: Racism
I don't know what the intent behind it was... In any case, it was clearly a mistake and taking the image down was obviously best for PR. The thing is, it's easy to be immediately offended and outraged by anything with a potentially racist connotation, but it's equally easy to ignore anything potentially racist and dismiss it as "innocent". It's dishonest to instantly dismiss this as an innocent mistake when 'monkey' has historically been a derogatory term for black people. But it's equally dishonest to instantly assume it was malicous intent without any context. The problem is that there is no dialogue, no conversation when incidents like these happen. One side is outraged; those who caused the incident hurry to cover everything up; and the other side sees this as proof that 'real' racism doesn't exist anymore. Everyone tends to lean to an extreme, because the media fail to provide clear insight into these matters, which causes people to fall back on instinctive notions and they fail to put matters into perspective. This makes finding common ground extremely difficult and allows pointless controversies to go on for eternity.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: ***
"To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to be White man"
Filraën (EUW)
Stop taking tentacle hits all the time. Dodge her E (just by staying behind your minions you can do this). If she ults 2+ people in a fight, retreat (since she just creates a literal death zone that can obliterate tanks) and force her to fight outside tentacle zone (there goes her damage potential). Her abilities and playstyle are telegraphed and easy to predict just by her body language. No hard cc, barely any slows, can only jump at you from like half a meter away (meanwhile Zed can cover the Nile in 2.3s and oneshot someone), main damage comes from AOE tentacles that can miss even in melee range. She is easily rendered useless if you just use your brains.
Phrase (EUW)
: why is fiddlesticks ult still active when zhonyas is on
Fiddlestick's Ultimate - Zhonya's Hourglass combo is quite literally the only thing that makes him viable late game. Without it, your damage potential is terrible, since nearly any well-placed ult will result in you being focused and thus either dying or making your damage output suffer by using Zhonya's or building tanky.
: You are. With longer queue times. What Riot wanted to solve with disabling SoloQ and leaving only DynamicQ is making player base less disperse. So that everyone would have shorter queue times. But doing that they forced people into playing with premades. The only real drawback to make SoloQ as an option I can see now is longer queue times for everyone (not as long as they were when there was SoloQ).
Longer queue times aren't a disadvantage that decrease your chances of winning. It's only an inconvenience.
: Someone might not want that and is ok with current system. With your gold example it would be: turn this option on if you want to start with more gold but you start your game at 2:00.
But you aren't penalized for the advantage of being certain you won't be matched with premades. According to what you said, it's either 'I can be matched with premades' or 'I can't be matched with premades'. The latter gives you a statistical advantage since you are sure you won't get in a game where the enemy is probably much better co-ordinated. I think a longer queue-time doesn't count as getting in a game 2m later. It'd rather be like 'you get more gold, but you get a longer loading screen in return'. Tryhards would happily have longer queue times for that kind of advantage. I think this option would just further split the ranked players into tryhards and people who don't want to wait longer or prefer a challenge. I think it would make more sense for Riot to simply make it impossible for a team of solos to get matched with a 4/5-man premade team in DQ. I honestly don't really get why they mixed the two together like they did.
: Lifesteal and spell vamp runes, to 1 rune that heals for damage dealt.
Good idea, but getting up to 6% would be too much. I'd say 0.5% - 1% Omnivamp per rune.
: Need a friend? Come here!
Well, I already have some friends who I can play with, but it would still be fun to know a bunch of friendly open-minded people like this. Maybe you could add me. \(^_^)/
: This makes no difference since everyone has this feature. Not some players. So if everyone has an advantage - everyone is equal.
But it's pointless to have it be a choice. It's like giving players the option, in-game, to get more gold than normal. Then what player who wants to win would not grab this advantage? As a result, any competitive player who tries to win will pick the option, while the only people who won't are those who aren't actually trying their best to win, which wouldn't really make sense in a competitive ladder. I'm not saying this makes the game generally unfair, I mean that in a competitive game it would make no sense to add in an option for the player to have a (possible) advantage or to (possibly) handicap themselves.
