: Even better lol, if you are so offended that fast, why would you stay after game to read what some raging f*ck has to say? You, my friend, defy common sense.
There are a number of reasons buddy. For instance, checking the advanced information of the game, reporting players, honoring players and so on and so on. I am not offended by your comment I am just presenting you with the facts . . . and proving you wrong. Have fun :)
: Oh if only there were some way to ignore everything they are typing, if only you were able somehow not see their messages, if only...
Nice try with the sarcasm there buddy but you need to try again . . . because this is a chat text from after the game not in-game chat . . . the joke is on you :) Do not worry sarcasm is not for everyone , you will get it some time . . . eventually.
Byakurän (EUNE)
: victim complex... because the quality of life is so high atm, getting flamed online is probably worst thing that can happen to you in your daily life...
:D Well for your information they were not flaming me, I was on the winning team....however I just feel these kind of people are not getting the punishment they deserve. That is all. I am not the victim but nice try with the guess there. If you could read properly you would have understood from my long text that I do not care about the toxic people :D however this is not an appropriate behaviour ... and I get punished for leaving a game because my internet crashed or because I leave champion select, but how about these kind of players ?
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