JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Sylas and Kai'sa
Sylas was 44%winrate before this patch and he was nerfed again He is objectively weak You are allowed to say you don't enjoy Laning against him but you CANNOT say he is op when he is OBJECTIVELY weak And Kaisa is nowhere near as big an issue as an adc like vayne is, vayne has all of Kaisas strengths and then some more on top (far lower cd on her stealth, cc, true damage etc) if you are going to complain about a champion at least be consistent
Zounatic (EUW)
: Karma in 9.19
Welcome to modern riot Where if a pro player likes somthing no one else is allowed to play it Looks at the marvelous examples of sylas solo q being 44% winrate and still being nerfed because pros like him (or aatrox or yuumi or karma or sej etc etc etc) And if pros don't like the thing well....%%%% balance let's buff them until we see them in pro play (vayne oriana riven, all 50%+winrates all getting buffed because riot wants them in pro) Riots new motto should be "%%%% you if you want a balanced game we only care about worlds"
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Taliyah's Kit and Current Meta
I'm sorry did you somehow miss that a taliyah knockback into her mines is basically an insta kill on any champion And that if her q lands all 5 hits (relatively easy) it's one of the highest damage abilities in the game Taliyah has INSANE damage
foxxof120 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol - patch 9.17 :/
The reason they changed it is actually the same as for pretty much every gripe in the game atm His previous w was a consistent damage ability, while the new one hits faster over a shorter period, but does a lot less constant damage essentially, they tried to make aurelion more bursty, why, because everything in the game is burst atm The more burst the more spectacle in pro
: While I really like the idea and I think it should be implemented in some form. I don't agree with you saying that the E damage is too weak or small. In case you didn't know, E have 2 parts : * First the shielding which deals 100% total AD like you said (if enemies take damage for the full duration * Then Pantheon slams his shield in front of him in cone (like Annie's W) dealing 155 + 150% bonus AD * E can also be reactivated early to cancel the shield and slam directly if you want a burst of damage in your combo The slam alone deals more damage that his Q. Pantheon's E is his biggest damaging ability (I'm talking about non empowered abilities).
You have to remember during the channel he can't auto, and panth has a relatively high base as even without items, if you are talking pure DPS/damage the channel on the E is a damage decrease over just autoing (the empowered E even more so as it increases the duration of the channel)
: An idea for a Pantheon buff without touching his numbers
Imo the e damage needs to be moved fro. The bash to the duration stabs The bash is the hardest but to land, and atm the stand do basically no damage and are just there as lip service to the old E Move the damage from bash to stabs, make it actually do damage as you channel and make the empowered E actually worth using
: Untargetable is a defined League mechanic. There is no such thing as unhitable.
Yes it's not a defined thing but it is mechanically Fizz when he's on his pole can't be HIT by anything, even if it was already targeted, yuumi can still be hit by things which were already targeted So while you are correct in "unhitable" not being a defined thing, it is a mechanical reality that there is a difference
: > [{quoted}](name=Origami Anivia,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OMG5mjsc,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2019-07-21T03:37:58.714+0000) > > Let's see, what was aatrox's identity? Jumping into combat, auto attacks to do more damage and heal and a revive, they got rid of the first 2 with his rework, that leaves the revive. So yeah he lost what made aatrox aatrox. That's why I don't play him anymore. He isn't the champ I used to know and love. > If they do the same to anivia (take her egg away) or take her wall or ult away I'm probably gonna stop playing, I fell in love with every part of anivia just like I did aatrox and they changed him too much. And what made Aatrox what he was before the rework was stat checks, which made him extremely difficult to put into a balanced state. It's why Fiora got reworked. It's why Xin got reworked. It's why things like Jax and Tryndamere always sit in the crosshairs (though their stat ball nature is so baked in to them nothing short of a full VGU would fix it). Also, they aren't going to do anything with Anivia. Unlike Aatrox, she hasn't been a problem child since her inception. She's one of the rare cases of a unique take on a champion archetype that hasn't been a balancing nightmare.
Aatrox was one of the least "stat check" auto based champions I'm the game as he actually had 2 skillshots and both a toggle and a passive he needed to think around to fight Compare that to udyr, Olaf, yi, trynd etc who are vastly more "stat check" then he ever was and remain in the game 100% unchanged while he got completely removed as a character In addition, aatrox WAS a balanced meta pick for nearly a year before the rework with very few changes done to him.st all, while newtrox is a balancing nightmare showing up in nearly every patch
: > [{quoted}](name=KillerCryptid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OMG5mjsc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-20T19:13:44.453+0000) > > you mean...champions now have counters? oh no > like seriously, the only point that you are making that makes sense is Aatrox, revive isn't the reason why he is strong and it made him lose his character identity > but the rest? no > thank god TK top is not gonna be played anymore cause playing against that is not playing the game, it is not healthy for the game and it was a correct decision to remove it, you want to play mundo? well ban kled if he is such a problem, want to play shen? ban renekton > if you pick after them...maybe don't pick into them a losing matchup? seriously this is simple counter picking Aatrox losing his revive doesn't effect his identity at all. What is right now and has been for a while is high damage sustain monster. All the revive did was give him unnecessary safety in fights.