: Yes. And from your words also - there is no point in premade games when you went solo. Chances are - it will be a pointless game. P.S.: This advantage is for everyone. I seen people being ok with longer queue times just not to get vs teams.
You don't see my point. It's as if football teams would be able to choose against what teams they want to play during a championship. In that case the most logical thing to do would be to play only against the weaker teams, if they want to get as high as possible in the rankings, which would just make the rankings messy and non-representative of what the teams deserve. The 'play vs premades' option would be like 'put yourself at a disadvantage', which just makes no sense if it concerns the same ladder.
: Suggestion to solve Solo Queue problem - Let players choose
That just doesn't work imo. Considering there's one ladder, it's unfair. Being guaranteed not to get matched with premades gives you a considerable advantage over not having that guaranty, since it's known that 5-man teams have higher win rates in general. It's like giving people an option that guarantees they cannot get matched against players that have higher win rates. It literally gives a strategic advantage; there is no point in picking the other option if you want to climb.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: His only significant downside is his lack of proper wave clear.
Eh, Kennen can clear waves pretty easily with W - E.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: I only have a few. {{champion:107}} - Kitty {{champion:103}} - Kitty {{champion:75}} - Doggie {{champion:19}} - Doggie Every yordle - Squirrel
{{champion:103}} is Foxy
: Guy writing from fake acc is the last one who should critisize people.
: What puts you instantly on tilt?
Getting killed by a champion like Yasuo, when he misses every single Q but still kills me with aa's because he can stick onto me with his E and because he's fed. I just hate it when the enemy makes so many mistakes and misplays but they still manage to kill me, just because they are so strong/ahead they don't even need to be able land anything anymore. At that point I get really mad.
: The first one with ilaoi gave me cancer ..
That was a bronze/silver game I guess. Idk why Lux and Tristana went in melee range.
: That's democracy for ya.
That's also tyranny of the majority.
: I agree with everything. I'm in bronze four and was gold 5 last season. I perform well in 75% of my game but i get let down by an inexperienced team
"My team holds me back, i deserve Challenjour, gg"
: this is an idea
This would be really useful. I think that this doesn't exist because basic ability cooldowns are rather easy to guess intuitively. It would also be a bit difficult to implement it without letting the interface get too crowded. edit: Also, there are champions that have 2 forms like Elise and Nidalee.
: The people that claim that {{champion:432}} is useless haven't seen a good bard....
When he was just out, I used to just always ban him, because the few Bards I had seen were just useless.
: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
{{champion:157}} Ally team: goes 7/1/3 in 20 minutes, then proceeds to always go in alone and die, losing our team the game Enemy team: goes 0/8/1 in 20 minutes, then lands a tornado => ult in a late game teamfight, winning his team the game
Solash (EUW)
: If a Volibear uses a Hextech Protobelt...
{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} gg
Trias000 (EUNE)
: * I never play support. * I always pick mid and carry all games with 15/2/7 score. Well, actually, I carry half of them. The other half it's the enemy midlaner who's carrying with 15/2/7 KDA. * I report Thresh if enemies dodge his hooks. * I believe my words are miraculous, and simply by saying stuff like "stop feeding" I make my teammates play better.
* When I dodge an enemy Thresh hook, I spam in chat 'lmao noob Thresh, bronze hook' * When I don't dodge an enemy Thresh hook, I spam in chat 'omg noob Nami, help u peice of shit'
: I personally play normals for relief after a hard day of rank , my relief is bming and killing them over and over while trying fancy moves that mostly get me killed , wouldnt necessarily call ot trolling
I personally only enjoy bm'ing when the enemy can take it. I kind of understand when people try to make their opponent tilt in ranked in order to gain an advantage, but I don't see what's fun about doing that in normals. It also annoys me when I'm clearly not trying my best anymore, I die in a silly way, and then the enemies are all like 'fuck you' and 'i got you now'.
