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Poromania (EUNE)
: they will not ban on day all champs who are you considering noob... yasuo isnt noob champ, he can be countered, CCed, or not feeded, xearth isnt "pro" champ, akali power spike is on lvl 6, if you shut her before.... jinx have no escape ability, she have root - that need few sec before it start, she is slow until she kill somebody, her slow make her root herself...
if you dont understand the concept of this. dont reply
: Blastoise - Another Different Champion Idea
u know what make pokemontrainer {{champion:77}}
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Kjelldor (EUW)
: Alright, I stand corrected on studio100. The thing is though, why would Riot pay attention to the little countries? It might sound harsh but those will pay for skins that are related to larger countries anyways, the reverse is not applicable. Therefore, from purely a business standpoint, it wouldn't be a good idea.
uhm the semifinal from the championschip is in that tiny countrie you know SEMIFINAL. the fact is i would pay for skins like that evn if i wasn't from belgium like plop the gnome teemo its the perfect concept but yeah maybe you dont understand what these tiny countries mean for games. btw i study economie and its very need to look at the full company and not only at the big states like USA and China ect they need vision in what players from the tiny states want so these can get happy
Kjelldor (EUW)
: You realize that a lot of these things are for Belgium and Dutch audiences only, right? It makes no sense for Riot to make these skins as the customer base would be way 2 small.
tbh studio 100 is France Belgium and the netherlands and studio 100 's website had english video to come out to the world and maybe riot may need to pay more attention to the litlle countries of the world http://www.studio100.tv/
: Who is Gert Verhulst?
He is the owner of Studio 100 He is a billionair
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: hes already op
whats op about him? only thing he does is giving free money
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Nobugana (EUW)
: i got nami :) i really needed a supp champ in my pool
i see what you did there nami in your pool.... Pool Party Nami confirmed
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