The revive was litraly what made aatrox aatrox There are tons of high damage sustain champions in the game, but only aatrox had a revive It was his most iconic ability and what distinguished aatrox from other characters
Rioter Comments
: it scales up to 40% tho which isn't bad but i think the ability is useless because it only reflects auto attack damage
It's 40% damage reduction mate That's huge for such a relatively long lasting ability To compare, garens W damage reduction is lower and for less time, same with WW's For such a short range mage it's a REALLY powerfull tool Her issue isn't with that ability, it's with how outdated her kit is, with it being so litraly one dimensional, and with the fact.a huge amount of her "power budget" is eaten by her passive which is one of the strongest things in the game (litraly character defining strong)
: A very simple suggestion.
This would be an atrocious move by riot if they implemented it For starters they cut off a large amount of players who can't get/afford better internet And secondly ping isn't always stable, some people (such as me) get spikes of ping where it will shoot up for a few seconds before settling down again, is the game to just instaboot me the moment I go above 200? It's an awfull suggestion to a far more complicated problem
: Yuumis untargetability is different from other untargetabilties in the game
Yuumi is "untargetable" not unhitable Other champs like fizz and hi are also unhitable
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Statistical fact: There will always be a champion that is least played ;) Imo the Evelynn will still be a stealth-based jungler with hard CC added. I'd call it a buff.
you cant really call it a buff cos its not the same champ that would be like saying "zed has been reworked into an ap tank, thats a buff" ....well no cos its a completly different champion now that does a completly different thing eve will still be a stealth jungler yeah, but as i said in the origional post basicaly everything about her playstyle, her strengths her weaknesses, hell even the items she builds, has been completly reverted swapped or gutted, nothing about the new eve other then the her invisibility and the name of her q resembles old eve at all and yeah there will always be a least played champ, but more often then not the reason they are the least played has been cos they desperatly need a rework, the champs who hovor around that zone were always urgot yorick and aatrox, three champs who no one in their right mind would say didnt need the rework they got (or in the case of aatrox no one would say they DONT need a rework now) but eve has never been in that lowest played bracket even when shes super weak because her kit has never needed the level of fixing their did/do she needed the xin treatment, a single skill change and probebly a bit of a passive rework but they went full urgot on her and changed everything right down to the very stats she scales with
: So, you'd prefer Eve to stay in an unbalanceable position? By the way, her dash range is shorter than the camouflage range, so even if she has a shorter TTK, she is going to be spotted before that burst comes out, thus adding to the ttk. Can't you just give the rework a chance, instead proclaiming it the end of days?
and current eve doesnt have a dash at all and is one of the lowest burst "assassins" in the game yet her no1 issue is and has always been her coming out of nowhere and rapid killing you with next to no chance to react, so they nerfed her damage, but old evelyn also had some bruiser/utility in her kit so she still did alright new evelyn has a dash and a much lower burst window.......the issue is gonna be worse then ever, so theya re gonna nerf her damage, except new evelyn has NO bruiser or utility in her kit meaning once her damage is gone she will be litraly worthless i have seen the rework, i dont need to give it a chance cos it doesnt take a brilliant mind to realise the rework plays NOTHING like live evelyn does it may as well be a new champ, and all it does is make her biggest balance issue even worse they took a champ that needed only the level of rework xin did, a slight ability change, maybe a passive rework, and did a full urgot on them and the rework is gonna be harder to balance then old eve ever was
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: At least she didn't get the Urgot treatment :(
to be fair to the urgot one he was the least played champ in the game at the time eve is nowhere close to the least played champ, they are completly changing her playstyle game role and character not because she needs it like urgot did but because .......well i dont know it doesnt make sense
: It really isn't though. She doesn't have the level of AoE burst that she had that caused the her to get nerfed down a lot. Also, her damage over a long enough amount of time that when she pops out of stealth, unless she's sickeningly ahead, she won't 100-0 without any recourse. Ultimately, this is probably going to got the way of the Galio rework; complain about the rework until a few days after its release, then nothing as people just accept it or find they prefer the new version.
