: > [{quoted}](name=211,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=1muxYGmi,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-12T20:23:33.848+0000) > > so i wait 25mins in a que due to some bs leaver buster and the game crashes, legit forgot how garbage league really is Welcome to EuW, The Sewer City Servers are on point.
~~almost half a year without server crashes~~ ok nvm edit: it seems to work now - besides ranked.
: Frankfurt servers were having problems this morning, I think riot is using them so this might be affecting the game.
" I think riot is using them" For what? edit: looked into comments.
: u ugly jokes aside, i just logged in, all working fine
do you also have a EUW account ? - i tried to log onto the euw server and it took way longer than it should, and champselect was bugged. ended up with a 20 min dodge timer. edit: now im just stuck in news
: Game doesn't work
were did you get the information that the server in frankfurt is ded?
: My game ended, no LP loss even though we lost the game
that does put a smile on my face
Lulumise (EUW)
: Queue Blocked due to Client Bugs
also happened to me - 20 min dodge timer i restarted the client and it has curently been black for the last minute edit: should work now
: didnt get reward and its not in collection
restart the client worked for me - it takes some time aparently
: For how long will TFT Ranked be down??
D3caKill (EUW)
: Thats so dumb xD first of all lack of food is the reason why they chop Amazon Forest xD and u think everyone afford to drink man milk or whatever milk u mentioned there , by eating more plants than normal humans ur poluting much more ;)
vegatables need less space than any living animal and cows produce a big quantety of greenhouse gas. that is only two of many reasons to eat less meat. and man milk costs the same or is cheaper then normal milk though you could start by just eating less meat if people want vegatables or "fake meat" companies will produce it but i won't go fully vegan, he doesn't tell you have to go vegan - he just say that it would save the planet. it would reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, wich is good.
: To save the planet, go vegan. im vegan myself as well for almost 3 years now. People say it's a restrictive diet. Before being vegan, there was only 1 type of milk that I'd drink (cow milk) Now, there is: oat milk, rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc. etc... see where I'm going? Believe me, going vegan is the best step you could take to save the planet.
https://www.reddit.com/user/anto3408/comments/cwxibh/for_boards/ but i won't go fully vegan just try to eat less meat. and i respect vegans for holding themselves back and not eating meat etc.
: ranked disabled on EUW ?
nevermind its back now
Rioter Comments
: it is said that the server is located in a hospital in Amsterdam
its a windows 10 update
: Don't you see the clouds above Amsterdam?
toxic clouds - due to the comunity
: Emergency maintance
it is said that the server is located in a hospital in Amsterdam
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: WTF EUW is broken
im at 33 hours yay
: League of legends
Civilization and hitman
: Tell me 2 games
League of legends
: Does anyone want to play ?
: When Naut's aa lands on you
so true, and then he towerdives you in lv 6 and takes 23 towershots without dying
Shapperzz (EUW)
: Ivern needs another skin
gets skin in a moment.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Can we rework Ryze?
no don't touch him in any way {{champion:13}} is just a spam champ thats the whole idea with him.
: tails. see you in bronze
: "Let the games begin" Mission cant be complete?
I don't have the same problem - do you have client opened while watching, helped for me.
: me too...over 30min watching and nothing.....{{champion:32}}
Working now - im a little late though
: Watch Brazilian league, it worked for me! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Rioter Comments
: no rewards when watching LCK
: The "Watch esports get rewards"
they may come with a sorry about that misssion??? ezz blue esence
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