: I could swear this guy made a post on his other account showing a screenshot of him after getting banned O_o
I made post on this account, and this is continuation of previous, any way I'm done with league its my gift for riot and my last post, they could fix shittt I described or they can just ignore all of it. Wish you all luck that rito won't ignore it. In other case better don't farm ranked in solo if you wanna be healthy.
: > You are not chosen one to understand We need Keanu Reeves!
No, we need Chuck Norris! Neo suck...
Bensback (EUW)
: So you tilted and got banned? Well seems the trolls got the better of you, sad.
No I just got banned coz I was tired from league, before I was banned I put a ticket to league support with request to delete my account and they launch in my face they asked what first champion I purchased 6 years ago. I'm tired to be tolerant with noobs with trolls especially when I have the infinity lose streak. When no champions left for carry game in solo, when they changing jungle and don't remake Fidle who are absolutely useless in the new jungle. It's fun to have free lose every time you were promoted to league. Rioters think players can lose with 0 LP and they won't care. They removed possibility to get out of lose streaks by playing normal games. The flex match making in 16 season made a new type of trolls the kids who can cooperate only with their permades party. Nice to watch how your teammates always sell you only coz you are not belong to they party. The 90% of players can't start actions without voice command. Is it enjoyable to play game like this with community like this?
: I have no idea what you are saying.
Well, then sorry my English isn't perfect.
: 😡<-- What the fuck is that? And what is this thread about?
You are not chosen one to understand it come after you will receive few account suspension.
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: Watch what you say.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot tries to convince you that {{item:3075}} {{champion:22}} actually works.
Man it's crime to separate head from body, put Ashe's head back!
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: 100% agree. You cant win them all but I can guarantee all the games you surrender are 100% lost.
Remove ff option from the game and you will see reaction..
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't care if you suck.
Some games you can't win, in any game GM will surrender in game against another GM if he see 100% lose. So you want to say league of legend is an exception? Are you sure this point of view is correct?
: Yup, you are easily triggered. I can't possibly imagine how many games you must have ruined before your punishment took hold. A ban, WELL DESERVED
Mister no arguments - Lets try to bait more painful! You are the best example of this community! Zero games I ruin thousands games I carry, even if I used chat I never make mistakes that cost me the victory. I always was reported by people with no arguments like you yes coz I'm easy triggered after 100 free loses in row.
: No, he will leave the lane and get fed on bot/the jungler. While you, as a midlaner, will be immune to Yasuo's early game, you will be unable to push or have any impact on the rest of the game whatsoever. It's stupid. You can't rush armor+HP on everyone just to counter a single person if the enemy is not full AD. Also, you are not even countering him, since after level 6, he gets this thing called 50% armor penetration, after all, he is a hypercarry. Why do we have to be super safe early against a hypercarry?
If he can roam and kill it's problem of your team, it's not making Yasuo OP just mean that you and your teammates are unskilled. You don't even need to build armor against mid Yasuo, desent player can safe farming at his tower if not enough skills for kill yasuo. That was advice to noobs who have no skills to win game against Yasuo. P.s. Sunfire do dmg while you in air ninjatabi reduce aa and q dmg by 10%, and Yasou ult won't affect ninjatabi efect.
: Not really. That game was a "nail in the coffin". Meaning, you had a series of offenses before that Riot let you get away with. Don't try to act like you are innocent, you dirty flamer.
Hi mister RITO worker! I'm happy to know you waste your money for defend rito reputation on forum and you don't care about your algorithms that making your players over rage and toxic, only once I received the letter with sorry your account was accsidantly suspended and this latter just made me more rage coz I read it right after two weeks of accidentally suspension. Nice to know rito workers flaming me on forum for free -"dirty flamer" don't u think you become a flamer after you used "dirty flamer"?
: That seems like a legit build on a Malzahar mid.
It will be legit on any champion against Yasuo if u can't win against him with your build. And even Faker will not get fed against noob with this two items.
: Ehm, no, not really, however, if you get matched against people with (on average) higher MMR and you manage to win you get more LP, same thing when you lose against people with lower MMR, you lose more.
Don't lie me mister in my face I play since beta test and play ranked games mostly I understand this match making system much better then any else human on this planet.
: You don't get perma banned because of 1 game, and rarely ever because of the champs you pick, so you probably 'argued' to much with those people...
No I was actually permabanned coz of this game I received message from rito bot while talked in lobby after this game. So that game was reason of my ban.
: Match making is busted man...
Here is two types of teams: RITO said this team must win that must lose. And if u carry team that must lose or if u lose with team that must win you are enemy of RITO system and be sure you will have around 50% free loses games. Else 49% competitive games(you will win only if carry in solo).
M4ndrake (EUW)
: Can we bloody nerf Yasou
Yes Yasuo so op after millions nerfs! Does not matter he can't carry game if opponent play safe. If opponent build two early items - sunfire + ninjatabi.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Do you like Autofill?
I love RITO for autofill. It so nice to play with noob nidalies or pro "smurfs" bards coz they on the autofill. Especially when they ruin your free win game. Or when you pick kill lane in low elo and whole team start flaming you before game start.
: Why do people tell me what support to play?
I was perma banned coz I was sup yi my whole team flamed me since champion selection at the end of the game I was to rage and tell them all what I think. And nobody care that my mid and top were afk. Nobody care I won my lane with adk lux. Nobody care that yi is valid sup.
Megumìn (EUW)
: People saying get cancer or wishing death still able to play nice riot good job
I wished cancer to all rioters and my account was perma banned so don't lie!:)
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Gift it to random person then!
Why should I hate random person? Because all in this community hate everyone? This is not my way;) This is not gift its similar to curse.
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Why don't you gift it to someone instead?
I hate nobody so much! I don't have sworn enemy for gift him league of legends account;).
Father Tios (EUNE)
: "Date base"
Nice you found mistake! Congratulation! You should be honnored for this. You need proud of it! Rito should give you mastery gift and boost you to diamond!;)
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: Accept the loss and troll them back.
And be sure you will be punished by tribunal, law of meanness!
Sffc (EUW)
: Crit damage runes still apply. For instance, Infinity Edge's passive
sure why infinity Edge apply and crit dame runes no?
: Ashe's crits don't get stronger with crit damage, but crit chance. That's how it's worked since the rework.
if some one picked crit dmg runes why this runes ussles ashe got crit dmg stat why I cant use runes for increase it? Then riot pls remake crit dmg runes if its unusable on champion...
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: Game ended 10 min ago but I have active recconect button and can't start new one.
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