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: Platynowy Midlaner poszukuje kogos do gry
: rotating game mode idea
Cool idea.Just one correction,its deathfire grasp and only ap assasins like Ahri,Fizz,Kata built it.Damm I loved that item,good build path,loads of ap and an active that did %%%%%%ed amount of damage(basicly a point and click damage active).
: Why are region changes so expensive?
: Never seen an Olaf top but seen a few Sejuani's. Not like it matters anyway late game but like I said, I chose what I thought would be viable... not like the team compositions given were easy (Looking at teams 3/4/5)
I am assuming you are somewhat new to League.Olaf top through out league history has been just as or even more popular on top lane than jungle.Even in pro play it has been played preety much every season.As far as Sejuani in lane,I have never seen it in solo q or in pro play.
: Those team compositions... Anyway, here's where I'd place them. Team 1: Nasus Top. Katarina Mid. Cho'gath ADC. Morgana Support. Warwick Jungle. Team 2: Sejuani Top. Lissandra Mid. Ashe ADC. Braum Support. Olaf Jungle. Team 3: Jax Top. Yasuo Mid. Riven ADC. Fiora Support. Master Yi Jungle. Team 4: Viktor Top. LeBlanc Mid. Annie ADC. Brand Support. Orianna Jungle. Team 5: Taliyah Top. Azir Mid. Sivir ADC. Tahm Kench Support. Kalista Jungle. But that's just me.
Why sejuani top and olaf jungle?lol
: > [{quoted}](name=tofastforaname,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tqvfhl7L,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-05-17T20:40:10.163+0000) > > I didn't mean stupid as an insult,I just think the start is an extreme waste.Tell me the advantage of going pots on Warwick?Warwick has 0 problems in the jungle which makes pots useless.You should never buy pots on any jungler,any jungler with some basic knowledge will tell you that,especially junglers that clear with alright hp. ok so lets start off . if you start on blue side you may be fine without pots , but what if you started red side ? you don't want to stay 50% HP when you gank risking your death . wolf has problems in the jungle and cant spam Q all the time in the jungle so you have to use your mana wisely , you need atleast enough mana for Q+E all the time , incase the enemy invades or you want to counter jungle or to do a successful gank . and when you have pots , you will have higher health and mana all the time , you can use them before planning a gank or engaging the enemy which may win the fight healing you for an auto attack or two . I can tell you from my experience that I found that 3 pots are super effective and create early " plays " rather than the rejuvenation beads . if you don't want to buy any pots then don't do so, am telling you that as a veteran jungler and not with some " basic " knowledge , you have the choice to accept what I say or reject it , am not forcing anything on anyone here ^,..,^ and if you think pots are useless , I can tell the same thing on boots ;) , as I never ever buy them on any champ beside wolf. Look at the hp,he had plenty of hp entire clear so any point you made about pots is invalid.As far as the boots go,it is true that the raw stats on them aren't as nearly as good as actual items but the reason you buy them is to rotate easier and dodge skillshots easier.It isn't the worst thing in the world to do but I still would recommend it or agree as a good choice.
TechMajin (EUW)
: Just back after more than a year away from league, got loads of questions
You got two questions answered below so I will answer the 3rd one.Shield/heal supports are meta.Caitlyn/Ashe/Xayah/Twitch are meta in bot lane.Early game junglers are also meta.Mid has alot of diversity,you can play both mages and assasins.Top lane is usually tanks with some exceptions,thats about it.
: > [{quoted}](name=tofastforaname,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Tqvfhl7L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-14T20:06:44.933+0000) > > Starting 3 pots on ww is stupid beyond stupid on preety much any jungler.That item is so inefficient. well you never played with me (so you cant judge if 3 pots are good or not), and each player has his own playstyle ... we are NOT forced to follow other players , this person asked for an advice so I gave him one through my own success .... if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all . i don't know if you played wolf or not , but i doubt you have as much experience as i do to give such an opinion .
I didn't mean stupid as an insult,I just think the start is an extreme waste.Tell me the advantage of going pots on Warwick?Warwick has 0 problems in the jungle which makes pots useless.You should never buy pots on any jungler,any jungler with some basic knowledge will tell you that,especially junglers that clear with alright hp.
