: You are stuck in low elo because of your team.
Well i was always told that im never stuck because of my team, only because of myself . You lose only couple games, beacuse of your team(and i believed that). At this time currently, i can for sure say, its the team's fault. I dont know why, but what is happening in soloq atm, is absolute insanity. You have new accounts, around level 30, every single game hard flaming and trolling or you ahve them against you completely wrecking you. people are ahving mental breakdowns after a single death. Junglers run around like headless chickens, gettin caught and dying. Nobody knows wtf warding is. And every game's plan is to solo 24/7 push til death.
: For everyone who still didnt get 1 Refund token, get it now!
Thank you, good samaritan! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I mention MMR because you are not describing inting, you are describing people not playing like Faker. You are not playing like him either, thats why you are matched with them, because they are as good as you. Repeated rage quitters are being handled by LeaverBuster. Last but not least, do you realize that rage quitters have higher chances to be in the opposite team? (5 people) vs (4 people in your team + you).
must ahve pretty shit luck then, to not see a single enemy quit but my team has 1 every 3 games
: These "subhumans" have the same MMR as you, hence the same skills as you, I will let you draw the conclusions. From your description, they are not breaking any rules so your reports are useless. Your aggressive post would indicate you behave the same in game and you are fueling bad ambiance. Hence, lowering your chances of winning.
: How do you not rage in this game?
Cant wait for another good competetive game to release so i can get the hell out of here. Rito has gotten their munies and they have grown tired of balancing their game every 2 weeks for 10 years only to hear more complaining.
no hands (EUW)
: Recieving death threats from player, will riot do something about this?
Stop overexaggerating. Why are you scared of a mental little kid over the internet. You just say ur scared so he gets banned. Many things to do to avoid this crap. First, git gud. Most flame comes from you being bad. Second, dont judge a shit inter in your team, then he will also most likely start doing this crap. Lastly, Use mute and dont accept your flamer's friend invite. And you are set. Dont act so spoiled and weak. Doing this also increases ur performance in game and in the next one. Have a good one!
: gotta love the 0% win rate enforced by riot
this must be a troll. Please tell me this is a troll
: you can't blame someone when they're angry man he just got his account banned for whatever reason so you can't judge someone's behaviour for 3 lines comment... Like I'm mad angry right be cause I just wanna know why WHY!!!!! and nobody is replying to my ticket until now I don't know when they'll reply to it, and i also know that it'll be a copy paste....
You get your account banned for a reason, and open up his profile. Its nothing but negativity and trashtalk, so you get the picture of what he is like. He also went and spammed ''League of broken games!If you are filthy smurf or pathetic premade then you will feel like at home.'' for 8 months. Fckin hell
: Dude they didn't even tell me what they locked my account for? I think they said for suspicious and fraudulent activity, like what the hell did i do to fraud you riot or to make you suspicious about my account for you to lock it. Bad match history?
Maybe, well make a ticket and hope for the best.
Anoligarh (EUW)
: What are the broken, "freelo" champions right now?
: Account Locked!
It should show you what you were banned for, screenshot it and post it here aswell. If it was indeed accident of some sort, u'll get it back, if not then gg.
: You are not getting ur account back. I got banned for nothing last week. When it happens you have to accept it with a smile onur face. Support will not help but give you some copy and paste BS. Better to start playing dota 2 or palladins. Its 2019 and reality of it.
I saw you were INSANELY toxic already in boards,im sure as hell you are ingame also, with threats of afking and massive shittalking of premade players, who try to enjoy the game with a friend. So you getting banned for nothing. Emm. I doubt that.
: Hail to premades they are pincale of this game and they should be favored forever.
I dont exactly see why you are mad here. Are you mad that you have no friend? or that you are called out for not having friends? Why isnt there room for solo players? I need more details.
: League of broken games!If you are filthy smurf or pathetic premade then you will feel like at home.
:(, but im trying my best, aswell as my duo to play games. We dont even type much ingame. What did we do to you?
