: LF Fun chill lads for normal draft
Is "lads" intended as "ladies"?
l MrD l (EUW)
: Dont forget that it works with her new passive now too Her W gives hewr bonus Movement speed increasing her auto and skill damage so W damage poke :o idk if it could be viable to max W first now but i do like the change as it makes her feel like a strong wind character blowing winds rather than just a support with shields and CC if that makes sense O_o
I know that but it scales with "extra" movements speed you get late game. So the damage doesnt make the ability feel better to use. Also I like the "strong wind character" idea. Maybe her W could knock back a little the enemy (and interrupt channels)
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Eveninn (EUW)
: \*gives Pizza and hugs\*
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Let's face it, the community is impossible to satisfy.
Bronze = wants attention and cry Me = wants pizza and cry Nobady can be satisfyed
: When the community does a better job then Rito...
: I feel sorry for Riot
Bronzie still Bronzie. They can flame even in real life but font worry. They opinion have no sense if with no reason.


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