try this at home". Just buy items at lvl 4-5 and go for it. So about the stacks, i dont really rush for them at the earlier game. I may run with 0 or 1 stack for the first 10-15 min of the game if the enemy jungler trying hard to stop me from taking them from the jungle, And sometimes it is not only the enemy jungler that camps me at the stacks, but even his mid laner or bot lane. So it's not worth dying for the stacks, i only go for them when i know that i will survive for sure after taking it. Marking the enemy before ganking is also something that i don't do much, unless the enemy has pushed the lane too much and i know that he won't run away before i reach him. The enemies usually run back to their tower when you mark them, so i avoid doing that. I keep my mark mostly on the enemy jungler, because i see him often and he may try to stop me from ganking and then i may kill him or take assist. Marking the lanes i do also sometimes when i'm far from the lane that they are pushing and i want to scare them, it really works. Mark the enemy that is pushing lane and he will think that you will gank him, so he will go back and your ally will have less preassure. But sometimes the enemy don't get scared from my warning mark and i really go and kill him for that mistake. However marks are easy to take when the team fights start, that's why i don't really worry about them in earlier game and i play kindred good enough to do the game without them or little. Usually mark the frontline of the enemy in team fights, because it's closest target and it's more likely that you will get assist or kill from it, While the squishy enemy champions can play very carefully and escape on low health, but some of them don't have good skills to escpae or teammates to protect them so you can mark them too then. You can steal drakes,herald, baron, elder by going into it and ult him. He will become immortal but if you ult him at low hp just before the enemy smite him, he will smite him most likely and fail that smite. Then the monster will heal little and after you smite him or it need to take little damage before you smite depends on the level. Or you can ult near the drake so the drake can be out of your ult but you can hit and smite it when you are inside your ult, the enemy can't kill you and after smite you may heal enough to run away somehow with flash or jump over the wall out of the drake's,baron's pit. Saving the allies i do often by flashing and ult, just before my ally dies and he runs to me chased my the enemy i do this flash and ult. The enemy sometimes don't see it coming and is forced to stay in my ult which leads to his death after. But don't ult your allies if you are not sure that you will have enough power to kill the enemy that stays in your ult, sometimes it can be one ememy but fed one and kill you both after. So activating the ultimate with kindred at the right time and place is very important thing. Also try to use the E after you ult on the enemy and hit the last stack of it when the ultimate is over, the you can kill the enemy with 1 hit after the ult. You can also use your ultimate near some thin wall that you can jump when you know you can't kill the enemy that chase you. Just before the ultimate ends you can use your Q to jump over the wall or when the ultimate ends, depends what skills have the enemy because he may way the ultimate ot end and use his skills to crowd control you or instantly kill you. Or just flash over the wall. Items that i use now mostly are {{item:1412}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3091}} Wit's End i may take even without AP champ in the enemy team, just to do little bit more damage with W. {{item:3812}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3033}} too many champions have some healing skills or items so i often buy Mortal Reminder also for the armor penetration and sometimes i may buy this {{item:3022}} when i feel that is worth slowing the enemy and i like to have some health bonus on Kindred to live longer, but i prefer mostly {{item:3071}} for it's cooldown, armor reduction on the target and movement speed. Runes on your choice depends what works for you better and for that you have to try every path.
thank you for this it means a lot to me :)
Flaffen (EUW)
: Best way to climb is to actually remain calm mentally. If you start to go "my teammates is losing all my games" trust me, they will. You have to think to yourself after every game, what could I have done better that game? I havent personally been in bronze, but ive been in silver 5 and i guess thats the same, but what helped me climb is, that i accepted that i didnt lose because of my teammates, but because i got ahead and %%%%ed around with 10 kills without closing the game. Sometimes teammates do lose your games, and theres nothing you can do about it, but if you get ahead and dont use your advantage, its your own fault. Also dont play 100 champs, stick to maybe 2-5 and try to master them. It may be boring but thats how youre gonna improve. Never ever be toxic in the chat. Even if your botlane literally runs it down bot, you typing in game will only tilt yourself, and trust me botlane wont stop feeding after getting flamed. Dont gank a lane thats 0/3, focus on the lanes that have a chance of getting ahead. Ganking a feeding lane might result in you dying also. Remember this is a team game. Its super hard for 1 man to carry, so always focus on getting your teammates ahead. Hang in there! Everyone will eventually get better, so stay positive, and if youre tilting, just take a break, league is meant to be fun.
the main thing I read here is not being toxic but ive already noticed tilting and blaming makes the team do worse so I never actually tell my teammates they suck. instead I try to encourage them when they do something good by saying things like nice one!