Knulp (EUW)
: Similar thing happened to me playing Morgana. Tibber didn't get stunned by Morgana ult. Hope it will be solved soon.. and not ignored again for months since that spots at worlds like Gragas bug last year
Morgana's ult only affects enemy champions. Tibbers isn't classified as a champion or something similar.
GLurch (EUW)
: But they are worse at playing because they have less towers since 9/11 **END OF THE JOKE**.
But Europe is easy to invade, while invading America might become impossible with Trump. **END OF ANOTHER JOKE**
Cryice (EUNE)
: Heart of the League - Positive player behaviour actually exists
I find it astonishing how much people tryhard in normals. When the score is like 17 - 3 at 15 minutes I usually just start trolling, either if I'm winning or losing, but pretty much any other player I've seen will just keep killing enemies who've clearly already given up. Like, I would just start dancing, spamming and screwing around with the enemy, only to see a teammate jump in and do everything to kill them for no apparent reason other than just getting more kills. It often makes me feel like 90% of the players are just braindead. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: wanna know, what is the most hated champion for you?
I used to hate {{champion:106}} because he's a lane bully early, while he can become an invincible raid boss late game when ahead; but now that I play him I know his weaknesses better. I find {{champion:223}} really frustrating in that he can so easily give his teammates a Get Out of Jail Free card. It just feels dumb when you manage to finally catch a Fish, only to see Tahm walk in, eat them, and flash out, without any real skill or effort on either fish's part. {{champion:67}} , just because I like playing immobile, tanky, high damage champions like {{champion:82}} and {{champion:75}}.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I only have two. {{champion:53}} - has been a God Tier support everywhere except the pro play, no matter how many times they nerf or rebalance him. He is annoying to play against, his only counter play in lane is pick a tanky support and don't get grabbed. I wish Riot would just delete this toxic waste they call a champion. {{champion:64}} - because people honest to God suck with him. We should not be allowed to even buy this champion if our account is below master tier. Seriously. To all Lee Sin players: why the fuk do you play this champion? Do you want us to hate you? I have never won a single game where I had a Lee Sin on my team. Ever. If Riot did not create so many unbalanced champions in need of banning, I would waste every singe one of my bans on Lee Sin, just so my dumb ass teammates wouldn't pick him.
As for Lee Sin, I have the same feeling about Vayne players. Lvl 7 mastery Vayne on my team? Me: wow, ok, we got this. 10 minutes in: she goes 0/5/1 because she can't dodge any skillshots. Almost every single game.
Charibasa (EUW)
: Question gameplay-wise
I guess it does count as a Nexus turret. The information on the Wiki says that it functions as a normal turret (apart from its damage scaling with Azir's AP and it losing HP and Armor when Azir is not nearby).
: i am anxiously waiting for dark star thresh....they said it was goin to be released in 6.12 but i can't see the skin anywhere in the shop.....any ideas...anyone ? :3
Skins are usually released some time after the actual update.
: TWTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTWTW (I'm joking, hopefully you noticed that :P)
: Because so can these guys... Can make themselves or others untargetable/ block turret shots/ drop aggro: {{champion:266}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:26}} Can make themselves or others invincable: {{champion:432}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:23}} And then there is this: {{item:3157}} {{item:3026}} Sorry for repeating what's already been posted but it seems some people enjoy whining too much. If you think a champ is broken or OP pick or ban him. Otherwise try to figure out what works against him. In this case for example I can guarantee you that the fact alone of being able to dodge turret shots with Fizz won't make you play him well. And to the point that "You can't let a champion get away for free like that": - either squishy (if building AP) or not much dmg (if building tank) - throw CC at him (and no, not just the one ability he can dodge) and focus him after he used his e (bait it out) - force him to use e and waste mana - buy MR or rush dmg if you spike before he does - poke/ deny farm - out-trade/ all-in him when his ult is on cd - respect his lvl 6 and play accordingly - dodge his ult (a skillshot btw) or buy {{item:3102}} - avoid playing low mobility champs against him - ping if he roams - play {{champion:8}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:131}} against him - buy {{item:3157}} if you can - don't play {{champion:41}} + {{summoner:11}} So to summarize: Fizz is not OP - he can be really strong if played right though (same goes for about 99% of all the other champs). The trade-off for having an untargetability spell is he can only use it either for dmg (other champs have higher dmg spells with lower cd) or to dodge/ escape (again, other champs have lower cd dodges/ escapes). There is quite a bit of counterplay to Fizz. And if all else fails - just ban him.
I agree to some of your points, but currently it's clear that Fizz is just one of those champions that are doing exceptionally well currently, especially tank Fizz. He deals more damage than you think, thanks to his base damage, W %HP damage and {{item:3025}} , {{item:3068}} and/or {{item:3742}} . Tank Fizz keeps most of the advantages his assassin kit gives him (high mobility, untargetability...) while denying many of the weaknesses he normally has as a squishy assassin (vulnerable to CC, getting caught...).
SlenderSoul (EUNE)
: Can you make puns about every single champion?
Are these bad puns some kind of {{champion:134}}me? {{champion:6}}ta be kidding me. Now, you'd better {{champion:64}} to me. I have a {{champion:26}} of puns that show how more {{champion:91}}ted I am at making them. How, you ask? {{champion:161}} I have far more {{champion:254}}{{champion:14}} than {{champion:1}} of you. You people have a {{champion:15}} lack of originality, all your attempts to {{champion:13}} to my level are in {{champion:67}}. {{champion:77}}, making these puns has {{champion:103}}dy d{{champion:92}} me insane.
Silisa (EUNE)
: You don't get it either, so eff off. Have a nice day.
If you say so. I suppose you know much better than me.
: Do you know what he/she/it identifies as? "Her" is just the pronoun that Riot forced upon Rek'sai.
Riot made the champion and its lore, so I suppose if they say that's how it is then that's how it is.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Some ADC's benefit more from other keystones, like Corki and Jhin with Deathfire. FoB isn't even good on Jhin, since his attack speed doesn't increase, not to mention his reload. Corki deals more damage using his abilities than with his basic attacks.
man of tin (EUNE)
: What lane is Mordekaiser suppossed to go to?
He's supposed to be viable bottom lane; however, he usually only functions well in that role in combination with hard engage champions like Blitzcrank and Thresh who go in first, otherwise he mostly just gets focused and dies. Currently, Mordekaiser is in a weird spot though. At the moment, he's only able to deal damage either when the enemy is locked down by a teammate or when they walk up to you themselves. Top lane he can dominate most champions that are pure melee because of his Q, but he suffers against champions with poke, soft CC and sustain (Olaf, Mundo). His E allows him to farm relatively safe though. Mid lane is kind of risky imo, he either gets poked down by ranged mages, or loses trades with mobile assassins who can play around his Q. On the other hand, mid lane is safer against ganks. I'd say the meta option right now is bottom lane, due to his need for someone to lock the enemy down, the full experience gain from his W, and the Dragon ghost. He tends to be pretty wonky overall though. Either he completely 100 - 0 's the enemy, or he gets CC'd / kited and dies uselessly.
