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: So um, Irelia stun doesn't stun unless she has more %max hp, but if she has more %max hp guess what, she's gonna kill you since she's healthier, right? Irelia e is one of the worst abilities in this game, it doesn't have any proper counter play, but people don't realize it. At least if you're looking at it from design view point, the effects of it are just so unfair. But meh, most players don't care about what's actually broken and what kills them. The meta is the broken thing ever, but as long as there's something that doesn't kill you, it's not op. Like Nunu wasn't considered OP last patch, even thought it was the best champion last patch.
Not really.. You can have 1% less health and it wouldnt be a stun. Why walk up to a 1.5k irelia when you only have 300 hp left? I agree though but she is getting a rework next season anyways and E will be one of the abilities, but shell keep this ability of turning the tables with her E
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: I bet you aren't anything better than g5 if you still think that counters really exist,I'm play 5 and can shit on 400k Irelia mains,does this make yasuo counter irelia? ahaha Tenacity isn't useful? LOL Ahaahahah,why the fuck the most bought boots are the ones who give tenacity? True damage being useful only mid game? uhm hello? are we still playing the same game? true damage is true damage at any stage of the game,don't tell me garen R true damage is useful only mid game and early not or maybe late when he takes thousand of HP in one R? yeah she isn't tanky..just has 3k+ of hp with 250+ Ad with 200 armor and MR,not tanky at all,not even gnar :/ Irelia stun is cancer,it's point and click whereas yasuo third Q needs you to hit the target..but I guess someone here never played yasuo? Like I said,having a stun of 2 seconds while you can run 2000 units in the meanwhile is not right,I can't stun with yasuo or riven every 3 seconds and my stun isn't 2 seconds long and if you have lower health you get shitted on by her burst and if you have higher you get shitted on by the true damage/infinite stun and aas with sheen proc so your problem is his W,yes dude go shot everything at him in those 4 seconds and then complain if he kills you while you have 0 spells up! You will get challenjour!!!111!eleven!
Plat 3 support main, though I like playing top sometimes. It really depends on the player. Levels 1-3 Yas has a much easier time agains Irelia whereas rest of the game unless she fed him, she completly stomps on him. Irelia does have a decent skill celing. I said her passive isnt useful anymore since it only gives 10% tenacity if you're in an even match and the whole point of Irelia was to dive into a tf not giving a fk, they removed that in 6.16(.6,17 not sure though) 10% tenacity doesnt do anything. Oh wow, you literally called me low elo then started to bash on garen one of the weakest champs atm? hahaha. Irelias true dmg isnt very useful lategame because it isnt % health it is flat true dmg thus making it a lot better midgame and not so useful late. That is like 50 minutes into the game, it is your own fault for not closing it out. It's like me bashing on Nasus because he gets even more tanky than that 50 min in. Of course I have and the skillshot isnt hard.. It is like Irelias ult where you drag your mouse curser. And even then every sort of knockup/knockback will trigger the ult thus making it point and click as well. Irelia doesnt max her stun anymore and even then there is something called a banshees or mercurial or mikaleles crucible (if your support isnt braindead) I mean I could make the same argument about yasuo " he has his third Q up so he E'd me and I became surprassed by a point and click spell and died by all his 100% crit in 2 seconds, OP, OP, OP!!!" I still dont get how a Yasuo main complains about mobility that is the most hypocritcal thing I've heard league related. Her dash ISNT infinite, it just has a very low CD with 40% CDR ( around 4 seconds when maxed) Even then her dash isnt 0.1 second unlike Yasuos. The ability is totally unfair, last time I checked an ADC and Apc should stand BEHIND their tanks right? Nomatter how fed your Twitch is, windwall can make his dps drop to 0 . It is the same sht argument people had for Nidalee when they said " just dodge the spears " Edit: I forgot mentioning I dont believe yas or ire is op or anything.
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: irelia has infinite dashes too,tenacity on cc,lifesteal in her kit,true damage,tanky af but one shots adc,stun longer than my future..yet no one complains
Just because Irelia has somewhat of an overloaded kit that doesn't mean it is fine for Yasuo to have it. But I get it, Yasuo main tilts over Irelia since she is a darn good counter to him. Also: She doesn't have infinite dashes, its only if the target dies and it costs mana surprise. The tenacity is so useless ever since the rework. The true dmg is only useful midgame. Wouldn't really say THAT tanky. You can't complain about irelias stun when Yasuos knockup is almost as long and suspension>stuns AND it works on all 5 members whereas Irelias stun/slow only works on 1 target and even then you dont max the E first anymore. AAAAND the stun only proccs if you have a higher % health than her, Yasuos suspension proccs if someone is airbone everytime. Edit: Forgot mentioning, Yasuo brings a lot *ALOT* more utility than Irelia with his Bs _KEKEKEKEKEKE BLOCK ALL PROJECTILES FOR 4 SECONDS_ _LOLOLOL ALL OF YOU ARE SUSPENDED_


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