Cheini (EUNE)
: right. and if we leave the .... "terminology" (i don't really care for tos tbh), you have bought some things in the game _**for**_ and _**on**_ your chara - however, you behaved as a jerk, and you may not play as it again. This is only your own concern and problem, and, it is quite sad you actually do not understand your punishment.. you know... there is a chinese saying about that, if you don't understand why are you punished, you deserve a new one... and you are getting it.
you aren't really helping, are you?
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: No. Whatever you purchase was not actually yours in the first place. It was all lended to you. If people can get their money back just cause they got permabanned then whats to say people wont intentionally get perma banned after the know they want to stop playing the game.
riot can make a system where people can get there money back:D
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