: Worst players - say ez
I crie evritiem {{item:3070}} 1 liek = 1 prayer
: > [{quoted}](name=Wayne Pooneyy,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=0Ynu9a3d,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-06-13T02:08:15.662+0000) > > It's mainly because too many items now give cooldown reduction and allow you to achieve the maximum amount so easily. With that they're able to spam abilities with allow them to dish out a lot of damage, especially to targets who are squishy. The tank items even without the CDR stats are completely overloaded as well and many of them give an unfair advantage, when you also combine it with the fact that assassins make up for lack of CC with damage it's very scary. Look at deadmans plate for example, it makes slow champion mobile, gives them tank stats and also more damage which is very noticeable against squishies. > > Then you have keystone masteries as well, I enjoyed the thought and concept of them at first but when you realise how much free stats you're getting it's quite ridiculous. Also there is not particularly much diversity either when you think about it which is what they intended the new mastery system to be for, so you could play your own style so to be speak. I'd say 75% **AT LEAST** of the champions have a particular mastery setup which is going to be more beneficial on them than anything else by far and it doesn't matter how you play that champion. The only "diversity" is what role you play with said champion, mainly regarding lane/jungle. by definition an assasin are someone who can kill you almost instantly, and a bruiser is someone who is very tanky, but dash out crazy amounts of damage over a long period. cdr = helps bruisers, doesn't help assasins. BUT, these new champs are both bruisers and assasins, so they can kill you instantly, and still dish out crazy damage after that. i.e. ap fizz = kills you and runs away to wait for cooldowns tank fizz = kills you, then keeps killing someone else. also there is a lot of diversity in keystones. i saw zed with stormraiders yesterday, and he did really well. Adcs are especially versatile, becasue they can take thunderlords, deathfire and fervor of battle, depending on their playstyle, and still do well. the issue is with mids. you have thunderlords for burst and deathfire for sustained damage, which is the only place where you wont find diversity.
Tank Fizz isn't exactly like an assassin anymore. He doesn't have the damage to one shot enemies, especially mid - late game; instead he relies on sticking onto his target for a longer time while dealing high DPS thanks to his dash, % damage, pole, and ult, not to mention tank items like SFC, IBG, DMP, SV, that give him more damage, CC, and mobility, and CDR that allows him to use his abilities constantly. The same pretty much goes for other Tank Assassins. One of the advantages with Tank Assassins is that it's much harder to outplay them. Getting CC'd by your target isn't as punishing anymore for example, when the effect wears off you can continue sticking onto them, where a normal assassin is already melted or bursted down in the meantime.
Ârzo (EUW)
: In an aversge of 30 - 40% of my games i really get people in my games that seem to be the most toxic players on earth. Yet never received such a message even thoe i play around 6 - 10 games per day usually...
I see that, I've played for like more than a year (also 5 - 10 games a day) but I only got such a message last week for the first time. I'm pretty sure though that even if a player your reported gets punished, you don't necessarily receive such a notification. I guess it happens only when the player is punished very soon after you reported them or when your report was a decisive one.
DarkcoreX13 (EUNE)
: Who to buy next ?
{{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:74}} These are much better. Freelo guaranteed. kappa
Ajjantis (EUW)
: Wouldnt been funny in a normal either.
In a normal you don't get punished for a loss. Of course, sometimes trolling can still ruin your experience, but I think in normals people should be able to at some point get over it and stop tryharding. It would just make many games much more enjoyable.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Sadly I never get that message, even if I mute and report someone who started to insult people directly and told them he will appear some day before my door and slice my neck open with a knife I think those people who yell they will murder you shouöd rather be banned as salty people but thats just mee...
Don't worry, if you consistently report toxic players you will get that message sometime.
Silisa (EUNE)
: You are funny. And wrong. If it weren't for the players, this game would not exist. Riot did not create it for kicks and giggles, it created it to earn money, which, in case you did not know, comes from players (microtransactions bring in the most of their Revenue). If nobody played this game, nobody would buy RP, there would be no LCS, no League merchandise, and no money from sponsors. This game would have been created and it would have died just as quietly if there was NOBODY to PLAY it. I am complaining because I am a fan of Riot games and League. I am complaining because I want things to change in a way that will allow me to enjoy this game, like I did before. That is, in my opinion, what real fans do. Casuals will just leave and go play something else, but I want to stay. And I can't do that if there are things in the game that make it less than enjoyable for me.
