: kindred skin
http://vegacolors.deviantart.com/art/Elderwood-Kindred-Concept-Page-587554881 http://vegacolors.deviantart.com/art/Elderwood-Kindred-Recolors-587555588 someone's photoshop design, would pay 1850 for this easily The lamb models for the 2 current skins are rather bland imo. The only reason to even use the skins are the projectiles and the more _intimidating(in comparison to the original_) wolf models. The first champion who actually sparked an interest in the lore for me and it's disappointing to have something as **thematically off** as a super galaxy skin for them elderwood skins are probably the best series in the game and kindred has so much potential for it honestly
: Climbing as a support seems to become difficult these days.
Alternatively try playing a _support_ without dedicating 4 slots to AP dmg
Speedscf (EUNE)
: And another complain that league of legends mm is broken
not gonna make another thread but will gladly join this cry post http://imgur.com/a/jYgAV all are gold or silver this season, but these are s6 ranks. e.g. they were ranked before i started playing this game. i dont even know what cho gath does ^^
: ***
i played as kassadin and the moment she came to lane she went all in basically, since level 4. a few suicide kills, a few kills that went to me and a few kills that went to her, and we proceeded to go back to fountain. basically at some point i just abandoned lane and went roaming, avoiding her at all costs. maybe if i knew what she does i couldve beaten her, since she wasted both summoners at lvl 2 on me, without getting anything out of it. still, most boring lane ever
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Where's Kindred?
becomes useless if cant get marks no reliable options to build tanky while behind cant 1v1 most junglers when even/behind no cc
PBoy (EUW)
: I love ARURF <3 Fun does not require winning all the time!
Damn normals feel so boring after playing urf nonstop for 2 days. my last game was a fiora 25/1/9 game, enemy team was full ad, i built frozen heart, sunfire cape into damage & lifesteal, defended 1v2 against sion & sivir backdoor lategame. was fun, had like two 1v3 and one 1v4 fight, everyone would run from me :D cant wait for it again.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Personally I would see Janna more in need for a nerf. First of all, she does not need damage, period. Second, and from my own experience, even complete noob can play that champ pretty effectively, it is very hard to fail at the champion and She is pretty much most forgiving champion in league regarding mistakes. And I'm not saying that you can't be good at her, but you can't really be bad.
> [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7G87gHMg,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-02-28T13:32:22.804+0000) She is pretty much most forgiving champion in league regarding mistakes. Her kit is rather straightforward and the only '_play_' you can make is flash ulti and personally i've not had this much agressive comments over failing with an ability on any other champion. e.g. when i try to use it offensively, so i fail like 80% of the time. Best case scenario you just waste a heal for your team worst case you %%%% up the entire teamfight. **As a support**
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Kiting an olaf as kindred while xerath is using his full ult on me and managing to kill both of them at the end is so satisying :)
Using your W in enemy turret range so the enemy cant farm at early levels. I even had a vayne crying out 'cancer' in all chat for me :^) Can actually place it so they can't kite the minions and you can still walk outside the turret range to your side.
: I guess there are exceptions, but Im more considering the "classic" adcs like Ashe type of adc
Ashe is great in urf. I've played 2 games with her in urf, maxed W in lane, got ahead a bit and basically 1v1 anyone walking straight up to them and ulting at appropriate times. I also just played as kassadin against her, she just stood still and killed me without ult after my 2 QWER rotations, being somewhat even in builds and levels. in fact i had more problems playing as ezreal because he can't burst anyone down so easily with targeted abilites and aa's.
: Diamond player's opinion for Silver Tier.
Do not give up, also do not get matched against diamond smurfs who go 10/0 before the first 20 minutes! lol
: No {{champion:64}} or {{champion:157}} nerfs... what a f**king surprise. Riot continue to ignore their favorite children... as usual.
you can manage laning against yasuo by having exhaust neither exhaust nor cleanse work reliably against lb. single most annoying and unfun lane you could have in this game.
: The old urf!
gotten nami 3 times, all dodged... played like 40 games and still havent gotten to play her or leona once ._.;;
: im feeling like riot has some banana eating monkeys in the balancing team
sure is salty in here and wow that video is cringeworthy there are more annoying champions to get **this** passive agressive over dblackjack21 has an entertaining video on him :)
True Sight (EUNE)
: Performance drop since the new patch
I'm getting frequent short freezes that last about 0.5 to 1 seconds myself. I tend to notice them when minions meet at lanes being level 1 to 3 where this has been responsible for some really bad trades with opposing laners..
