: Lol I didn't even need to read the whole chat log first few rows were enough. As someone who had been perma banned 5 times and who is now reformed and Challenger, I can tell you that the ban is deserved. I learnt to be more positive and just play game without using chat too much unless It's important to shotcall or make a strategy and people (or players if you will) like you are game ruiners. Also, flaming someone for performing bad in their OTHER games is completely %%%%%%ed. One can go 0/10 one game and 10/0 next one so It doesn't matter and you should forget about past games and only focus on current one. I hope you reform like I did:) EDIT: Also you should read riots banning system policy. Players can make 4 offenses and it serves them a suiting punishment. 1st offense: 10 game chat restriction 2nd offense: 25 game chat res 3rd offense: 2 week ban 4th offense: permaban On my previous account I got 2 week ban and when it got unbanned, I got it perma banned the same day with only one game, I threatened to int (Riven main, so typical xD) and I legit only said I will int and BAM. Anyways try to reform and don't be that annoying guy that starts trash talking as soon as game starts like when u asked is it 5 premade, Im assuming that was a normal game and Idk why would you even be toxic in a NORMAL lol.
Hey Your comment legit inspired me to reform (im also riven main) But anyways it was a ranked game and my last game to promo that was why i was toxic, ive made a riven otp acc and hope to become good with her (i know all cancels) anyway ty for your comment
RallerenP (EUW)
: You were constantly condescending towards your team in game 1. You kept harrasing Vayne in game 2. You already had a 14-day ban, and thus were warned that the next punishment would be a permaban. You didn't learn your lesson, so you got permabanned, 100% justified.
Sorry next time ill be nice to people that afk in my last promo game <3
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