: Rengar (ADC players read it all before comenting)
So you are basicly crying to buff rengar,because new rengar still does the same things as the old one except it is not as fun to kill people.Also I am a jungle main,not adc.
: Gangplank needs a buff
There are a million one trick GPs that are high elo.Thanks to his entire kit he can survive vs almost anyone in lane.He isn't supposed to be strong early game.His combos still do a %%%%%%ed amount of damage.His winrate is around 50% which is decent if you ask me.He is very balanced compared to older patches where he raised elo to a bunch of players that were preety much one tricks.
: Help with WW/Master Yi/Shaco jungle or help with Jungling role in general.
Starting 3 pots on ww is stupid beyond stupid on preety much any jungler.That item is so inefficient.I recommend the hp regen thing,and build it into tiamat.After tiamat go for cynderhulk,then finish the tiamat into titanic whenever you feel like.Yi is preety meh rn imo,very hard to carry because as you mentioned he has so much counterplay.As far as shaco goes,I don't think it is worth to play him under plat elo.The champ isn't great in soloq if you aren't a god at him.As far as overall jungling goes,I recommend to never full clear.Generally try to get a gank off at lvl 3.I recommend mid/top,because usually ganking bot without ult is a bad idea.If you want to get more serious you can try picking up Graves.He is so op rn and his difficulty is preety low considering some other top tier junglers.He preety much has no weakness except the lack of cc which usually isn't a problem.
: I've had to take a loooooong break from LoL
I kinda understand you but riot NEVER does things like that
: No one ever says stuff (or stuff close to it) like "git gud" Not in soccer, not in basketball not in league pro scene they sometimes mock them but thats meant to be funny and not offensive like git gud ...
Git gud isnt offensive either.You obviously never played streetball and have no idea what you are talking about.Even NBA players trash talk,the best example I can think on top of my head is when Lebron got in Curry's face during the finals and shouted(dunno if u wathc nba).Even lol players trash talk,I remember Dyrus saying "As far as other NA teams,I am only concerned with C9.The rest are all nonexistant especially CLG".In soccer there is much less trash talk than LOL and basketball but it is still there.Make actual informed arguments before bothering to reply.
Mölang (EUNE)
: Do you guys report good teammates who are rude to enemy team?
Honestly people like you disgust me.Trash talking offends you to an extent where you think someone deserves a temp ban just for saying something like "git gud".It was always part of competetive things in life like sports so I dont see a reason why would it bad in video games.Now dont get me wrong,Im against flaming but sheer trash talk is fine by me.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What's the difference between Flex and Ranked Solo/Duo?
Solo/Duoq-Here you can only que up solo or premade with only 1 person.Overall having individual skill and game knowledge is the most valuable thing in climbing Flex q-Here you can play with teams with varying sizes.You can play this solo or with 1,2,3,4 premade friends.Communication and sinergy are probably the most valuable thing here
Applekami (EUW)
: People that says GG EZ at the end of the game
According to Riot it is.But imo its the dumbest thing ever.At the end of the day it's still trash talk and you aren't hurting anyone(except sore losers).I write it accasionally at the end of hard games,for example my last ranked
Ąlexander (EUNE)
: Help please
I would recommend checking if you are logged into the correct email adress.Also check double check your inbox,you might have missed it or it somehow ended up in the junk section
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PPR Indi (EUW)
: Can we change/ rework syndras passive?
Syndra is already strong,dont see a reason to buff her.
: Help with Lee Sin.
Coming from a Lee Sin main I would say you need around 60-70 k points to be able to do any trick on him,the rest is to you and your creativity/game knowledge.
illuslash (EUW)
: People who want to try hard and compete with others. They probably think that these things is fun. I did not specify what fun is for people. All have different meaning of fun. But like I said, you should still not be toxic...