: More mastery levels
obtaining mastery in tournaments, thats dumb, not accessible to everyone And the scores mostly come down to luck so dont really see a need to demand more S scores from the players i think it'd be cool to maybe have some kind of a loading border addition if you pass like 250k, 500k, 1m marks on a champion, maybe just switch up the lvl 7 badge a bit
Rioter Comments
Mursiful (EUW)
: "A problem selecting your champion"
Client also often crashes during champ select for me. I don't ever recall it happening anytime else though, so it must be the select. The outlay also glitches out sometimes where you can hover over things to make them somewhat clear again. w/e its just 5 mins... no big deal i am wondering however if they can detect whether your client crashes (an issue on their end) or you just closed it/ lost connection?
: Always the same stupid things, actually tired of this game
feeling the other way around got placed in silver 2 for whatever reason and every game its plats and golds and i just wanna skip down to bronze 2 or smth because all these games are so shit and ive never experienced such camp on my lane and ppl flame me for feeding{{item:3070}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: People judge others by the Champions they are playing. Especially if you play Champions like Shaco, that many consider as "d%%k champions". I had some games were people soley treated me that way. And now this gets especially annoying when I do not play him anymore. And don't say "/mute and so on", because this does not change the fact that it's annoying.
> [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AXccUl8W,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-02-19T21:50:39.538+0000) because this does not change the fact that it&#x27;s annoying. what _you_ get for playing trash champs
Stenwulf (EUW)
: Cassiopeia since the Rylais Change in Pazch 6.24
It being a core item on AP mages with 100 AP wasn't exactly right but the slow passive shouldn't have been nerfed.. I think they should've only toned down the ap, down to 50-60 to make it a utility item like protobelt which could help champions like taliyah alot more than straight out burst damage items. Current slow won't save you from anything mid-to-lategame
: You have 23 losses. Are all 23 of them due to trolls, or have you done poorly in a game before? If so, do you deserve to be punished for that game? Of course not. Sometimes, people do poorly. There are people in challenger who feed in a bad game. Raging however, is wrong. If you do bad in a game, very often you're aware you're doing poorly. You don't need someone to tell you, don't need someone to yell at you, don't need someone to explain that the reason you're feeding is because your parents dropped you on your head at birth or that the chance of getting cancer increases by the total deaths you have. Bad games happen, to everyone. Toxic people, are sometimes toxic. No one makes someone else toxic. Saying flamers should not be punished, and instead the people who 'caused' them to flame should be, is the equivalent of saying rapists should not be punished as the victim dressed in a way that made them want too.
> [{quoted}](name=Zantonny,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hPaUEP6q,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-17T17:38:08.425+0000) > Saying flamers should not be punished, and instead the people who &#x27;caused&#x27; them to flame should be, is the equivalent of saying rapists should not be punished as the victim dressed in a way that made them want too. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
what4nub (EUW)
: Painful game, Sad and Painful
Tell me how can you enjoy the game against toxic no counterplay little skill lethality assassins waah taliyah cant point n click one shot the mobile enemy laner must be a boosted animal
XHorology (EUW)
: I'm talking about Ranked games
It's the same in rankeds. I'm silver and have been seeing (past)plats in most of my ranked games and i think 2 (past) diamonds on my team. past as in they've been playing ranked before i even started with this game a few months before this season. I've been leaving more and more and often check the profiles at 'recently played' list to find my lane opponents being platinum, with hundreds to thousands of game wins ahead of my normal game progress. I guess this may be because i've been playing with my diamond-something-mmr friend all this time but the carefree times of not having to care or understand the game is over and i get %%%%ed in lane phase 80% of the time. Going to keep leaving these pointless unfun unfair lanes till i get banned, as just afk hugging tower and have my team shit on or one of our lanes shitting on the opposite team with me having 0 impact on the game either way is a waste of time.
Valthik (EUW)
: Simply put, learn to dodge every skillshot that comes your way. That helps greatly in not getting slaughtered the moment you step in lane. And remember your poke has generally a much lower CD than other champs spells. If you feel you struggle in dealing damage, Rylai's+ Torment is a good combo to amp up your damage, especially if you pair it to the short CD and decent range of Tali's Q. Noone ever said you need to hit every single rock. If you have such a hard time at farming, hit a few custom games (if you have a friend that can help you by pushing the wave under your tower it works best), at least until the practice tool comes out. To help on that you technically could use AD runes, but i would advise against that.