: I disagree with gangplank being good right now. If you compare old IE build and new build, the damage is just straight non-existent(ex-gp main here). Infinity rework (basically nerf) hit him even harder than it hit yasuo, yet only yas got buffed. Barrels does like 1/2 of damage of old build.
what do you think about the skin idea tho :3
: Sorry that I miss understoot you, it was a little bit confusing because you wre talking about the bilgewater event. Yea a poolparty Gangpla,k can be cool.
that's what im saying :D. I even made a thread discussing a pool party skin for gangplank and gave my own ideas on ability effects. ufcourse this isn't the only thing that needs to be looked at when making a skin but I just tried to help out a bit with imagining what it would look like https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/yP7zLcef-gangplank-skin this is my thread about a gp skin I suggest reading it and giving me your opinion if you want the skin in game since raising more attention might make a riot member look at it :)
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I didn't say he needs a king of bilgewater skin I said. he is the king of bilgewater so he should get A skin. it doesn't even have to be bilgewater themed for example give gp a pool party skin beause its summer :)
: Captain gangplank is already gangplanks bilgewater skin, so I think it would not be that new to give him another bilgewater skin. But I also really like the concept of events based on difrent regions and personaly I hope for a Piltover vs Zaun event or a bandelcity event. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
i was saying he needs another skin because he didn't get any attention and hes the king of bilgewater. I never said he needs a bilgewater themed skin. but I was thinking more like a pool party gp skin because its summer :)
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YoniBony (EUNE)
: I'm Kindred main from 2 years with 850 000 mastery points. Platinum V at the moment, this lovely champ carried me from Bronze. And i can say that they are strong right now. With the passive added on W will be perfect.
can you give me some tips on how to play kindred I personally have a set clear path but I don't know if its good if you want you can read it down below 1: I get my blue first never invade seeing how kindreds early game is imo her weakest 2: i kill gromp 3: i kill wolves 4: i walk over to my red and kill that 5: i look for marks/ganks 6: if i gank a lane and we kill the opponent i now back since i have enough for my early items. if we didn't kill i get scuttle crab 7: this is around 8-9-10 minutes into the game where i really start looking for marks. 8: i go wherever my mark is looking for potential ganks meanwhile. 9: 13-14-15 minutes into the game i back for a second time getting more items and clearing camps once more. 10: at this point clearing camps doesn't even make me lose hp so i try to either get a drake or take a tower in someones lane 11: since im now well farmed and im around lvl 11-13 depending on how well the game goes i start looking for teamfights. 12: if this doesn't work out ill simply help one of my laners towerdive with my ult 13: from that point on forward it kinda just depends on how strong my team is and ufcourse how strong the enemy team is if we win teamfights ill just go for baron and end if we are losing teamfights i try to either steal there baron or elder drake. please tell me what you think of my way of playing kindred and if you want i can send you a replay of my so far best game on kindred. and maybe you can like point out what i did wrong.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: She is already getting a buff on the pbe.
whats getting buffed?
: When is Gangplank getting a buff?
