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Titäa (EUW)
: league of legends lagging?
Hey Leichen, probably you need to flush your DNS tables by restarting the computer. Btw, are you playing over WiFi? Riot has elaborated on this topic alredy and as always, make sure you or someone else is not downloading stuff over your network while you're playing to assure you can play with nice ping. It may also be a networking issue meaning that Riot CDN has changed something about its structure or some routes may be broken, which is very unlikely since riot should be having backup routes with low latency, which means that its maybe just a temporary issue.
: Gold II - Top Main sucht 5v5 Ranked Team
Hi Elo, Ich bin support (sona) main und gerade gold 4, ich suche ebenfalls nach einem Team und würde mich gerne anschließen ^-^ Hier noch etwas zu mir: Ich bin 17, männlich und bin extrem technik-interessiert. Ich programmiere gerne und spiele in meiner Freizeit gerne sona Grüße tibi c:
: Hai c:
Maybe you can join the Public Chat "Sona" so we can have fun together ^-^ (if you're hardcore sona main like me x3)
: Can i get LOL servicein Saipan
I guess it should be ok since saipan is connected to the internet (haha)
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: Maybe they just think that a guy wouldn't want to wear a pink desgin. But I shot you not, I want this in the baggiest size possible so I can flaunt around with my main on my Tshirt.
I'm a guy and I want one >.<
: key fragments
Stop caring about the hextech thingy. I didnt get a chest or a key for a bazillion games or so either.
: Riot Merch Store
omg so true. I see companies accidentally doing sexist things just because its the norm and nobody would care. If you would be a company like Apple you would know that its always good to think about these issues and creating solutions out of the box instead for opting for the norm. Its this differentiating aspect of a companies philosophy which enables it to do great things.
Aithnie (EUNE)
: BUG: HP bar reseting upon refunding an item in the in game shop
This is not a bug, it is to prevent you from temporarily buying an item that would allow you to regain HP faster and sell it then.
: Skill icons for Sona
I'm sona main too, it really is an issue with these icons. And btw, riot, could you please improve the sound for the arcade sona skin by making its ability sounds a little louder :3 I think I'm sona main just because of her incredible sounds @.@
ZynxeD (EUNE)
: Graves cigar
Tabacco industry didn't pay enough :P jk. That's an issue you should take seriously since there are many kids playing league too. Ok, there is a little blood and violence here and there but ppl playing league are rather used to it so...
: Consistent Lag after new Wireless USB Adapter
Gud morning. :) I think the problem is not your WiFi card, but your WiFi router (which connects via its modem to the internet). I notice the problem you described a lot with Low Cost pos routers at friends who don't need wifi and opt instead to use Ethernet for playing league. I got a MacBook with a 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac card in it and I have absolutely no problem playing over wifi with my Apple AirPort Extreme (which features the same WiFi circuitry). I think you could solve the problem by: - attaching an Ethernet cable directly from your router(to your computer) - attaching an additional 802.11ac router which only acts as a WiFi access point (gives you fast and reliable WiFi). - trying out to use the 5 GHz band if your WiFi router supports it. I'm sure there is a solution for problem since the ISP companies normally only supply shitty WaiFai boxes to save costs :c Have a nice day *\^-^/*
: Key Fragments
Sona is my one-trick pony and this hextech thingy is kinda useless for me. I started ignoring it since I dont get a single chest or even the key fragment I have been waiting for a bazillion games. Have a nice day and baibai ^-^ {{champion:37}}
Zooty (EUNE)
: One little request
-hug- <3 I kinda like u. I sometimes feel the same way, wish that you will be happy tomorrow with my post in mind =) Sleep well ^-^{{champion:37}}
Armandd (EUW)
I still can't believe how such a giant game company can't even make a proper client for OS X. Doing some UX animations in champ select makes the client eat up about 166% CPU (got i7 3615QM from MBPr '12). Riot please dont burn those CPU cycles since it really sucks if you're playing on battery... ;-;. And while we're at it, I tried LoL on a brand new MBPr 2015 with discrete AMD 370 thingy graphics and it stutters like every second or so, even more annoying than the sound bug which makes my FPS drop to like 2 frames a second. And by the way, league of legends is still not optimised for Retina display (hey riot, it's almost 4 years since apple launched the Retina display MacBooks?). It almost makes me think that the ppl at riot don't like Apple things.


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