It is easy to dodge the Q by hiding behind minions or moving sideways. Which the enemy can always do when they're in the middle of the lane and i can't hit my W
: Hey wigleht, Being behind is a problem, though thanks to the reduced mana costs on her Q (worked ground) you can farm for a long time. You can't kill caster minions with 1 autoattack, so either you have to use your Q or attack it once before the tower does, or, if you are lucky, the minions attack it. You have to walk forward in order to use your W, but it's range isn't that little and it only becomes a problem when facing champions like xerath. Her damage is decent, even in the lategame. I'll just drop this here: How I play Taliyah Masteries: Thunderlords Decree Intelligence Runes: 14.9 AP (quint) 9 Armor (yellow) 35.5 AP at 18 (red, blue (6x) ) 9 Magic resist at 18 (blue (3x) ) Skill max: Q>W>E>Qmax>Emax>Wmax, R whenever possible Build Path: {{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3145}} {{item:1001}} {{item:3010}} {{item:3027}} ->{{item:3020}} ->{{item:3152}} ->{{item:3116}} ->{{item:3151}} ->{{item:3089}} best regards, FeuerfalkeFX
thank you I used to rush morello (isnt that core on taliyah tho?) into deathcap to feel significant damage being done. when enemy team has 2 or more tanks i can't seem to position myself well enough to get to the squishies so raw dmg helped a bit atleast... I tried this and i'll definitely keep on building protobelt now, though. helps a lot i just played against a zac & nasus though. not even ghost, flash, rylais and protobelt altogether could save me if i got caught in Wither or zac stun, so still not all that sure about building rylai's honestly. i feel like even glp 800 would be a better alternative.. Bursting either one down 1v1 is not an option. And they can still focus me in a teamfight. is it worth building swifties to be more safe or is the penetration from sorc boots necessary in any case?
Rioter Comments
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Bad system bad players
: Well if you beat your opponent based on your rune pages, which you are so fixated on, you are entering LCS level.... which you aren't... you were Diamond and Plat, Plat, Plat And the only champ you are capable of winning with this season is Janna - which is the #1 "I get carried by my team" champ. It's just what I make of it. Not what actually happened.
Ever tried playing with no runes? You could easily get more early snowball potential swapping out the standard defensive yellows or blues depending on who youre laning againt with damage or more resist of one type.
: Because it's pointless. No one uses even these.I play only with 2 rune pages and i have 4.So 20 are not just enough but a lot(a waste of ip if you got everything else). Your having 5 different rune pages just for one champion.Then someone who is playing 100 champions should have? 500?With 20 rune pages you can literally have one for all different groups of champions your gonna play .The fact you may have -1 mr and +1 ap is not such a big deal.
What could be a big deal tho is wanting to play leona supp with tank page when you only have standard AD and AP page available in case you inevitably get autofilled at some random times you can't predict. It'd be logical to have the option to edit your rune pages in champ select just like your mastery pages. but nope Easy money!
bigambrus (EUNE)
: Are you playing Flex queue ?
solo queue not left a ranked game yet, it actually feels nicer than normals, i even got a mystery gift from this plat gp that went 17/4 but lost the game Still feel like have 0 impact on the games and so far its 5 wins in a row into 4 losses in a row. cba anymore am more free to tilt and leave in normals
: You show one game and claim ADC's are fine, is this a joke? Adc's as of latest meta Granted they got the same amount of gold and levels. - Do less damage than most people, even tanks in some cases - Dies faster than everyone else - has little to no CC - Has less mobility than most others - CANNOT 1v1 anyone really, barely the enemy support. yea adc's are completely fine, if the entire enemy team is super behind and you got massive peel from the rest of you team, which basicly never happens Yea, Im sorry but you are either trolling or lack game knowledge
New lethality builds working out quite well actually. I love playing quinn who counters every point you make. Same with tristana caitlyn headshot will 1.5k squishies lategame same with mf ult, if you get caught in the middle as a squishy you will have to flash out if you have no gapclosers ashe late game still...ughh..... adc's are fine
Gojiraw (EUW)
: So, what's the problem? The whole idea is so you reach that point where he can "steal" kills, so you can take objectives. That's why you play Zyra and Brand, for their damage. You don't play them to protect the ADC, but to do as much damage as they can. That's why you don't build {{item:3107}} or {{item:3190}} on them, but damage items. The best kind of enemy is the dead enemy. Be happy when you take a kill, even if your support is the one taking it. That's where your job really starts. You can take towers, dragon, Baron, that's why you take kills, so they are your gateway to those objectives.