: u got anymore cool stories bro?
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Caın (EUW)
: Have they removed dodging queues?
Dodging has worked for me so far, thankfully. I dont see why they should remove dodging, sometimes you just have to do it when you get autofilled lee sins jungle or autofilled sona/yuumi supports bottom. This mechanic in my eyes reduces afking a bit, since you dodge games you dont wanna play, instead of going into a game, dying and then going afk.
: And Im sure you have i9 and rtx 2080 right?
That wasnt the point of his comment
Rena (EUW)
: Anyone else feel like they aren't good enough? (League related)
I feel you, had the same problem, but not so high elo. Played well, climbed fast, but then got stuck and fell down a lot. Got kinda stuck there, hopping back and forth. I kinda fixed it by one day just picking what i liked and enjoying the games. And i went further beyond. Maybe you are too heavily focused on climbing, its %%%%ing your mentality and making you perform worse? Congrats on the rank tho, no matter how you look at it, you have climbed far. And i think D2 to D1 is a pretty big jump, or so i have heard. So pat yourself on the head, you have done good :D
: So and what about fun?
Overall when you play a champion you like, you tend to play better. League doesn't seem such a chore anymore. And don't focus on your LP. Follow these 2 things and league is a lot better. Remember, at the end of the day, its a game, its for our entertainment, but with a competetive environment.
Lariatas (EUNE)
I agree that mage items are a bit overtuned and need to be looked into. And top laners have very few options when it comes to building MR. 2800 gold item taht gives 55 mr and 450 hp, yikes. + mage sees you have that cowl, just get that 2650 gold item that gives 70 ap and 40% penetration and you are good.
Rioter Comments
: Firstly, don't give up so easily As you said u were expecting the enemy team to be god awful, so you might have simply done bad because you underestimated them too much, and also bad games happen regardless You'll probably see better results if you keep trying with a positive mindset That being said, just because you are bronze doesn't mean you can't give your opinion and champions or anything, you can even be right about them, some people have a much easier time with theorical and just can't apply the practical part while under pressure And if being bad at league affects you on a mental level and gets your down, might as well get some coaching and try to improve
How much worse do you need to play to lose to bronze? You can always give an opinion, but its just worthless. Why get coaching, there is ton of free info on the internet, dont waste ur money on that. If being bad gets you down, then thats good, you will try to make urself feel better and improve.
: > I am so bad! C'mon, can't be that bad. > [...] and start ranked as ADC Ezreal I am losing! I am so bad! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/GargantuanUnequaledHarrier-small.gif From now on I downvote all your activity on this boards. If I see you again... I don't even want to think at that.😤 --- Jokes aside. You picked a bad champion in a bad elo. In Bronze damage > strategy. If you don't have damage in early then you can't with a game in Bronze. In late Ezreal is good, but when you manage to hit the late game with Ezreal in Bronze?
You hit late game every game in bronze. Champ is fine.
EloctPT (EUW)
: are players not taking this game seriously?
ofc not, the moment i try to take this piece of shit serious, im instantly tilted and have developed brain cancer. Its just insane what kind of ppl you run into in platinum elo.
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Surma (EUNE)
: Riot takes out everything that is cool and unique or nerfs them to meaningless state. Having unique and strong champions? Nah, %%%% that shit. --- Remember when Galio used to 1v5 if fed enough and cause serious damage in team fight with flash ult? Oh that was too strong, now he dashes and has a taunt on normal skill... because "nobody really played that champion too much". Have you played Galio lately? I played him once like in 500 games and it was a win, yeah but not because his %%%%ing ultimate, not because I did amazing flash taunts, not because my perfectly landed skillshots. I got carried by my jungle. And I realized holy %%%%ign shit if I didn't get carried I would have lost. GREAT DESIGN CHOICES RIOT.
fed champ being able to kill the whole enemy team solo is what you call a cool and unique champion and waht this game should consist of? LOL He can still flash taunt enemy team and bring in a victory for the team.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Game is literally unplayable with these many afk players.
every comment that isnt %%%%%ing and crying like the one who made the post gets dislikes. Shows what this post is all about.