Yes I agree.No one has the right to flame anyone.It is true that there are diffrent meanings to fun,but when you write down something like ". But please. Games are meant to be funny. Where we can play with our friends and have fun. Spend our free time. Meeting other people. Maybe making new friends and so on." you give off the wrong message.What you said basicly applies to normal games,preety much everyone would understand you that way because most people dont associate ranked with having fun,more of being competetive and improving.In theory that is fun for some people(including myself) but it simply gives off the wrong message if you write it that way.
illuslash (EUW)
: League of Legends players...
It is true that alot of people have a good reason for going afk,i wont lie I went afk a few times aswell(very rare) but that doesn't justify it.By going afk you ruin the game for every player and that deserves a report.And no,you are wrong to an extent.Games are meant to be fun and entertain,but ranked is a place for tryhards and competetive people.If you want to have fun and relax play normals and arams,not ranked.Ranked is a place where you go to improve and show your skill by climbing the ladder,not where you play full ap graves for lolz with your friends.
: The Unranked Dilemma
There is a limit to how much you can learn in normal games.People don't tryhard as much and don't always play their best champs/roles in normals.Not every unranked player is bad(relative,bad compared to a challenger player or bad compared to a gold player).From personal expirience you can learn more from 15 rankeds than 30 normal draft games.
: What happens if I dont play the new placements ranked matchs ?
Preety sure nothing will happen.Your mmr wont be effected so you are free to play them anytime you want
: Are you envy because of how much money streamers earn?
I am not envious but I will never understand why would anyone bother donating to a streamer or even subscribing but thats just me
: You are getting bronze players in your teams but you're also playing against bronzies... you should be able to carry easy...
It's flex que.If he has the option to make his climb easier why shouldnt he use that option?Also it's always more fun to play with a friend,atleast for me
Someone already mentioned,but I'll just recommend aswell.Try
Icemarch (EUNE)
: Bad Jungler looking for help
By no means am I the best jungler you can find,but by reading about your own assessment of your jungle skill,I think I can help you.I'll add you on an EUNE account I own and we can talk there.
: I completely don't agree with your opinion."Ez" is implying that people were not playing good,and its highly offensive to say that. "Humble in victory,graceful in defeat" as I remember,and Sir,you lack these qualities.
The winner always gets the last laugh and the loser has to suck it up.Pozz
: Team mate just locked Jhin support
Had a Sona adc in ranked today on my team,we lost mostly because of it.
: Whats your view on zzrot?
Imo not a very good item
: gaming pc a waste of money?
Never a waste of money if you use your pc often if u ask me,especially if you are into games
: Help with practice
Getting a coach that is dia+ seems like a logical solution.You can easily find one,just make a thread about it or go .There are a bunch of free coaches,or u can pay if u want.
: "ez,easy,izi" Another way to say "I am arrogant douche."
Honestly if you can get offended by someone saying ez,gg must be preety immature.I love to say it because it pisses people off,it's not the nicest thing to say but you arent actually doing anything wrong either.You people must be really salty if you mind someone writting ez because you want to punish someone severly,who didnt even flame,afk,troll or even hack.LOL is in a way a sport and trash talking is preety normal if u ask me.
: Personal Coaching
Montecristo is an elite analyst with godlike game knowledge and he is silver.Being great at the game and having great game knowledge are two seperate things,nothing weird with someone being a coach while being somewhat low elo himself.
Kamhi (EUNE)
: It's not about them not caring. Sometimes the problem is on your side. With the leaver buster system - it's fully automated and Riot Supports don't have the access to get it removed.
I didnt say they were able to do it,I just said dont bother because you will get a generic reply which will solve nothing.
: whhere would I go to complaain, if I wanted to get my leaver removed. Since I actually don't want it.
That's the thing,it can't and won't be removd.If you were thinking of sending riot support a ticked about it you will just get an automatic respnse that basicly says we dont care.
Being salty wont do you any good.I got screwed over by an error aswell in ranked,and I "afked" and basicly lost 19 lp.Riot never removes punishments based of forum threads,even if you are right.
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: LF Silver-Gold serious people to climb with.
Lol you have over 500 rankeds played this season and you say you dont play ranked much.Whatever elo you are stuck in(could be silver,plat,dia1...) is no ones fault but your own.
