: ranked disabled on EUW ?
nevermind its back now
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: it is said that the server is located in a hospital in Amsterdam
its a windows 10 update
: Don't you see the clouds above Amsterdam?
toxic clouds - due to the comunity
: Emergency maintance
it is said that the server is located in a hospital in Amsterdam
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: WTF EUW is broken
im at 33 hours yay
: League of legends
Civilization and hitman
: Tell me 2 games
League of legends
: Does anyone want to play ?
: When Naut's aa lands on you
so true, and then he towerdives you in lv 6 and takes 23 towershots without dying
Shapperzz (EUW)
: Ivern needs another skin
gets skin in a moment.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can we rework Ryze?
no don't touch him in any way {{champion:13}} is just a spam champ thats the whole idea with him.
: tails. see you in bronze
: "Let the games begin" Mission cant be complete?
I don't have the same problem - do you have client opened while watching, helped for me.
: me too...over 30min watching and nothing.....{{champion:32}}
Working now - im a little late though
: Watch Brazilian league, it worked for me! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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: no rewards when watching LCK
: The "Watch esports get rewards"
they may come with a sorry about that misssion??? ezz blue esence
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