eve never had any aoe burst, ever her e is single target and her ult does a low amount of current health damage and always did, she is and has always been best at single target and with the rework her damage is NOT over a long time, her e is completly front loaded on hit, her ult is an instant hit execute and her q is only 3 casts on a very short cd between those casts (with a long cd between each batch of 3 killing constant damage) her damage is very very fast and hell cos of the execute on her ult she doesnt even need to do that much burst, the ults execute damage means she only needs to do 50-60% of a squishy with other abilities and it will kill them and get her out with the dash from somthing like a protobelt her target has next to no time at all to react before she bursts them down and her burst window is muuuuuuuch smaller then it was before and yes i bet after a few weeks people will accept it, not because its better....its not, they took a unique character who has a range of builds unilke any other and a completly unique playstyle and just made her into an ap version of zed...no they will accept it because they know riot wont change it back despite it being completly against what the character has always been in the past
Altered (EUW)
: Imho, I'm way more excited to play the new evelynn than I ever was about the old one. The new one looks more fun, even though her kit is still: "I'll w, then get close and e and then spam q" (well, old eve was ult first, new one is ult late) She just got the sion treatment. I loved playing old sion ad and ap, do you still see people building him ap? Eve was an AP assassin, but was forced into a diver playstyle over the years with the nerfs and such, so I'm glad to see her being an assassin again.
eve was never an ap assassin she has always been from the start hybrid as for "she looks fun" yeah im not argueing that she still looks enjoyable, but shes not evelynn anymore thats my whole point, the rework does look like a good assassin but it looks and plays NOTHING like evelynn sion is an awfull comparison as his kit was ancient and incredibly basic, he had hit a point where he couldnt remotly compete with newer heros so they needed to full rework evelynn still competes in high tier and still has good a playrate she just has a bit of a difficult kit to balance and like i have said, by pushing her into an upfront burst assassin playstyle they are if anything going to exagerate her current issues, she will either have enough damage to kill a target in one combo making her completly op100% ban with next to no counterplay becasue of her stealth, or she wont have enough damage to kill them in one combo and be litraly useless because thats ALL she does so riot will have to go right back to nerfing her damage massivly so she isn't aids to play against, only this time she doesn't have the bruiser/diver core in her kit to fall back on, she only has burst damage, so she will be a complete dud champion she may have been inteded to be an assassin, but through the years she has long since stopped being one and has evolved with time to be a diver, her playstyle is NOTHING like other assassins and she has very very different strengths and weaknesses from other assassins. this rework is a complete betrayal of how she works on live and is not even slightly fitting for her playstyle or the players who enjoyed her
: Funny thing is, she was always supposed to be the bursty assassin. She's just been toned down so much over the years that she has ended up as this diver. And she does need this rework. The way she is now means that Riot can't actually buff her without unbalancing her due to her perma-stealth. Now she's got the chance to be what she is meant to be. And let's be real, character wise, the old Eve was barebones as all hell and desperately needed some love.
the thing is because they have gone full into her being a bursty assassin all its going to do is highlight the issue of her perma stealth even more more so then ever she will ether be completly op perma ban or utter trash because she now has nothing EXCEPT her burst meaning she either comes out of stealth and isnta kills you, or doesnt at is now useless her it doesnt matter that she was "supposed" to be a bursty assassin thats not even close to how she played or why peopled enjoyed player her and IMO pushing into the diver direction would have not only been faaaaar better balance wise but much more fitting with her current playstyle i completly agree she needed some love, but the way this rework went is NOT what she needed nor what anyone who plays her wanted
: Afai heard her base damage should be good and she has %-max HP damage on E (applies on-hit effects) and %-missing HP damage on R, so tank Eve should work? Also there are a lot of items that make sticking to enemies easier, so a second W or E cast should be possible. Just theorycrafting here, I never played old Eve and dont have access to PBE.
she does % max health on e yes but its a fixed %+ap scaling (doesnt go up with skill level) it also applies on hit effects but the old e applied on hit effects 2ce and gave up to 120% extra attack speed a stat that is now completly missing from her kit meaning the bruiser divers of old are gone her q has been stuck onto 3 casts on a longer cd now meaning her consistant damage is gone its compeltly front loaded meaning there is NO reason to stay in a fight after she has used her cooldowns and her ult does flat damage scaling which goes up the lower health they have but it teleports her away from the fight meaning its litraly a dud skill for a tank bruiser or diver she cant stick to enemies anywhere near as well because her w no longer gives the movespeed bonus and she no longer has the slow or shield from her old ult meaning anyone with any movement skills is gonna have an easy time getting away from her her entire new kit is geared ONLY for one time skill rotation burst and get out, she has nothing which is remotly usefull in a drawn out fight by contrast live eve has slows, movespeed boosts attack speed boosts a low cd on her q, everything about her kit is geared towards diving sticking to her target and staying in the fight for long periods to output her consistant damage not to mention as i have already said one of the best things about live eve is her versatility, how she has ad ap and attack speed on her kit, whereas rework ONLY has ap scaling, making the character with the most diverse range of builds into a character with ONE build
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: Is Reworked Evelynn too Close to Ahri ?
Reworked eve isn't eve anymore They completely removed half the shit that made her unique Her hybrid scaling, her lack of escape her build diversity, her chase down potential, her consistent damage They killed eve and printed another boring pure assassin


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