I kinda agree and kinda disagree in my experience I still perform incredible on gangplank wich means the champ can be played. but I do agree he has been gutted in both a litteral nerf and item nerfs. what ive noticed is besides ghostblade and trinity there aren't really any items in my opinion that stand out for gangplank I mean you can take a phantom dancer and static shiv but its not as good as his previous builds and you have to get fed to make anything usefull out of those 2 items. so yeah he needs a buff but I wouldn't say hes garbage
: Calling Rengar a no skill champ... Then play him in ranked, see you in Challenger I guess.
what do you mean see you in challenger ur unranked
: I've been playing for 5 years! So don't talk down to me! Still no "no skill champ" in the game. Every champion takes some type of skill to play to make them strong.
so when I run up to someone with garen for example and I press q and r that takes skill ?!!!?! if that takes skill I srsly doubt you should be playing league
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: No such thing as 'no skill champ'
ur lvl 10 so i know you don't understand but yes there are master yi irelia garen katarina rengar malphite and that's just a few examples there are more these champions take no skill because they are either to strong or they just dont have any mechanics to them meaning you can button mash and make the champ work
: Yeah lets nerf the ~50% winrate champs because they perform better than adcs. Why werent you posting proposed nerfs for adcs in the last 6 months? Because you were happy deciding the game solo in tge first 10mins? Too bad my irelia adc does that now ;)
oh wow you can play something as broken as irelia you must feel really good using a no skill champ!!!
: How can I improve my farm as a jungler?
depends on what jungler you play I mean im bronze 3. but I get way more farm then my enemy jungler each game rounding up to about 180-200 before reaching the 20 minute mark. this is without taking minions from lanes
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: I just played against karthus nunu with the yi taric strategy and it sucks that riot refuses to nerf
> [{quoted}](name=VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mp0Gs4JK,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T15:38:53.780+0000) > > Riot just %%%%ing nerf this shiit it shouldnt be there it should never have existed after 20 mins karthus had 890 ap through nunu W and kept oneshotting 3 members of my team with a single press of R JUST STOP REFUSING AND LOOKING AWAY AT THIS BEING NOT OKAY some fat %%%% made a video about it why do you think this is being abused
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: '' Yasuo is the most broken champ in the game he wins evry lane'' thedarklord101: ur playing zed thedarklord101: %%%%ing noob champ and calling someone a monkey is racism {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
thank you. because it someone randomly called me a monkey so I was like wow that racist and he proceeded to say shut up N word
Rockified (EUNE)
: I assume that you spent 80% of the game idle typing? Just stop ranting about how "broken" Yasuo is and start learning how to counter him because trust me, he's really fragile when played against correctly. (You can always ask me.) Also, you're being really negative to your teammates.
not really I tried to ignore most of what they were saying but I only did so for 50% of what they said because I was getting flamed by both teams for playing ezreal top lane
: No reason? The reason was toxicity and literally everything in that log is toxic. Delusional kid.
delusional kid he said im surprised if you aren't perma banned for toxicity
: Yasuo most broken champion in the game xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I stopped taking you serious after you started excusing your feeding because you were against a yasuo.
they even said it in challenger ……..
: Let me tell you the reason you got banned _thedarklord101: report gragas_ _thedarklord101: shut up_ _thedarklord101: idiot_ _thedarklord101: you are brainless_ _thedarklord101: lmao you guys dont have a brain if hyou think yasuo is balaned_ And no Yas is not even near at being broken, he is literally the weakest champion in league
ShanksFX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=thedarklord101,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mVPzx626,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-11T19:54:30.286+0000) > > I was the ezreal… they were saying report ezreal because I played him top lane in blind pick. so I said oh yeah report the ezreal that tried to have fun ok then. 4 lines into the game, report calling for graggas. Also it absolutly doesnt matter what other people said. Its only about what you said. Everything else is irrelevant.
I know but what Im trying to figure out is how did not get banned when zed was calling me a monkey that's just racist and is nowhere near allowed
: Four lines into the game and already negative. Gee, I wonder where this is going. Spoiler Alert: It's going to be a toxic chat and the punishment is justified.
negative because they were already saying stuff way worse then I did
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Tbh, i just ignored 95% of the logs, skipped to the very last line of the match and what do i see? "oh yeah report the ezreal that tried to have fun" Report calling is against the TOS, so valid ban. Case closed.
I was the ezreal… they were saying report ezreal because I played him top lane in blind pick. so I said oh yeah report the ezreal that tried to have fun
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: Go to taskmanager and than disable league of legends. i got the same problem sometimes with league and discord
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