: Oops i meant to say alot more people play him and main him. Anyways you don't have to be an otp to give an adc a shit time i myself am i cass otp, this is a smurf my main got banned for chat spamm because i got people who got 50 cs in 10 min.... i've been having issue's and therefore i haven't played for like 2 weeks anyways riot said their trying to fix it. but i'll tell you i mained adc for awhile i carried most of my game's with jinx the best adc ever but those game's where i got rengar or lee were such a pain getting either 100-0 or camped. after that i switched and became a riven main after she got nerfed i became a cass otp, srry i'm changing topic. All i'm trying to say is that rengar is a pain in the ass and can 100-0 you. i myself don't find think he's to hard to counter early but when you get full build..... there's no slot for pink ward thus you can't do anything he'll destroy you. Believe what you wanna believe tho, this is my opinion about him. I hope you understand, have a nice day.
I understand your arguments perfectly and agree partly,playing vs a fed Rengar is probably worse than any other assasin but as I said before he has flaws.
: Ofcourse it's even worse then Yorick cause barely anyone play's him. If 2 people play Yorick 1 win's the other loses his match that mean's he has a 50% win rate, alot more people play rengar and main him so it's harder to get a high winrate % with him. And if you wanna check if rengar is a fair champ here check it for yourself.
You basicly proved my point.Nightblue has around 200 k mastery points on Rengar on his main account and he mains Rengar.On 99% of the clips that are on that montage he is extremly fed with kills and farm.You could probably find a full ap one shot braum compiliation on youtube and that still doesnt make it op.As you said you main Rengar,and even with that you dont have even one ranked played on him which basicly means even if you did well in normals it isnt the same as stomping in ranked.Not trying to deminish your success,but people in normals generally play champs they arent that good with the champs they play.
Hazzathor (EUW)
: I got rank 5 with Rengar near the end of last season but stopped playing him because I actually felt shitty doing it to people. Its all about items too if a rengar with now kills but a full build jumps on me and caitlyn, I am done. Even half build rengar can do that.
Do you mind adding me so I can checkout your match history on Rengar over the official match history lol website.Anyways his win rate is bad,even worse then Yorick.There is a common opinion between jungle mains that only Rengar one tricks can only win on him enough to make him work,like he isnt one of those junglers thats op that patch and you can just pick him up and get elo instantly.Even though you just played normals on him,Iwant to check out your games.
: JUNGLE: Wukong vs Xin Zhao
Right now I would say Wukong is stronger.Considering 80% of the community is low elo(gold,silver,bronze) Wukong is the obvious choice considering games usually go 30+ mins in that elo where Wukong is godlike.Xin Zhao is a jungler that punishes hard and tries to force plays early on,but other than that he doesnt offer much.His scaling isnt good,hes a worse tank in late game than Wu,he is kiteable and his teamfights arent that good either.I feel like hard snowball early game junglers like Lee,Xin.. that dont have much utility are weak in this meta,but champs like Elise or Nidalee which have decent cc and utility are actually decent.
Hazzathor (EUW)
: Counter play?
As a jungle main I advise you to play Rengar a few games and you would see that its not as simple as it seems.Rengar cant oneshot anyone in a second unless he is 15 0 if they are near someone(usually support in your case).His early game is horrible so pre 6 you are safe.At the beggining of mid game,if he doesnt get fed(he usually cleans up with ult or ganks lanes that are pushed towards his turrets) he wont be able to one shot you.You dont really need an item to counter him,just dont solo split push.Even a full ap blitzcrank would one shot you if he had 20 kills,every champ is annoying when fed.If you actually played Rengar I think you would understand how hard is it to actually make him work and to get to a stage where you can one shot their carries with any difficulty.
: Do you like SAO?
Suprised someone hasnt wrote season 2 was shit yet
beggep3 (EUW)
: why should i lie? and not all koreans are good at league of legends. i was looking for a comfortable friend to play league of legends together, not a stereotype person. 그리고 한국인 맞아요 ㅎㅎ 의심하시지 마시구 친구추가 주세요
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beggep3 (EUW)
: looking for friends to play with :D (KR)
Obvious lie,you have a silver frame.If you were a real Korean it would be atleast Diamond,unless you bought the account.
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