: Let player A get S or S+ once every 8 rounds played. Let player B get S or S+ once every 12 rounds played. Player A plays 2 rounds a day. Player B plays 6 rounds a day. Who would reach Mastery 100 faster, showing their true skill?
Well, they both deserve it, given that S is a representative indicator for skill. It is not, currently. Everyone can achieve it, you are right But champion masteries do not affect gameplay What are you arguing about?
: That would turn the current system into a "I have the most time to play a video game" system.
Permanent S- performances are quality not quantity arent they?
: And what will it change? Everyone is just gonna be on mastery 8.
Wow thanks for thinking on your own. Of course there should be more than 8, like 100 and the logo should become even brighter
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