this guy from a game of mine 'Do you even know how zyra support works?' *builds 3 AP items, no sightstone, no locket or frozen heart when enemy team has xin zhao, yasuo, caitlyn and gangplank whatever i enjoy utility supports bc of the laning phase
: Why is the Champion rating system so bad?
There are countless threads stating the same damn thing - TOO LOW CS. It's that simple. I'll admit i've been forced to just 'afk farm' myself, delaying the game for the sole purpose of getting an S rank. I know getting S ranks for mastery tokens affect players in other ways too, being forced to play selfishly instead of trying to work as a team, and that's not really how it should be. But it is. Lots of cs and kda wont even be that important 130cs should be acquired by 15 minute mark i'd estimate
: Too many God damn smurfs on this game? thoughts
Why care about smurfs when matchmaking already matches first time silver ranked players with past plats and golds constantly, sometimes even diamonds? People who've played ranked many seasons before i even started playing this game. Basically accept it or just leave when you clearly have no chance contending your lane opponent, better than getting tilted imo.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Had an urge to play Yasuo.
Got soulstealer vayne from a chest bought vayne played numerous coop games and proceeded to normals played some 10 games adc/top every single time negative kda average smth like 2/10/6 did get compliments on the skin before they started flaming me over int feeding tho {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Chaota (EUW)
: The Player Skill Matching System is kinda messed up
Started playing 3 months ago. Every game my team's loading screen i see gold bordered players, sometimes plats. Rarely any unrankeds. sometimes i check match info on external sites and find that all my checked opposing laners have played many seasons before and obviously have more experience than me. s3 diamond gangplank, ggwp just treat it as normal games accept that sometimes you just have no impact on the game whatsoever. my first ranked was a 3/14/4 fiora game and won that lol 50/50 :^)
mr mook (EUW)
: Idea for a new Taliyah Passive
Yeah something needs to be done. Utterly useless passive. I recall 0 practical uses for it from my games, 30k points with her
zxwmaxPTz (EUW)
: Blood Moon Kindred sounds very interesting to me but wouldn't it be a bit similar to the shadowfire skin ?
Exactly what i thought. Didn't really think much of either of kindred's skins tbh, just have nice projectiles with a better wolf model but unfitting lamb model, imo. However, elderwood kindred, or warring kingdoms.... something green and naturalesque. i'd be hyped for that
D5rke (EUW)
: I cant say Taliyah is bad, the thing is there are champions that do 1800 damage with two abilities (LE BLANC) when other champions dont do half of that damge full combo! Basicly, Taliyah is in a bad spot :/
I think it's more about having to position yourself close to leblanc which leaves you vulnerable since you can't really escape her chains post 6. Basically playing taliyah means a lost lane for me if the enemy laner has more mobility, gapclosers or these..%%%%ing..clones.. But I'm pretty sure that's only because i have bad positioning to make her offensive and defensive abilities work properly.
ItzSorrii (EUNE)
: Yasuo
Why does his ultimate affect more than 1 person though? I really don't get it. I had a moment where i nami ulted 4 people in a line and yasuo followed right up with his ult, and our team got an ace off that. It just seems silly that whatever he does there lifts 4 people up to the air? They were lined up under tower and it's funny how a fighter like that can do the same thing that a utility support can but without the downside of having less offensive options I think if his ult was only a single target ability and it wouldn't place him outside of turret range if possible, he'd be balanced. Very favourable design and idk how adding such convenient no-risk mechanics could be justified considering he already has 2 shields, one of which probably being one of the best abilities in the game. Everything but his ultimate can be played around & countered. It's even funnier having them bump up his difficulty meter to the max when he has such mobility and 2 shields alongside these mechanics encouraging reckless use of his abilities with low risk. Still barely understand how the champ works but i've managed to beat yasuo mains in lane with ahri and diana. Not necessarily broken imo..
: When people say bronze is difficult...