It annoys me how people think they're holding Riot hostage or something. Yes, LoL is popular because people play it. But Riot is successful because they've made an effort to attract players, not because the players made an effort to play the game. Don't think that Riot is in debt to you just because you're playing it and buying RP, they know what they're doing.
: Curiosity.
I was just about to comment that. Same here.
: The old Guinsoo's was better. But the point is to have fun. So even if it isn't the way to go you should enjoy your games.
I agree completely. I didn't deny that.
: {{champion:54}} rock solid... If difficult to play was what you ment: {{champion:268}} You need to keep an eye on 2 things constantly: Your own position and the solder's position. If the enemy is closed to your solder, you need to click on the enemy for the solders to attack, while not exposing yourself to danger. Moving sand solders also expose yourself to danger because that's also your escape abilities (Q + E combo). {{champion:432}} A good Bard ult can win you the game, but a bad one can also lose you the game. {{champion:114}} A Champion that has so much out play potential. But if you failed your W, then there could be no coming back. Also, trying to hit the Vital may not be as easy as it look. {{champion:41}} It's all about barrel chaining. But what's bad? The barrel can be destroy by the enemy too. So trying to chain towards the enemy without the barrel being destroyed half way is the key. However, RIOT also made things more difficult for him by limiting his barrel to 3. (So missed one, you deal significantly less damage). {{champion:79}} Missed your body slam, you'll go way off into that direction (and possibility into the center of the enemy team). Then your R can also back fired too. {{champion:203}} The timing and posisiton of your ult can win you games but can also lose you games. {{champion:64}} Ward jump kick can be a game changing play. {{champion:236}} Amazing damage, but you also had to be close range to your target. So slight misjudgement can backfire tremendously. {{champion:61}} A good R + W on all 5 enemies can win you the game instantly. But if you misses, enemy will engage onto your team without hesitation. {{champion:421}} Play him when he's free. Try to get a tunnel knock up on him without using flash. {{champion:35}} You need a completely different mind set towards jungling if you want to win a game with him. {{champion:67}} A test of your dodging skill shots capability and attack move skill. {{champion:8}} Fight in close range while don't let enemies land their skill shot on your. At the same time, away from melee range. {{champion:157}} Need to play him extremely well to be rewarded. He has outplay potential, but can be easily smash to the ground by the enemy. {{champion:238}} Energy management, at the same time use your shadow effectively.
Just adding a few to the list: {{champion:4}} Very low mobility, only ability that can be used defensively is your stun (or his ultimate if you manage to pull it off). Your stun can be a great lockdown, but you can get screwed over if you waste it. It is also hard to determine when and where to use your ult in a fight, you can end up either too close to the enemy and get caught, or too far away to do anything. {{champion:27}} Minimal mechanical difficulty, but he requires a completely different approach to the game than pretty much any top laner, or champion even. You need quite a lot of game knowledge to be as useful at helping your team win the game as a straightforward teamfighter like Malphite or Maokai. {{champion:74}} Probably not one of the very hardest, but it's still kind of difficult to make the best use out of his turrets. Setting them up for a teamfight requires quite a bit of game knowledge; because they can easily be killed by ranged champions and you need to make sure the enemy is forced to either fight within the turrets or give up some kind of objective. Or you can just be a dick and go ZZ'Rot - BoC and troll the enemy team. P.S. Rek'Sai is a her.
: Why does everyone have to compare everything to ranked?
1) I'm not necessarily talking about ranked. In normals you will also have an MMR that's comparable to a ranked division. 2) I was talking in terms of a build's actual effectivity. I'm not saying it's an outrageous thing to play AD Kassadin in normals. I also like going AP Aatrox or Blitzcrank. Just saying that when you're looking for an effective build, Rageblade Kassadin probably isn't the way to go.
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