: and again do u win ever 4vs5 u get? i dont, and i dont queue to ranked to play a 4vs5 i queue to play a 5vs5. but sure i need to go to ranked and carry people with same/higher elo than me, k.
I do, most of the time. Thats why i started playing vlad. One of the easier 1v9 champs.
: dude, IF MY TEELING U ITS RAGE QUIT, CAUSE ITS RAGE QUIT, a dc happens in middle of something, doesnt happens when u died 2 times in a row in 2 min ok? just made a ranked guess what? rage quitter after someone died the 2nd time, i dont queue to ranked to do a fking 4vs5 BUT YEAH I COME WHINING IN THE BOARDS TO SEE IF RIOT DOES SOMETHING. FK THIS GAME FK RIOT.
4v5 is easy, i que into ranked to 1v9. Thats how it should be. try it. Every game lost is because of you and never your team, according to every smurf and coach. With that mindset, every loss you think. What do i need to do to carry 0/15 inters or a afk in your case, which is easier case and boom, ur suddenly diamond. its not a team game low elo and it never will be.
: > [{quoted}](name=v4lge,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KXAN3OIp,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-09-03T18:29:31.970+0000) > > Just ignore the damn typing or if you cant, mute. Thats it, i dont see why shittalking and flaming was ever a problem. You have necessary tools to get rid of it. Inting and feeding is much worse. And that brings out the toxicity, cuz you are trapped for 30 minutes in a game with mongoloids that make the game much more harder and sometimes even unwinnable to the person trying. Its frustrating. To me it's not so much what is being said but the attitude behind it. A lot of players have the "1v9" mindset. They genuinely believe that they are on their own, that they have to fight not only the opposing team but also their teammates. As soon as something goes the slightest bit wrong they immediately turn on the "1v9" mindset and stop working as a team. When this happens it doesn't matter if you mute them or not because they think they have to work against you rather than with you.
Cuz if you want to climb you need to have 1v9 mindset. Doesnt matter how the game is going, you need to ahve 1v9 mindset. Look at coaches. The first thing a master+ coach says, its all you, never your team. So everyone in your team being 0/8 is your fault, you need to be able to win the game. With that mindset, i climbed higher and realised a lot more mistakes of my own. I dont have to lose a game thinking, oh, my team was bad, but i was not good enough to carry so bad team, i need to practise more and play better. This game is not a team game in lower elo and it never will be.
Eesti Eune (EUNE)
: Ranked league points
Holten (EUW)
: At this point I'm just muting all
Just ignore the damn typing or if you cant, mute. Thats it, i dont see why shittalking and flaming was ever a problem. You have necessary tools to get rid of it. Inting and feeding is much worse. And that brings out the toxicity, cuz you are trapped for 30 minutes in a game with mongoloids that make the game much more harder and sometimes even unwinnable to the person trying. Its frustrating.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I am more worried about your gameplay than my own
TRRUUUEEEE {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I cant be shit when he is shittier.
: ofc its always connection issues games that have 30min long and he is at level 3, sure he takes more than 25min to RC to a game, u can see when its rage quit, dont tell otherwise, u go 0/1 or 0/2 and u imediatly leave its RAGE QUIT, but yeah its my fault for still playing this game. im whining on this board cause i love the game, but u are here cause? no attencion? i just want to make the game more playable, i want to go to ranked and even if i lose feel like i play a good game like a 5vs5 i dont want go to ranked to play a 4vs5 or 3vs5 or have someone raging or inting, okay?