> [{quoted}](name=gianisapoel123,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zZArGOhl,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-29T18:16:50.342+0000) Also try to learn Shaco, Rengar and other shitters. Would rather be stuck in bronze ty
: I have already tried every possible build, but like I said, he can't do anything right. I'll keep trying, but I doubt I'll find something he can do better than other champs.
He counters melee champions pretty hard Has probably some of the most consistent/reliable lane harrass in the game in exchange for low mobility and being squishy Bullying his lane opponents and stalling their builds, denying them roam also make up for his own bad late game. Underpowered? no
ChaosMourn (EUNE)
: Warwick W
Why does it last so long? And why is it global? It's pretty annoying How cool would it be to something similar to this for kindred instead
: Diana buffs pls
Also buff leblanc while we're at it
: -> no gapcloser/escape -> safe {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Doesn't he have built in slows and speedups? Barrel dmg a 3rd tool for zoning
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Something new about adcarries
Who'd be the perfect support for kindred? from what i've tried so far i've performed really bad as kindred adc
except there's too much pressure when the enemy lee sin has picked off kills/assists on every lane before even hitting lvl 6
0tx (EUW)
: how to avoid teams like this?
50% you just got an easy lane
SonenseS (EUW)
: I don't see him so often, but it's a clever tactic. You starve the allied midlaner forcing him to a more roaming tactic, which is good: brings you more pressure to the botlane and dragon control, while the enemy midlaner can't siege your midlane turret without minions. You get enough gold from CS to capitalize on the lack of kill and assist gold. Double-proxy forces the enemy laners (typically top and mid) to farm under their towers, which forces them, in the majority of the cases, to lose some creeps to the tower, while tanking hit or losing their turrets' HP. Slowly, Toplane starts losing towers, and so does Midlane. Botlane keeps csing and pushing, the Jungler keeps farming and taking objectives. Meanwhile, the enemy team is trying to kill you. In my opinion, the best ways to counter this strategy are the following ones: - Fury, Sorcery, Feast and Vampirism Masteries (Ferocity Tree) - Savagery and Meditation (Cunning Tree) - Recovery and Tough Skin (Resolve Tree) - Champions that excel at CSing under turret, mostly tanky (Yasuo, Irelia, Teemo, Darius, etc.) - LET HIM PROXY This last one I have to explain. Just let him do his thing. If you try to stop him, you will be wasting time, Summoner Spells, Ults and probably allow the enemy team to take Dragons and other objectives. If you try to stop Singed from proxying, he will just run away and then Teleport back to your base with some more items. He will be farming TWO lanes: Toplane and Midlane. His midlaner will starve in CS and lose a ton of Gold if he doesn't get kills around the map. One of your goals will be to deny any kills to the Midlaner. Make him fall behind and force the enemy team to 3v5 you. The second goal is to waveclear. Once you get enough items, your team can tank the entire minion waves and nullify some map pressure. The third and last goal is to pressure Botlane. Get the Outer Turret ASAP and create some early pressure to their team. If you are well-coordinated with your team, tell them to turn their focus on objectives around the map and small skirmishes. A Singed player will stop proxying if he's losing towers and objectives and he will turn his attention to defending his base while his team is dead. If you're playing solo, tell your Jungler to CAMP THE LIVING HELL OUT OF BOTLANE. Camping botlane and pressuring Dragon is important. Tell your Midlaner to do the same: roam Bot and force Dragon pressure. Your Jungler can eventually start counterjungling and starve the enemy Jungler out of CS and Gold. If their Jungler and/or Midlaner start falling behind, you will be fighting a 3v5 until Singed appears to fight you. TL;DR: The key to win against Proxy SInged is to make his efforts useless. P.S.: If you want to know more about Proxy Singed, just go and watch Singed420's YT channel and Twitch Streams.
Doesn't double proxying mean that the laners in singed's team also lose all that xp and gold though? Is that an actual strategy or just something done for fun? Someone like tryndamere can tank waves without even letting minions to tower and scale to a worthwhile member of the team lategame for free then? Idk i have never seen a successful singed in my games yet maybe i'll watch that guy then. Most of the time i've been able to catch him when i push my lane out, back and pass through the lane he's proxying yeah nvm that guy's obnoxious.
: for the first game in my life, i didnt care about other people in my team
you dont split 1 lane the entire game zz rot is counterproductive to tryn's agressive playstyle you got carried if you wanna play like a bitch try heimer with zz rot and banner
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