Meów (EUNE)
: My dream come true
congrats, good to hear it :))
: I stopped reading after > u are fucking retarded Thats why you got banned.
: Why am i banned?
troll detected!
pokemon go = new USA spy method
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: Here's a Boards post from Riot Lyte :)
thank you good sir
: Greetings. As you may know, there are 4 stages of punishments. - 10 Games Chat Restriction - 20 Games Chat Restriction - 14-Day Ban - Permanent Suspension (It is possible to skip the Chat Restrictions though) --- If you do not get punished for three months, the punishment will decrease by one stage. Meaning if you show mild toxicity, you should start at a Chat Restriction again.
Is there any Riot sign about decreasing punsihment by one stage after 3 months?
Arcessam (EUW)
: I think you're pretty close to a permaban. If you can keep good behaviour for a year or more, they might start to reset, but in general you should be extremely careful now.
i was banned 14 days over year and half now. I dont even use chat anymore, asking just for info cuz cannot remember that information
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vìrtuoso (EUW)
: Looking for player or group to level up new account
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: I dont think bought accounts are reportable i think thats complately legal
it is not legal... but acually don't know how to report players for buying an account.
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Except coolness B).
soon or late everybody will get level 6 or 7 so coolness would be lost by time.. in my opinion skin worth more over temporary "glory"
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Tier or skin. (Poll)
Skin for sure, there is no benefit from the mastery level 6 or 7.
: [Dia+] Looking for a jungler & botlane players and more and more subs to reach Master/challenger
vìrtuoso (EUW)
: LF 3v3 player, now!
i thought there is no cheats in moba games when i start to play league, obviously i was wrong lol
: When will tier 2 runes for 1 ip be available??
it's not worth to buy tier 2 runes when you get lvl 20 you are able to buy tier 3 runes and "standard" runes are -50% price
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265 (EUW)
: Obviously i get restrictions months ago. How much months\years i must wait untill this "u heretic" buff expired? Btw **i actually recieve** this "You a good guy" message before and after this i dont get any punish at all. About 1 game to permaban - i read reddit and some imageboards and see real proofs - u 100% can get permaban for 1 game. Btw, feedback not really nice, as i told before - all 4 players blame him, cuz he was really huge jerk, like enormous. Sadly, for some reason Riot cut old Tribunal options where u can see whole picture - like 1-20 mid lane lucian, his super offencive chat (where he fuckin moms, blame all over players for being retards, wish cancer, etc), support from whole over team to us... Anyway i dont want to play this game anymore, i just wanna share my view.
You got reformed and still being toxic after all, sorry but perma is deserved in my opinion
IamFading (EUNE)
: I went afk and i dont regret it at all!
New troll/afk growing. Hope they will ban you before lvl 30 and ranked games ;)
265 (EUW)
: Permanent ban for 1 game with 1 extreme toxic player.
Obviously you was 14 days banmed recently because 1 game cant turn into permaban no metter what. Post permaban feedback, really want to see the 1 game perma...
Diffarn (EUW)
: Make 25+ (years) servers
Unranked 33 yo mad about ARAM games and demending new server for "older" players. Maybe you are 33 but im laughing so hard who take ARAM for serious? Im 24 and troll diamond rank im not good or mature enough to play with you?
: Hey vìrtuoso, feel free to use Curse voice,it doesn't interfer with your game.
Thanks, but how you know that, is there any red post about cures?
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: Never received anything, it could be that the person who changed the email received it though, but I do not have access to his/her email.
if you can prove to riot that you are one and only real owner of an account, they will give it back no metter what, my account recovery took 20 days so chill up and don't bump ticket that will only inscrese duration of process. Good luck
: I have no idea, they just say that I'm banned for account sharing. They won't change the email to my email or anything :(
you must recieve an email about suspension info. I was banned until feb 23 2100. Riot ban code 2100 ( ban year ) is for account security compromited. you have to check your ban code and google how to solve it. If you really didn't do nothing against ToU they will or should remove your ban
: Main account permanently suspended for account sharing
until when you are banned? I had similar issue and they unban my account.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: And this gets downvoted because ... ?
maybe cuz he was steroid troll? Only naturals earn respect!
050 Ninos (EUW)
: 3v3 ranked team PLAT 1 (D5Promoatm)
Hello im interested for 3v3 games sup or jungle prefer
: retarded tribunal punishments
14 ban suspension is not " 1 single game " you need to read punishment system after they rework it... bad attitude will bring another level of punishment just after you show bad behaviour again.. so you already was chat restricted and I can bet you get 14 ban just after you finish with your 25 chat restricted games
FÒrce (EUNE)
: Chat Restrictions-Bans-And hextech loot!
my support ticket about loots, answer: We can't really provide specifics for the duration of ineligibility because it depends on the player, but we want to be sure players punished by our systems are making genuine efforts to reform, so the period of ineligibility will go beyond the duration of the chat restrictions or suspensions received. Make significant progress and the rewards will start to appear after games once more. To help on this road to Hextech loot I recommend just muting players you are having issues with and refrain from saying negative comments or arguing with them. As the saying goes, "Two wrongs don't make a right". Don't combat negativity with more negativity, it will only make the situation worse. Or if you find yourself becoming frustrated quite often, I would recommend taking a break from the game for a bit. This will allow you to clear your head and make you not as quick to lose your cool. I would also suggest reporting players you are having issues with if you feel necessary after the game, but please refrain from asking for reports in game as this is considered a form of negativity as well. Reports help us prioritize what accounts to look into for further disciplinary action. Broken Blade Riot Player Support Player Behavior and Game
FÒrce (EUNE)
: Thanks dude! Btw how you know it? :D{{champion:154}}
i have same issue :) riot told me that in support ticket
: How many wins with xp boost to get lvl 30?
get xp wins xp day boost win can bring you over 500 xp so you can rush lvl 30 in a week depends how much you want to play
: I got Permanent Banned in league of legends , what should i do?
are you banned by tribunal or it's account suspension? what is date of ban expiration?
FÒrce (EUNE)
: Chat Restrictions-Bans-And hextech loot!
it's not permanent, keep with positive attitude soon or late you will be able to get loots again
vìrtuoso (EUW)
: Your account has transffered to another region... account stolen or what is going on, HELP!
vìrtuoso (EUW)
: Your account has transffered to another region... account stolen or what is going on, HELP!
just recovered my password and changed to another one.. still cannot login into client
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: Reasons I'm giving up on playing ranked.
Yo rottenbread, play your best role and champion you will be able to carry easly. If you main jungle, dont play aatrox as jungler when you have bunch of lowelostompers out there. And focus on yourself only on yourself in game
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: Stuck in Platinum V
Mute all focus on yourself and carry the game
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
BardHoe (EUW)
: Permanently banned for flaming.
double wasted money, loled so hard while reading that "rage" post xd
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: then you hopefully will learn something out of that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
> [{quoted}](name=CannethCandy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yT0qwIxk,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-27T16:51:51.171+0000) > > then you hopefully will learn something out of that {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} topic is my question, not past attitude so good bye :)
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: > Want to ask how much time my account will suffer for that The duration is unknown yet. The "3 months" thinky seems to be a rumour, there is no actual source for that. > would that change over time if I keep with positive attitude and without further punishments Yes, it's already confirmed that the duration depends on the individual, which indicates that peoples behavior is the most important factor for the duration. > could I get once in future free stuff like "loops" now days, even if I was toxic player in past? Whatever "loops" are...but yes, you can get become completely "clean" again.
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