Well i have dc'd once in the past where my power was cut out for 5 hours, so yes, no RC-ing withing 25 minutes is possible. So about the second part, where you had to attack me. I have enough attention, thank you, but it takes awhile to get into games, so i come here to read unneccesary whiny pointless posts that do nothing for the person writing and reading( except some entertainement). You whining on boards wont make the game more playable, dont play if its not enough ''playable'' for you. I find that the game is playable, dude is afk or not, its still a 1v9, unless u duo. Then its a 1v9, except you cant flame ur duo. As a coach said, its never your team, so be happy that the 0/3 guy didnt go 0/13 and give more kills, instead he just went afk, more chances for a win. Thats it my love, might be illogical at times or bad english, wrote this quickly going into a game. ADIOS my love.
: how about in chat a "fk this im going afk" ? does that change something? or a history of 3 games afk in 7 days. i lost 30sec to check his profile and see he did this alredy multiple times, but riot doesnt give a %%%.
Maybe, he had multiple connection issues and 1 rage quit games? Deal with it and move on, whining on boards wont help.
: Dude I’m trying so hard to keep my cool. But all my efforts are for nothing. And I can only stay cool for so long :(. Well. Here to luck on the rift
Well, if you no longer can, take a break. It helps. AND GL to you aswell.
: > [{quoted}](name=v4lge,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oPlUaEEt,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-24T13:01:54.385+0000) > > Its made for one player to singlehandedly lose it :D Not as often as the medium player thinks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anna Sassin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oPlUaEEt,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-24T08:32:21.576+0000) > > so we just accept how broken it is and enjoy it for being broken.........? or play something else? the point is they are successful enough to make the damn game work, this is such a good game, developed by people who dont give a fk. It's not broken, it's just that if you want to be able to win it by your own and only merit, this is simply not the game for you because, barring REALLY lucky breaks, this game is not made for one player to singlehandedly win it.
Its made for one player to singlehandedly lose it :D
: i really appreciate the advice on things i can try, I REALLY DO. the reason i play the same thing is because its my main champ, and im trying to get out of elo hell. im never the feeder in the games, my build does an insane amount of healing, (which gets mentioned by my team when they dont feed and allow me to build it to mid-late game). id change my build if i noticed it wasn't helping my team, but it perfectly suits my play style. and im adamant its not the reason im losing. i can play every role except jungle. but i just find that i enjoy support the most, Lets just say i play mid for a change and ditch the support role to get where i want to be. i just get 0 ganks, and top goes 0/15 and the game is thrown. top laner (whos now fed) just comes down and deletes me. Trust me when i say, im always up for criticism, and im not pretending to be a pro player here. Bu i have the logic to understand when my play style/build/champ choices are not getting me anywhere and i can always reflect on myself to what im doing, Im utterly convinced its genuinely the matchmaker and the elo system failing. because its honestly not just me who's saying this. i hear this stuff all the time, and not just the toxic kids who fill the behaviour section of these forums. Id honestly LOVE to see anyone play my account and just to see where im coming from (obviously im not actually gonna allow that, because its not allowed by riot and im not an idiot on getting my account banned). Ill hold my hands up to say i was heated when i wrote this But even after calming down to my usual self. im CONVINCED my points still stand true, even if it still sounds like your average flamer. On a system based PURELY on win/lose, its doomed on measuring skill, theres been plenty of times ive been ADC or mid or top. and been like 7/2 or 11/4 or something carriable like that, but i just look and fine the rest of the team on scores like 0/7 3/15 0/3 5/10 and its uncarryable. So its got to the point where i just play the champion/build i enjoy playing, and just wait to see what teammates the game decides to give me. and by taking a step back, i can CLEARLY tell when the game is fkking with me, just by looking at the loading screen, and 9 times out of 10. the expected outcome happens (i still try my best to not see that through) if i look on porofessor and see someone on the enemy team is in their promos, my team OBLITERATES that team, because i know the same thing happens to me when i hit promos. the game needs to take into account personal performance when taking and giving lp. Only then will this game be based on skill. and only then will the flaming stop. because you wont be dragged down with the ship for doing well and it NOT being accounted for. Sorry this was a long painful read, but there you go. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
1 tip: stay cool and stay chill. You will win more and be less mad. Dont let the game be a chore. And the climb.
