: ranked
there is nothing we can do you can get only bad luck all the ime and be considere a bad player no matter how good you play your lane cause its a "teamgame"
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Red Panda (EUNE)
: yup, same as well
any one know when we can play rankeds again? was there any input from rioters?
Q Ren (EUW)
: She is really good,you just whine because she's not braindead anymore with her E-R combo that did half hp to anyone at lvl 6 and u couldn't outrade her in any way.I play Anivia too and still love her, she's one of the best mid laners both on paper and reality. Learn to play her.
Its a constructed opinon realy not gona writte anything here anymore nobody can siriously debate ofc shes good still and I can still take anyone just hate that the playstyle is preset now and now take your sorry ass somewhere else if you dont intend to gve any constructive feedback.
: Anivia is one of the strongest midlaners in the game rn....
Yeah maybe on paper ut in reality its just not that good anymore....
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: Looking for mid laner silver/gold
: looking for DuoQ (around Gold - Bronze)
WildBomb (EUNE)
: What is going with the trollrs????
feel your pain fucking shit rito!
Lissver (EUW)
: Really? If this behaviour is punished with 14 days ban... nobody could play LOL
I totaly support you and anyone saying anything against you is just out to ruin your day and game ignore them...they are probably those guys who feed and troll hile writting nice things in chat


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