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Devrost (EUW)
: Why evryone thinks {{champion:11}} is broken.. Oh well in silver evrything is broken.
Broken doesn't mean OP. Broken means broken, and yi was allways broken, because: -The champion is useless if the enemy team has some cc. Literally useless. -The champion is too strong if the enemy doesnt have cc, because then he literally can 1v5 a team with barely any counterplay Either way master yi isn't fun to play with/against. This is why he is broken. On the other hand, in higher elo, they can easily land a cc on yi, and it's gg for him. But for lower elo players where you can't rely on your teammates landing the cc, he is cancer, and riot should rework him for the sake of majority of the playerbase, and even for the master yi mains for them to be able to play in higher elo.
: When you share what they told you play notice me by responding here the link of the post you'll make
: Another permaban story.
The issue is resolved, and my account's ban is removed. It was a mistake.
: Usually they don't immediately ban when you use 3rd software for botting. They do waves ban. I.e: you used a 3rd software for botting 6 months ago or at the begin when you started to play, you get the ban now. It is a common practice do waves bans instead of immediately bans, there is a right reason to do it.
Never used botting or any third party software.
Poramies (EUW)
: It says in the screenshot that you were banned for using a third party software. As far as I know it's a completely different thing than account sharing, isn't that what the part you quoted is about? I don't think playstyles have anything to do with the ban you got. You should wait for the response from support to know more, if they will tell anything.
Read it again, it refers to botting, and i could read the reason of my ban when i sent the ticket.
Poramies (EUW)
: No one gets permabanned just because of a few reports. You either used a script hack, used a bot to level your new account and the ban came your way much later or without knowing it yourself have a program running that Riot determines as an inappropriate 3rd party software (no idea which programs are included) or this ban is a complete mistake in which case support should sort it out. It's pretty hard to believe you were too good and got banned seeing a negative win ratio in There are much better, if I may say so, smurfs playing in silver elo all the time without getting banned. If what you say is true, then I'm guessing your PC is not safe to be used to play this game.
I specifically got banned because of "botting and probably selling" the account, but it didnt happen. It is, and allways been on my name, with my official e-mail address, that never was changed. Edit: Anyway, i didnt say i was a good player. I explained why i have negative win rate in such a low elo, also i didnt really play that much since season 6, so my skills arent on point now. But i can still farm like i could 2 seasons ago, and nothing is going to stop you in this elo if you are 300 cs / 30 mins. Edit2: "First, we look at each individual’s playstyle and performance history, and examine reports that come in through the in-game reporting system. Suspicious accounts are then queued up for review and, if found guilty, punished." Copied from official site. And yes, my playstyle changed, because i started to take the games seriously. Why is this bannable? This account didn't even have a suspension in its lifetime.
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