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: > the moment someone is going below 50% winrate that person will just get free wins handed to them Not true. I created a new account for pre season, reached p4 during pre season climbing from iron 4 as all new accounts started from during pre season (literally a couple of days before reset). Started at gold 4 in s9. I reached p4 with around 65% win rate. Since reaching p4 I cannot win a game. My mid/top/jungle consistently lose, all of my games are a stomp fest where every lane is destroyed and my win rate has dropped to _**46%**_ despite consistently out performing the enemy support. Still I continue to get games where every lane loses more often than not. This isn't my first/only account but there is something terribly wrong with the match making, I do not have this experience on any of my other accounts (my highest account is in mid dia) and I can only theorise that my high win rate during pre-season and start of s9 has put me in some kind of smurf queue. I'm well accustomed to losing streaks but this has gone on for 30-40+ games now. I'm a support main, so if enemy team has a smurf outside of support then I will lose. I just cannot have as much impact on the game as, for example, a smurf jungler or mid laner. I made a support ticket but they didn't really care. I have 4 accounts and only this one I have this experience on.
I played my account to p3 during the pre season as well with almost a 70% winrate starting at gold 5( i havent played since season 3 actively) i experience similar shit as you, but the moment my winrate drops below 50% i just get free wins handed to me, no matter how bad I play. ive failed my promo about 6 times now to plat, while playing against the same mmr range for bout 40 games. (p3-d4 players) every game just seems like a coinflip where a top laner will go 0-10, or mid will go 0-10. and even if im 20 cs up compared to the enemy adc or up 2 kills, every other lane will be pushed so far in all the way to inhib tower that there is no thing called "the mid game" anymore. the same thing happens when i get on the lucky side, where my entire team and I just stomp the enemy team, it is far from balanced. and its kinda frustrating even when I win. games arent close at all
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