: I will give up on ranked this season i will finish drop do bronze if i keep play
PFFFFT, couple more games and you are gold :D
: Season 5 platinum? is a bug on season 5 was where i start play Lol i did 5-6 placement on that season nothing more idk why op.gg say i was plat i probably need contact op.gg cause that. On season 5 skin was Victorious Sivir the reward i dont have Victorious Sivir so is wasn't above of silver Rank. In case you think i was boosted on S5 if i was booted i would have got the skin. https://imgur.com/a/Rx0zZej
Ah no, I wasnt thinking that you were boosted. Was just curious about it since you said you have been bronze all seasons.
: you, player, player, player, player -> loss player, player, player, player, player -> win
Seems like interesting concept. Care to explain it a bit?
: For me is :P i was bronze all seasons. My op.gg is a crap if you see :D
Season 5 platinum? And mine is even more crap. Scroll down a bit and look at my 10 game loss streak. There should be like 14 game loss streak somewhere also.
: I cant stop my top go 1v1, can't stop my team go 1v5, or 4v5, no matter is i tell is a bad play i always get a "STFU" With all respect i try my best to win but some people dont want win games.
Oh i know that, DW. Im just giving you some tips to get ur adc fed and maybe 2v7 games. Even as 15/2 vlad i sometimes lose. It sucks
: ***
Of silver. Thats not a huge compliment im sorry. You should be better than 100% of supports in silver. But with them tips ur better than 80-70% of all supports in plat elo and you will ahve adc's on their knees in front of you, begginf you do carry them.
: How is supposed i carry those "Monkeys" if i'm suport main.... (nami/karma/janna)
Easily. Listen now, put pressure on enemy laners as much as possible, so your adc can farm. Look for 100% engages not coinflips. Autoattack enemy ADC when they go for CS. That already has huge impact on what ur adc is out of the laning phase. Keep track of enemy jgl. Look where he shows up, then you can decide on your gamestyle(passive or aggro). Out of the lane, you just try ur best to peel ur adc and do 1 thing that most supports dont. ENGAGE! you see 5 of ur teammates mid and 1 enemy top and 1 missing. Throw out ur nami R and force an engage. Clear wards at choke points to enable invading, use pinkwards on objectives and near them to apply pressure and most of all, ward key points of the map. Dont just throw a ward into a random bush. Any questions? Oh and stick to mostly nami out of those you mentioned. Love her!
: best way to learn the basics/adc's ? ( I want to be a adc main)
ADC, first of all. Your early game priority is csing and not dying. Do that and you are golden. You can make it easier by managing ur waves well. Secondly is positioning, dont instadie before TF's. Thirdly, DONT DIE. If you manage do to thism you already win 120% more games. Do not think about counterpicking, fck that shit. Items against tanks? BOTRK or armor pen, pretty much it. Drop draven and ur good.
: Why are leavers votes in a surrender still required?
Surrender should definitely not be on 3 votes. Then my games would end every 15 minutes, since jgl died once ganking and bot is 0/50. Thankfully it doesnt end with 3 votes and i can carry these lil shits to the end and win, and then get flamed by them that i did nothing xD. Gotta love the community. And when someone leaves, their vote is not needed, if they are in game, tough luck. if you really think you cant win, start soft inting. The game wont last another 5 minutes. Works everytime. BUT DONT DO THIS WHEN YOU HAVE A.FCKIN.VLADIMIR.PUTIN.IN.YOUR.GAME!!!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=v4lge,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2lp1bYGB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-11T08:39:52.352+0000) > > Oof another person having mental breakdown in an elo game where you can solo carry games. Wonderful, but i agree with you. Riot games should fix the game, so you don't get teammates like that on the picture(including you). Nice pick btw {{champion:17}} first of all its normal and i quit ranked bcz i see this shit all the time second im playing with fps 10 thats why i picked teemo is supp to poke third i didnt feed the enemy and my score screwed bcz anyone can kill me with one shot
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