: are you the type of player who gets destroyed in lane and goes into all chat to say broken champ??
Are you the type of player who cries when youre broken champ gets nerfed seems so
no it is right even too weak of a nerf he needs to be nerfed harder
Moosekito (EUW)
: Disenchant
you man are just lazy
: My Duo Friend is Feeding Most of The Time
well you could always tell him to go watch yt videos and talk about his mistakes irl and you can learn him and let him learn also if you make a mistake for example tell yours and he can learn about it too
: Why is everything immune to knockbacks now?
ooh talking about poppy how about a ,erf to her q and hitbox of her e ty
: okay , I m done
buddy dont make the same mistake as me and ge tpermad jsut stop man youre overly toxic like you called youre teammate a %%% lol that bannable and very immature of you jsut stop
: permabanned
Soo riot you unban tyler 1 he got permanent banned aswell so why even unban him then second i wasted soo much money on youre shit %%%%ing game unreal over 600 dollars you unbalanced so much thing but i still supported it lol now the new runes youre almost making me happy to be banned lol changed man its shit now but still i love to play it and now i cant caus eim not playing without runes fc no
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: about the new stormraiders
Nice so thr new stormraiders isnt dogsht for darius or nasus now you can do something against ranges matchups
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: Just rework Caitlyn already....
OH HELL NO dont rework cait every champ that gotnreworked is made more op look at urgot warwick i mean if you rework cait shes just ginna be even more broken
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: 5 players were 14-day banned for "abusing" a strat in Ascension
Buddy this is lol with the company called riot these same company are reworking the runes wich in turn make em more op mike wtf is up with berserk 60 attacksoeed ?,? Riot pls
: matchmaking
i onl play normals
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: Kayne is broken why buf him?
fiora isnt weak shes the opposite actually perma ban that broken champ or youlle lose games alot thx to her all her items got buffed nearly all bt dd got buffed so now shes even stronger who gives a fc about griebous wonds when you have innate healing and about 40 % lifesteal
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
soo wards placing and killing enemies while staying alive anything else?
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